King Kanine is among CBD trademarks committed to offering only pet products, as the name sounds. Although we have witnessed a few companies specializing in pet products, they are not many, making this field fruitful for companies that have settled on it. King Kanine offers the best CBD products since it focuses on only pet products, unlike most CBD companies that have fully concentrated on human products and partially on pets. Fascinatingly, as we went through the company’s details, we noticed it had given similar stress to pet products as the one companies offering human products. Its products are manufactured with human standards, focusing on quality and safety measures. Notably, they only use organically grown hemp plants to creaft their products and ensure a centralized independent third-party lab tests each batch to ensure that quality and safety are fully attained. Besides, it has obtained legal documents as hemp grows and hemp products manufactures by USDA and FDA, whose manufacturing standards are unquestionable. To keep learning more about it, kindly keep reading our review since it has captured details about its manufacturing protocols and range of products.

About the company

The company was established in 2015 by Jeff  Riman, who is closely connected to pets, especially dogs. Although we couldn’t find his bio or that of other team members working with the company, the statement offered by the CEO on the website recognizes them as professionals. Additionally, its team members are committed to ensuring they bring a close connection between pet owners and pet owners using CBD products. Since most pet products offered by various companies that don’t use hemp plants and other naturally occurring elements are highly contaminated with chemicals, reducing the pet’s lifespan, the company joins hands with other CBD products to restore hope to pet owners.

Since the company’s establishment in 2015, the company has been primarily using hemp plants for manufacturing premium pet products. To increase the effectiveness of its products, they have a team of qualified researchers in the field of  veterinary, whose responsibility is to identify other useful ingredients which are to be blended in the hemp plant. One of the naturally occurring elements blended in its products includes MCT oil, enhancing rapid effectiveness. Besides, according to its website, they have gained recognition due to their commitment to offering quality CBD pet products. In 2016, its products were featured in various magazines such as Pet Business, StartUp World, ABC News and Leafy. In 2017, they received an award from Golden Paw, recognizing them as key contributors to promoting pet’s health and wellness globally. Lastly, they were featured in Culture, High Times, Dogster, Pet Business publication and Pet age, as well as receiving an award as best CBD pet products manufacture.

As we went through its website, we noticed that the company keeps its customers and other interested parties such as our team informed. The company has supplied a lot of information on its homepage. Compared to other companies we have been reviewing and mentioning on their transparency levels, King Kanine exceeded our expectations as a specialized pet brand. Its website has been well-planned, making it easier for customers to locate any information they wish. If you cannot find information about your concern, we recommend visiting its FAQ page, where common questions have been addressed. As we went through the questions, we noticed they were divided into parts; CBD, its brand, grooming, and shipping information. Each question has been well handled with adequate information, which we found satisfactory.

If your concerns have not been addressed on its home page, FAQ, or blogs, it is when we recommend you reach its support team. On the top left of its website, you will find contact details to help you reach its support team faster. The contact details given include an email address ([email protected]), phone number (546-4738) and physical address 150 S, Pine Island Road#115 Plantation, FL 33324. Additionally, you will realize a live chat in blue as soon as you reach its website. According to our interaction with one of its team members, its support team is effective and professional. Since the company was unclear on its farming practices and where it obtained its hemp plant, we decided to seek clarification via email. Within five hours, we received a detailed response that was clear to the point and polite language.

Furthermore, to keep track of its reputation, the company has a review page where customers leave feedback according to their interaction with the company and its products. Notably, we noticed both positive and negative reviews. Although the company has replied to a few positive reviews, the negative ones have been given greater attention by responding positively and apologetically. Lastly, it also has social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, which bring its customers together.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company offers an extensive line of products, each of them is manufactured with great care to ensure it improves the health and wellness of pet products and brings a close connection between pets and pet owners. The company uses hemp plant extracts and other useful ingredients to craft effective pet products, making its trademark widely known for its rapid effectiveness. Additionally, since its line of quality products is wide and each of them contains exceptional standards, it blends into its hemp plant, which is its primary raw material other naturally occurring pet elements. Before either of them is incorporated into the products, a team of qualified veterinary researchers employed by the company has to approve it. Notably, its manufacturing protocols adhere to the standards set by the FDA. All its team members involved in manufacturing have veterinary qualifications and backgrounds in CBD or pet food and health industry.

To obtain only beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant, the company uses CO2 to extract useful cannabinoids and terpenes. Upon the plant being fully matured, it is harvested using handpicking and taken to the manufacturing facility as soon as possible when it’s still fresh for further processing. Minimum chemicals are used during crafting to ensure purity levels are maintained in all the products. After manufacturing, the products are tested for purity and potency levels to ensure no chemical particles or substances have penetrated the products. Additionally, the independent third-party lab responsible for carrying tests must ensure accurate potency levels have been given to avoid overdosing or underdoing its customers.

Range of Products

In all the companies we have reviewed, both offering human and pet products and those offering only, none of them has is committed to providing unique pet products like King Kanine. It has an extensive line of amazing pet products addressing multiple pet’s health and wellness issues with premium products that can’t be found in most CBD companies. Notably, its products catalogue consists of three well-defined extensive pages. Under each product, the company offers a product description to help customers identify which product suits their pets health and wellness issues.

King Kanine CBD Pet Topicals

King Kanine CBD Pet Topicals

King Kanine offers the best pet topicals for pet owners. They are crafted using C02 hemp plant extracts and MCT oil to increase absorption rates. The offered products include Dog Paw Balm, Soothe For Pets, and Mange & Mite Management Spray. The three products are designed to promote the wellness of the pet’s skin by increasing the furs and reducing itching for the pet with itching problems. Additionally, the brand has recommended the correct dosage and how to apply it under each product description. Before any of the above products is released to the market, the company ensures they contain accurate CBD levels as stated and are safe for consumption.

King Kanine CBD Gummies/Chews

King Kanine CBD Gummies/Chews

Similar to topical products offered by the company, its chews are manufactured using hemp plant CO2 extracts, among other elements such as MCT oil, turmeric, apples and honey for easy absorption into the pets body as well as bringing out the irresistible test. Currently, the company offers Crunch-Apple Cinnamon, Crunch-Blueberry and Crunch-Honey Oats ($34.99). Notably, when we were conducting this review, the first two products were out of stock, which is why we couldn’t indicate the prices. Lastly, the company recommends the chews be directly administered or included in the foods.

King Kanine CBD pet Oils

King Kanine CBD pet Oils

Unlike any other products manufactured by the company, its oil line is extensive, and each of them is manufactured with great care. The company currently offers over 30 oil products manufactured with different specifications to meet various ages, body sizes, breeds, and locations. Additionally, each product is manufactured primarily using hemp plant extracts among uncountable naturally occurring elements. In all the products, the high quality of MCT oil has been blended in the products for maximum absorption.

What we like about the company

Among the companies we have been reviewing, none of them is committed like King Kanine is. Despite specializing in only pet products, they have an extensive line of products to help pet owners address day to day pet issues. The products we have outlined are only a few, but you can get more on its website, including pet sprays. Additionally, all its products have been tested for potency and purity levels. The results are accessed easily on its website. The company has obtained fame and manufactures premium products that most competitors have not attained because pet lovers established it. Lastly, all its products have no traceable amounts of THC.

What we don’t like about the brand

Despite the company having maximized in almost all areas, two major parts are yet to be addressed. First, we have witnessed most companies offering free shipping despite the amount used to purchase its products, but it only does free shipping on products exceeding $100, which is unfortunate. Additionally, although its products are of unquestionable qualities, they are quite expensive compared to other companies offering pet products with similar quality levels.


King Kanine is the best CBD Company we have reviewed since it manufactures quality products and offers an extensive line that attends to the needs of various customer’s needs. It has numerous advantages that don’t leave an option for not choosing its trademark. Its team members are committed to offering pet solutions and improving pets’ health and wellness due to their love for pets. Lastly, due to increased competition levels within CBD, companies keep emerging with high-quality products to beat the competition levels. To maintain its position, we recommend addressing the cons we have outlined and any other.

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