Kyds Klothing  cutest clothes for stylish toddler, unique clothing that will fit any style of personality - Precious Ugbo

Kyds Klothing  cutest clothes for stylish toddler, unique clothing that will fit any style of personality – Precious Ugbo

Kyds Klothing is the new kid on the block with a vision that reaches beyond unique style and fashion. Kyds Klothing is where parents and others alike, can shop and find some of the cutest clothes for their stylish toddler. Unique clothing that will fit any style of personality. Enjoy your toddlers discovery of self-expression through clothes designed for them. Cool styles toddler’s will love with quality and durability children and parents need.  Eye-catching street style, colorful clothing pieces, beautiful dresses, durable denim, and cozy outerwear can all be found in Kyds Klothing’s online store. Find the flower girl dress, picture day set, or the play date outfit. Any style, every occasion, at a great price for any budget. 

When you shop with Kyds Klothing a portion of the sales is given to their ‘Klothe the Kyds’ mission. This mission is designed to provide clothing and other resources to children in need. Kyds Klothing is partnering with children’s homes all around the globe in an effort to provide to children without homes or in low income homes. This partnership will provide new clothing to children in temporary homes as well as other necessities that growing children need. 

  1. Founders Story

Precious Ugbo is the founder of Kyds Klothing and her passion to help children goes beyond the storefront. When Precious was younger she remembers what it was like to receive new clothing or to wear ‘special’ clothing for particular occasions. She can clearly remember the dress that her stepfather’s mother purchased for school picture day and Easter. The lacy white dress with a sailor’s collar that had a blue ribbon trim. She remembers the day as being one that she was so proud of. She knew that her picture would be great. All day long she carefully moved about in her dress feeling pride in the way she was dressed. She stepped to the camera with confidence and had the most radiant gap-toothed smile. Her eyes glistened with joy. Now, this picture is a very unique reminder as to why Kyds Klothing was started. The same dress she wore to her first Easter Sunday recital. Feeling confidently dressed gave her confidence to stand in front of the congregation and deliver her very first public speech. She said she “…totally nailed it with an added adorable curtsy at the end too”.  

Growing up in Illinois, in a very low income-family, did not exactly afford Precious the luxury of having new fashionable clothing. Most of the clothing she wore was second-hand clothing that did not quite fit right. However, on those rare occasions when she would get something new and fashionable she would have a rush of confidence and she would feel a sense of importance and encouragement. She also noticed that this same feeling would replicate itself in her peers, especially peers living with temporary families or homes. “Being complimented for your style as a child is a confidence booster”, says Precious. “….and this confidence can spill over into other areas, such as social life”. Affording children the confidence to succeed is part of the mission of ‘Klothe the Kyds’. Giving that feeling of self-assurance and importance so that it translates into other areas of life is the ultimate plan. 

Since high school, Precious has volunteered her time and resources to children. During high school, Precious was a reading buddy to children in elementary. Every year she would get a different reading buddy. Even though the reading was fun and adventurous, social health was the best part of the buddy meetings. As a reading buddy, she was not only responsible for reading a book, but she was also a tutor, motivator, counselor, and mediator. The skills she learned then applied later as she began to teach children’s classes at many churches. She was even a part of the initial course developers at the initial locations. Her understanding that children learn by hearing, repeating, visual examples, and associated activity helped build an educational foundation. Now, these educational courses help instill valuable life lessons that will carry on through her students’ lives. As part of the giving back mission of Kyds Klothing, Precious is looking forward to providing funds to other confidence and educational building programs designed for children and young adults. 

  1. Challenges in the Market

In order to succeed in business, you have to know where your challenges are and have a plan to address them. Right now there are many other businesses in the market that sell children’s clothing and several that are well known and established. One of the challenges of being a new business is the fact that no one knows how to find you especially when they have never heard of you.  The first rule in business is the establishment of a brand, secondly making that brand known, and having it stand out among the rest. Much of this is obtained through forms of advertisement and the creation of footprints for search engines to find you. In order to invest in these, time and money are necessary. Therefore, these commodities have to be budgeted very well. To overcome this challenge Kyds Klothing’s marketing team researches and implements market trends to establish its name in the market. Also, the finance team constantly looks for ways to keep the overhead cost to a minimum, which keeps the prices for customers extremely affordable as well.

  1. Opportunites in the Market

The unique mission that Kyds Klothing awards them many opportunities in their market. The purpose behind them allows for unique partnerships to form with other members of the community in the advancement of our youth. For Kyds Klothing, it’s not only about looking great but also being the best version of yourself early on. Developing importance and self-worth as the children grow into a community of their own. There are organizations providing self development education that Kyds Klothing wants to partner with and provide additional resources. These organizations exist to provide children with tools to use in navigating and strengthening their unique space in life.

  1. Kyds Business Advice

Starting a business is the easy part. Growing and advancing is the making or breaking stage. Kyds advice: “Keep pushing forward, learn all you can, apply what you learn,  and connect where you need it”. There is so much involved with a business and it can easily become overwhelming. From branding to social media, to apps, and marketing. Mental tabs are never ending and sticky notes of ideas can get lost in a notebook of operations, but do not give up.

Create a schedule

Building a business is very time-consuming. However, when your passionately working time seems to pass unnoticed. Creating a schedule can help with consistency as well as prevent burnout. 

Create Time Frames for Lengthy Task

There are some projects that would take days to accomplish. For lengthy projects create time limits spent on them. This ‘break’ of time can be refreshing and allows the mind to be more productively balanced. Being aware of how much time is used on a particular project can help balance personal life and business task.

Create a task List

Investing in a small notebook that is specifically used as a task list is a must. It’s definitely better than randomly writing thoughts on sticky notes or random sheets of paper or other notebooks where they can easily get lost. Having a task list can help keep a business owner on schedule and prevent oversight of an important project.

Research your market

It’s one thing to start a business but, understanding the consumers’ needs in your market makes all the difference. When you know what your customer wants then you are able to market accordingly. 

Get found: Understand how ‘keywords’ benefit your business

When customers search for your item or service most of them use particular phrases or words. Know which words are used by your target audience and implement them in your SEO. This will help ensure that what the consumer is looking for in a search engine could lead them to your particular product or service.

Learn your weak points 

Habitually reading the data output from your business is beneficial. Understanding your data and how to use it to improve your business stance is even better. Your data will explain how you’re trending and where you’re trending. It will also show you the areas in need of improvement. It’s great to do well in one area, however, take advantage of the growth opportunities in the weak areas as well. There are customer’s there too. 

Take pride in your business growth

Some people get discouraged when their numbers are not growing immensely. Guess what? They don’t have to and they may never leap. However, if growth is happening be grateful. Growth in any capacity is a great thing! If you have any type of growth, celebrate that growth.  

Connect with others in business

One of the greatest things you can do for your mental and business health is connect with other business owners and those in positions that grant access to spaces. These connections alone provide access to information and opportunities that are not granted otherwise. If possible, collaborate with others. This is an undervalued growth tactic. This also builds a personal community. Remember the dream only goes as far as the team. 

Ask for help

If a task can be passed off to another person creating an efficient workforce, then do so. Especially if the task is a small one. Updating product pages, labeling, quality checks, order fulfillment, social media re-post, and engagement, the list can go on.  Friends and family are very willing to help. Your tribe can help you reach business goals faster. Simply ask them! Other tasks, such as SEO building and blog writing can also be outsourced. Freeing up your time in one area allows for your energy to go into another task that needs your particular engagement. 

As Kyds Klothing grows Precious is looking forward to the growth in community outreach. Helping build a brighter future that’s motivated by fashion is the mission ‘Kyds’ is committed to. To be apart of this mission shop at Kyds Klothing today or donate directly via the website. Want to help a different type of way? Join their social media accounts and share their post. Start by sharing this article, so that more people can join the movement. Precious and the Kyds Klothing team greatly appreciates the investment that you can provide. 

Barbara Santini

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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