Lazarus Naturals is the place to get your CBD products if you are looking for a CBD company that deeply cares about its customers to protect its reputation. The company offers extensive product feedback under every product it sells its customers; looking at it; indeed, customers are actually impressed. We were able to identify positive reviews and recommendations of their products from the company’s customers who found the products effective. In connection to that, the company manufactures a comprehensive line of products from hemp grown in Oregon, which is widely known for growing organic hemp. Some of the products manufactured by Lazarus include coconut oil, capsules, topicals, RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), tinctures, and isolates. Despite CO2 being used by most CBD companies to extract their ingredients from the hemp plant, Lazarus Naturals find the use of Ethanol to be more appropriate. However, apart from the fact that Lazarus Naturals offers the best CBD products in the market, it also has the best prices compared to CBD brands. For more information about the brand, its operations and products, keep reading our analysis.

About the Company

To gain more trust from its customers, Lazarus Naturals is committed to upholding transparency levels on its operations and the products it manufactures. Sequoia Price-Lazarus, who is the founder of the company, established it in 2014 with the aim of offering high-quality products which are easily accessible as well as at a considerable price range for all people to afford. Assistance Program offering 60% discount was officially launched by the Sequoia Price-Lazarus to help low-income households, those with disabilities (long-term), and veterans. Due to their commitment to their mission, the company has gained fame, and customers are flowing their side. By looking at the reviews left under their product people, one can easily judge that indeed the company is performing and has brought hope to people relying on CBD. Most of the reviews thank the company for manufacturing effective CBD products. This is also a good indication of the company’s foothold across the competitive market. 

Consequently, the company offers an extensive “About Us Page”, which gives more information about its c-levels executives, its team, and its personal responsibility to its customers and to the CBD brand in general. As mentioned earlier, the brand gets its hemp within US borders (Oregon), and goes further to process it and manufacture it with the US borders to maintain highpotency.  Due to its commitment is offering the Assistance Program, the concerned parties have seen it as an opportunity and are now benefiting from the 60% discount. Apart from that, with high potency and standard CBD, the company has now incorporated other applications in order to reach a wider audience compared to the one it reaches using its own official website. Just to ensure it meets various customers’ demands, it offers its customers to either choose from pure CBD isolate hemp plant extracts and full-spectrum.

We were also excited about how they have been able to address the third-party tests result issues. Lazarus Naturals has been able to come out clearly and post credible results under each product they offer to their customers. In addition, it offers a batch number on each product that corresponds the lab test carried out to give a chance to customers confirm the results on the specific item they buy. Also, all their labels contain QR codes for customers to access more information about the product they are buying or about to consume.

Lastly, the company is devoted to ensuring all its customers are well informed from time to time. To enhance this, it offers informative and extensive blogs that are often updated with facts and news about CBD. Lazarus Naturals has also taken a step further in trying to cease counterfeit products from being sold by unauthorized dealers. They took this fight from February 2019 after NBC News anchored the news on its hazardous leads that were emerging. In response, the company conducted a close follow up on where the product had come from and wrote back to the company (disputing its partnership with Groupon where the product had been purchased from).

Manufacturing Process

According to the information we were able to get from the company’s support team, Lazarus naturals has their fam for growing hemp which gives them about 70% of hemp used to manufacture their products. Lazarus’s farm is located in the High Desert of Central Oregon; all its isolate and full-spectrum products are manufactured from their hemp. Since the brand is very conscious of what gets into their farm and thereafter into their products, they employ sustainable farming techniques to obtain quality ingredients. However, for the remaining 30%, the company still gets it from Oregon but from authorized growers only. Although the certification issues on FDA and USDA are still pending, Lazarus Naturals follows quality measures prescribed by ODA (Oregon Department of Agriculture): Hemp Research Pilot Program. The program’s role is to set standards under which hemp should be grown within Oregon; they monitor climate, soil, methodology, among other factors that support the organic growth of the hemp plant.

Lazarus naturals play an active role in evaluating ideal growing circumstances for hemp plants by being a board member of the US Hemp Farmers Alliance. Due to amendments still being done on Farm Bill 2018 to legalize hemp across the 50 states, the brand has not been able to obtain certification from FDA and USDA, which are the key players in the bill.  The pending issues have made the brand choose to adhere to the standard set by AHP (American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, which is considered setting higher regulations compared to USDA. Due to the company’s desire to obtain certification of fully organic products in 2022, it has implemented necessary measures.

Lastly, the company has ensured extensive tests are carried on all their products with the aid of an independent third-party lab. For each shipment of hemp that comes in, multiple tests such as pesticides, heavy metals and potency are carried out to ensure the hemp is safe for use. However, the company goes further and use ethanol to extract only useful ingredients used to manufacture their products before being taken to the last step. For every product that is to be released in the market, the lab conducts standard tests on residual solvents and potency to ensure its safe for consumption when it gets to the field. The accurate results are thereafter posted under every product for pre-purchase confirmation by interested customers. Lastly, on every batch, the company provides a QR code for authentication by customers who have bought the product.

Range of Products

To maintain the quality of its products, the company offers a considerable line of products that are among the top five finest products existing within the CBD market. Consequently, it blends hemp with other natural herbs to ensure they manufacture not only quality products but also meet effectiveness.

Lazarus Naturals Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals Tinctures

The company offers several lines of tinctures, both THC free and full-spectrum Isolate products. Consequently, they also contain standard potency as well as high potency tinctures. Standard potency products contain 20mg in every ml, while high potency items have 50mg CBD in every ml. As mentioned earlier, the prices offered by the brand are fair compared to other companies. Per every mg of tinctures, they sell it at $0.03. Apart from that, it exists in packages of 750mg as well as 3000mg. For high potency full spectrum CBD tinctures, they are available in both flavoured form and unflavored form. The flavours that exist include; chocolate Mint; Vanilla Mocha, and chocolate Chocolate Mint. On the other hand, THC free high spectrum CBD isolate tinctures also exist in various flavours such as blood orange, vanilla green, tropical breeze and winter mint. Lastly, full-spectrum standard potency tinctures only exist in flavourless.

Lazarus Naturals Capsules

Lazarus Naturals Capsules

To offer accurate dosing, Lazarus Naturals gives non-flavour capsules in a count of 10, 40, and 200. Depending on quantity and quality, their prices range from $15 to $360. Their products are offered in Full spectrum CBD capsules, THC free 25mg CBD isolate capsules and cycling full spectrum CBD capsules.

Lazarus Natural Topicals

Lazarus Natural Topicals

Lazarus Naturals topicals are offered in full-spectrum CBD, as well as full-spectrum CBD massage oil. According to their website, their prices ranges from $15 to $70 respectively. The full spectrum CBD massage oil has various ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond and organic jojoba.

Lazarus Naturals pet products

Lazarus Naturals pet products

The company offers two main pet tinctures labelled differently; sensitive pet and calming pet tinctures. The two have 15mg CBD in every ml. The fascinating about this product and the company is how the company has come out vividly on the proper prescription that would prevent addiction. Lastly, their prices range from $12 to $38, depending on both quantity and quality.

What we like about the company

Among various CBD companies we have been able to look at, Lazarus Naturals is one of the most concerned when it comes to protecting its reputation. To maintain its positive reputation, the brand has to ensure it offers not only quality products but also quality services right from its customer support team. We also appreciate its transparency levels by updating accurate information about the THC and CBD levels their products contain. Lastly, the company is devoted to offering support programs that will help several special needs that might benefit from their offers. We are delighted on how veterans, people with long term disabilities and low earning people.

What we don’t like about the Company

Although the company performs well across CBD company’s, there are several issues that ought to be addressed to maintain its good reputation across the CBD market. First, the company does not come out clearly about the money-back guarantee. It’s high time the company should come out like most company’s which offer a 30 to 60 days money-back guarantee in case their products fail to be effective in the market. Lastly, although the company prefers the ethanol mode of extraction, research shows that CO2 is the best and environmentally friendly.


Among various companies we have been able to assess, Lazarus Naturals is a landmark of hope across CBD brands. Most companies have often failed to offer quality products and made CBD customers lose hope, but CBD has brought light and hope by giving quality products at affordable prices. This has made it become famous, and most customers have recommended it. However, there are a few issues that ought to be addressed. The first thing the company should address is the issue of a money-back guarantee, and this will give more hope and widen its market.

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