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Kushly CBD is a recently founded CBD company that is popularly known for its productsexcellent benefits to its customers.  The company offers high-quality full-spectrum CBD products and also strives to educate people on the therapeutic benefits of CBD. The brand offers a wide range of products, including capsules, gummies, pet treats, oil tinctures, vape pens, topicals, skin care products, bath bombs, and CBD toothpicks. Consequently, customers receive many health benefits from consuming the products. They help relieve joint pain, prevent arthritis, heal wounds, asthma, ulcerative colitis, depression, stress, anxiety, eliminate sores, coughs, inflammation, reduce risks of heart attacks, stroke.

In some cases, it has been proven to minimize damages and symptoms caused by cancer. All these and other health benefits can be found in Kushly products. The company claims to have passed them through third-part labs though we found no results on any public site. Customers can get these products at a pocket-friendly price depending on the type and amount mg of CBD you require. We conducted a pricing report on the prices of 137 brands of the CBD industry, and after comparing them, we ranked Kushly CBD in price rank ~C~. This means that their prices are average to expensive. Though the brand is not very transparent with its information, customers have sent good reviews about the effects of these products.

About The Company

Kushly CBD is a US-based company located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Cody Alt in 2018 to offer everyone an opportunity to have access to the benefits of full-spectrum CBD products. Cody is also known for his famous CBD brand Purekana which offers almost similar products to Kushly. During our research, we came across a past interview of him where he explained the foundation story of his brands. His first encounter with CBD and THC was through his friend, who recommended it to help him with his sleeping problems. The results were satisfying, and that is when he decided to get into the cannabis industry. He launched his brand and focused on delivering products to his customers.Although it was a good idea, demand for cannabis was deficient; hence he decided to change his business to produce quality THC products. Negative factors such as legalities, policies and compliances forced him to makeCBD products purely.

The company has also stated that they use organic hemp sourced from Kentucky farms to manufacturing its products. The hemp is passed through the carbon dioxide extraction process and then added other beneficial ingredients whichmake up the final product. All their products have different flavours and potencies which consumers can choose from. Consequently, we realized that the company has offered little to no details about its foundation or lab results during our research.However, the site is very easy to navigate since it is arranged systematically, and all sections provide some information about its activities. Products are arranged uniformly, and each product page has included information about a product, including dosage instructions, ingredients, instructions of use, benefits, potency and any side effects that may be felt after consumption.

Although they have stated that they consist of less than 0.2% of THC, no evidence was attached. The company has not provided any details about their independent third-party laboratory or any results that prove the products passed through purity tests. Information on the manufacturing process or the history and foundation of the company have also not been provided on this website. In addition, no product labels or pages openly explain the type of CBD extract used for these products. This can be difficult for customers who may want to consume pure CBD rather than whole plant CBD. Although they have stated the source of their hemp is purely from US hemp authorized farms, we have not come across any proof that justifies that. However, they have made their buying and shipping experience absolute for every customer. Customers have reported having an easy time adding products to carts or adding any relevant information to their orders. The company has made it simpler for customers by having free shipping for all their orders. They deliver orders within two or three days, and receive your money back is guaranteed for returns. Their website stated that they give a 25% discount to customers who purchase a three-pack of any product from the skincare catalogue. They also offer a 15% discount for signing up to receive their newsletter. Besides that, they have provided coupon codes that can be used to reduce your purchase prices by 20%. Although the company has provided a contact number and an email address, their customer services are unreliable since we received no feedback after contacting them regarding the lab results. For customers looking for more information about the brand, there is a FAQs section where some commonly asked questions have been answered. You can also search for their online blog for more details.

Manufacturing Process

Their website states that the company uses organic hemp grown in Kentucky to produce its high-grade CBD products. Products are proven to be 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, containing a low amount of THC and certified CBD. Also, the manufacturing process of Kushly CBD is similar to Purekana CBD since they are owned by the same person. However, no information about specific details about how the process works.  They prefer using CO2 extraction for it’s the most effective and safest process to extract CBD. After hemp is passed through the process, the final extract is used to prepare their full-spectrum CBD products. The company has gone out of its way and looked for ways to do product innovation. Their products are added other ingredients such as sugar, pectin, lemon, vegetable juice and oil, sodium citrate, citric acid, tapioca syrup and different natural flavours. This gives a unique and exciting experience for customers who consume them.

The products are then passed through independent third-party testing to prove purity and safety for human consumption. Although these products have been proven to give positive results to their users, it wasn’t easy to obtain any third-party lab results confirming that they contain the right amounts of CBD and THC or any contaminant-free effects. On further investigation, we contacted their customer care desk, but we received no response from anyone. The company, however, has excellent product packaging. Products are wrapped and packed in boxes filled with foam peanuts and bubble wraps for their cosmetic products. This is a strategy meant for their protection and safety. Since the lab results and product QR codes were not provided, we could not determine the CBD variance of the products or whether the product matched the CBD amounts indicated on it.

Range Of Products

As stated earlier, this brand manufactures an unlimited range of products for a reasonable amount of money. Their offers include ointments, capsules, toothpicks, gummies, oils, bath bombs, dog treats and skincare products. All their products contain instructions of usage and their specific amounts of CBD. Apart from the lack of transparency and expected substance, these products are generally ablaze. The price range of products is average to expensive, which means that customers can afford them. For capsules, gummies, tinctures and topicals,an mg of CBD costs $0.07 – 0.17, whereas, for bath bombs and cosmetic skincare, an mg of CBD goes for $0.48 – 2.78, which is more expensive. Some of the products we Areviewed are:

Kushly tinctures

Kushly tinctures

These are full-spectrum CBD oil extracts that are produced in five flavours. These are mint, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon and natural flavours. They are packed in 30ml bottles but contain different CBD strengths. One example of this product is vanilla CBD oil tincture. This is a vanilla-flavoured tincture with a total CBD of 300mg per bottle. Also, the product has a good taste and contains no irritating aftertaste. This bottle costs $50 and has a potency of 10mg/ml.

Kushly topicals

Kushly topicals

For customers who prefer full-spectrum topicals, Kushly has provided a topical ointment mixed with methanol, vitamin E and arnica and suitable for pain-relieving purposes. You can purchase the regular version, which contains 600mg of CBD or the maximum strength version of 1500mg of CBD. Topical CBD ointment is an example of these topicals. The product is recommended for joint and muscle pains, allergies and other health conditions. It is only applied to specific body parts and costs $74.5 per bottle.

Kushly capsules

Kushly capsules

Similarly, these products fairly standard are full-spectrum, although not clear on the CBD extract used.  They are recommended for customers who are looking for a convenient and careful way to consume products. For easy consumption, they are made using jell and are swallowed using water. A bottle costs $74.5 and contains 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD per capsule.

Kushly toothpicks

Kushly toothpicks

These are full-spectrum CBD toothpicks offered in caramel apple, strawberry limeade, cinnamon and tropical mint flavours. Cinnamint CBD toothpicks is an example in this category. Despite the great taste, customers do not prefer using the product since you have to put the whole toothpick in your mouth to absorb all the CBD. One bottle consists of 10 toothpicks, and it costs $26.

Kushly skincare products

Kushly skincare products

These products are available in facial toner, facial cleanser, under-eye cream, collagen retinol cream, anti-ageing cream and a mud mask. Each of these products is meant for its specific use and contains ingredients such as retinol, collagen, vitamin E and avocado oil to ensure quality results. However, theyhave low amounts of CBD of 20mg and are available in 15ml to 118 ml bottles.

What we like about the company

Kushly CBD manufactures an unlimited number of product categories which means that they accommodate every customer with health conditions. Since their products treat very many illnesses,their customers don’t have to search for medication elsewhere. They have also made sure that customers have a wide range of flavours they can choose from for easy consumption. The side effects have also been explained on their website, and prices are fair to customers. Another reason is that they offer free shipping of all products regardless of cost.

What we don’t like about the company

Although it has been stated that products are third-party tested, no evidence of such has been provided. General information about the company and manufacturing process has been omitted, making matters worse; their customer services were poor. This company lacks transparency with customers, which is not advisable for any company. Additionally, some of its products contain little amount of CBD, and their potency variance is omitted. This makes it difficult to trust these products and their effects.


For customers looking for an affordable wide range of CBD products, we advise you to visit Kushly CBD since they have almost every product for most conditions. However, if you are searching for a company where you will receive good customer services and looking for third-party proven products, this company is not the best choice. We advise the brand to work onits transparency to avoid losing customers.

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