Since poor quality and lab accuracy are problematic to most CBD companies, trademarks like Leafwell Botanicals have chosen to establish their name by strengthening the two. As we were studying other CBD brands, we heighted them as performing fairly in most cases. However, the term “fairly “would be mean to Leafwell Botanicals since it provides what has been distorted within CBD. In our review, the trademark performs excellently with multiple unique reasons that wouldn’t be found in other brands.  To ensure it addresses various needs of its customers, it has a considerable line of products manufactured in multiple aspects. Each product available in the market is in different potencies, quantities, and prices predetermined by the same factors.

Additionally, after each product has been manufactured, it undergoes third-part testing by a credible lab that ensures all tests are accurate and the products are safe for usage. Besides, despite the brand offering quality products to its consumers, it also prices them slightly lower than its competitors. Our insight has provided essential details about the company, its operations, and its products. To keep learning more about Laefwell Botanicals, kindly keep reading our review.

About the company

Due to the emerging trends of poor quality and inaccuracy within CBD, the company was established to bridge the gap and give people hope. Since 2013, when the brand was established, it has always been a fighting gap bridged in terms of quality. To obtain unique, high-quality premium products, the company has partnered with farmers who have experience in organic farming and have committed themselves to it as a full-time career. It mainly sources its hemp in Colorado, known as the best hemp producer across Europe. Consequently, most of its products are manufactured in both broad and full-spectrum to achieve effectiveness.

The brand has chosen to operate transparently by updating every step and essential information about its operations and its products. While going through its products catalogue, we realized important information has been updated under each product to help the customer understand what is suitable. The information given includes the ingredients used to manufacture each product, the mode of extraction used, the purpose it intends to serve, the recommended dosage, the potency, accurate lab results and lastly, its prices.

Furthermore, to maintain its reputation within the market, the brand has put in place various measures. It always prioritizes quality and customer safety before any other thing during its operations. Consequently, since its establishment, it has partnered with the community to rescue and shelter pets, which by 2017 had partnered with over 1200 bodies responsible for retrieving and giving homage to homeless pets. Additionally, it employs experienced and committed people who take pride in offering natural health solutions to society to maintain a solid reputation. Lastly, it has various social media platforms and a review page under each product where customers are allowed to share their honest opinions depending on the encounters they have had with CBD. As we went through some of the reviews, 95% were positive, which means the brand indeed performs excellently.

Leafwell Botanicals has also shown tremendous efforts in making its audience informed and committed to addressing various emerging concerns. On their website, they have provided a blog page which is found under “learn” on their main menu. Although we couldn’t locate their FAQ page, we noted that their blogs had addressed so much information about its operations and CBD in general. They have brought out each part of CBD clearly since its existence up to now, when it has gained fame. One of the relevant concerns addressed under their blogs is the purpose of CBD to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for both pets and human beings. However, they address shipping, refund, and privacy policies on different pages, which are clearly elaborated.

To customers whose concerns have not been raised under their bogs or any other page of the website, we would recommend they reach out to their support team, which is robust and professional. You will find their contact details at the lower end of their website (exactly above their logo bearing Colorado, which is the best hemp producer). They have offered a phone number (+1 (646) 600-5838), email address ([email protected]), and their location (Steamboat Spring, Co 80487), respectively. However, you will note a chat box with “1” in red under their website also; you can be sure your needs will be attended to the best of their knowledge within 24 hours.

Manufacturing process

Like the logo portrays under its website, the company highly relies on quality hemp only grown organically and within Colorado. According to their customer’s support team, they currently don’t own any farm within Colorado. However, before settling on getting any hemp from the contracted farms, they ensure they uphold organic farming, void of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Besides, they also have to ensure the hemp has fully matured before harvesting it for use.

After hemp harvesting, it’s taken to their manufacturing facility within 24 hours before the plants’ nutrients are tempered with the temperatures. However, the brand maximizes on Clean CO2 extraction method, which is also eco-friendly. To enhance the products performance and quick effectiveness, they blend in other useful herbs that have been proven to be effective for so many years. Some of the ingredients include MCT oil, which enhances digestibility since it’s a top carrier of bioavailability.

Leafwell Botanicals ensures safety and quality measures have indeed been attained in its products in the next step. All the products are taken to an independent lab for tests such as purity and potency levels. However, results obtained from the lab are posted on their website for customers to view before purchasing them. Additionally, they have to ensure the amount of CBD and THC on the website, and the ones on the labels match the ones in the products. For customer affirmation, they provide QR codes and batch numbers, most of which match the results given. Suppose variances occur, then it is false under the limit of 10%, which is a plus on their side. Notably, none of its products has THC levels that exceed 0.3%.

Range of products

Although the brand has been in the competition for a very long time (8 years now), it still has a small line of products compared to its competitors. Most of its competitors uphold quality and are performing well despite their extensive line of products. Its line of products include;

Leafwell Botanicals CBD tinctures

The brand manufactures its tinctures uniquely and in different potencies to meet customers needs. Using CO2 extracts of the hemp plant, the brand manufactures them in three different potencies; Extra Strong, strong and Classic potencies. Consequently, they are offered in both broad and full-spectrum forms. Tinctures are among the products we ordered from the brand and tested for their THC levels; they were pretty impressive and under 0.3% (which is optimum). Besides, they are also offered in three flavours and unflavored forms, which could be blended in beverages or foods. Lastly, they are sold from $22.99 to $64.99.

Leafwell Botanicals CBD Topicals

Many people worldwide feel confident when their skin keeps glowing as they interact with others. CBD also offers a natural solution to address skin problems and keep the skin glowing at all times. To enhance effectiveness, the brand uses various flavours such as mango and shea butter which enhances smooth application and absorption by the skin. According to the product description given under these products, they enhance smoothness and keep the skin moisturized. Lastly, elements such as arnica, jojoba, and coconut oils are incorporated to improve absorption by the skin; they are sold from  $31.99 to $41.99 depending on the strength and quantity.

Leafwell Botanicals Capsules Review

Like all its products, its capsules have been manufactured using CO2 extracts and different potencies. Its capsules are crafted in full and broad-spectrum form using the extracts and other naturally occurring elements. Soft gels are widely sold because of their convenience in administering and travelling. For consumption, the brand recommends being taken orally with the aid of your favourite healthy drink or water. The available potencies include strong and Classical, sold from $27.99 to $37.99, in the potency of 40 mg and 25 mg per capsule, respectively.

Leafwell Botanicals Edibles

Edibles have been discovered as one of the easiest ways of including your CBD dosage without straining. Leafwell Botanicals offers Sea Salt Almonds and Peanut butter with pink Himalayan sea salt,carefully crafted to meet their effectiveness. Consequently, the two are taken to their centralized lab facility to ensure they exist naturally and contain the proper levels of CBD and THC.

Leafwell Botanicals CBD Pet tinctures

Pet owners got relieved since most CBD companies decided to offer natural solutions to their pets, which Leafwell Botanicals is among. It crafts its pet tinctures uniquely, similar to human tinctures. Additionally, they have been designed with different strengths depending on the size and age of the dogs. Lastly, their THC levels are under 0.3% and sold from $16.99 to $39.99.

What we like about the company

Unlike most CBD companies which prioritize profits at the expense of customers safety, the brand has established its trademark based on quality and accurate lab results. The brand was established to bring in new hope, which was lost because of profit desires. All its products have attained premium standards and undergo third-party tests to meet safety and quality standards. Additionally, we were impressed by its initiative to support and give pets homage. Lastly, it offers veterans and military discounts on all its products.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has proved to be outstanding in most of its activities, and we have given it an excellent score, it still needs to address certain concerns to beat its competitors. First, its minimum price for free qualification seems to be higher than that of its competitors; $74.99. Additionally, it offers similar product names in different varieties, which might be confusing. Lastly, they should reconsider offering vegan soft gels to their customers.


Although there have been a lot of uncertainties in terms of quality within the CBD market, we can guarantee you quality and safe products from Leafwell Botanicals. It is one brand committed to offering premium products thatwouldn’t be found in any other CBD company. However, we recommend the brand extend its line of products and work on the few weaknesses we have outlined to beat its competitors.

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