How to Liberate Yourself Through Meditation

How to Liberate Yourself Through Meditation

By: Gina Cavalier, The Liberated Healer

Hello, my name is Gina Cavalier. I am the Founder, CEO, and Teacher at The Liberated Healer, a mind-body wellness company. I teach clairvoyant intuitive healing and meditation, where my primary mission is to assist people to heal themselves through a series of energetic tools that helps to relieve stress, fears, depression, and balance our thoughts and emotions so we can live the life we prefer to live every day.

I’d like to share with you a few fundamental base understandings of why I believe meditation is powerful, why it should be added into your daily life as a practice, and why you can make quick changes in your life for immediate results. Below this article is a link to a daily meditation technique that I teach at The Liberated Healer.

Here are the points I will highlight in this article:

  • Energy, and How It Moves During Meditation
  • What’s in a Breath
  • You Have a Destiny; Meditation Will Bring It Forward (intuition)
  • Meditation Elevates Your Frequency
  • Live in the Present 
  • Embrace Change

There needs to be an understanding that everyone is made up of cells that are composed of energy. That energy can be harnessed, guided, cleaned, controlled, and mastered in the direction that best serves you. I like to use the analogy of an electrician who is wiring electricity into a building. Why do they install a grounding rod on every single location?  It’s so the electricity, or energy can be grounded to provide a safe “path of least resistance” for stray or excess voltage to safely extinguish itself. It does this by discharging negative energy that is building up in places that are dangerous and attracts the positive energy to where it needs to go. 

This is the exact same reason why we need to know, learn, and use meditation tools that help “ground” us and move out the negative energy, and call back the positive energy. This energy is a bountiful source of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. For ultimate control of your life’s direction, how you feel, and age, you can’t avoid this part of you – Energy. 

Meditation is the fundamental key to managing energy. The energy of which you are entirely made. When you are grounded it is much harder for anyone to manipulate you or throw you off of your path. This grounding technique helps you to stand tall in your own convictions. Allowing yourself to process thoughts and emotions in a healthier way and release judgments and criticisms from others that might be stuck in your space. You will also be able to connect with other people in a much deeper way and not just on a superficial level.

The most important tool that EVERYONE has is the use of moving through energy by way of harnessing our breath. Breath is not only literally life, but also the light of our soul, the knowledge, and the wisdom as well. It is where we can call in new energy, hold hope, forgiveness, and love. It activates dormant parts in us and sends healing through us inside and out to our minds, bones, blood, muscles, and nerves. 

Without giving the breath the respect of what it does for us, except for the obvious, we are missing the biggest and first lesson as humans we must grasp – Respect the breath and what it can do. Have a deep relationship with it and know that it holds energy.

We need to know that we have a defined purpose for being here on Earth at this time. Every single person is extremely valuable and has the potential to change many people’s lives for the better. Our destiny is to reveal that purpose and to move towards it with as much excitement and positivity as we can. There is no time limit for us to find that purpose, one could be 1 or 100 years old. The goal is to discover it and from that point, move towards it with full passion, and never stop. What does this have to do with meditation one might ask? 

When you meditate on a regular basis your internal guidance system is activated and that path becomes clear. Your energy centers are performing at the height of their ability, and you are able to make decisions much faster, and more towards how you prefer to live. Once you lock in your purpose, you begin to release toxic programming that stops you from moving forward and causes anxiety, fears, sadness, and competitive energy. 

You are getting to the root of why you are here. You know you are powerful; as powerful as anyone else. That the light that is living within you is actually unstoppable. You can bring in anything that you desire such as a rewarding career, a life partner, or life experiences that you are pulled towards. Meditation has now activated and given you back the permission to live fully.

Meditation changes your frequency and you become attuned to the levels where all living things vibrate including trees, plants, and animals. This is why people who meditate regularly seem like they are actually floating at times. They are not so heavy inside of their physical body and they are not carrying much other people’s energy in their space. They have what we call clean energy. I have often taught my students, “Have you met a depressed surfer?” 

Probably not, or at least not when they are in or around the ocean. When they are in nature at that level/magnitude their energy has to rise up to meet that higher frequency and in that process the low vibrations (jealousy, addictions, resentment, anger, frustrations) have literally washed away. They cannot sustain or live in that higher vibration. It is the same when you get around a lot of nature such as forests or mountains and why during the pandemic people wanted to retreat away from cities. In meditation, you can duplicate this process to your energy without being in the ocean or the forest.

This is also the reason people like to use crystals or gemstones in healings. Because of their nature, they vibrate at a high frequency, and your energy when around them will want to match that frequency. There is a wide variety of crystals and usages of them. Meditation is free and available to anyone, and it is why I spend so much time promoting its practice to help anyone and everyone, and especially those who are suffering.

Through meditation, you get moved more into what we call “present time.” Not everyone knows what this means, and most people do not know how vital it is to our life. Are you, or do you know someone who tends to stay stuck in the past or is living so far into the future that they are not able to enjoy what is happening today, right now, moment-by-moment? One cannot manifest their dreams, wishes, and desires in anything but the present time. 

When people see someone, who tends to manifest a great life- jobs, friends, colleagues, projects, and abundance, they might not notice that those people tend to live in the present time. It is not easy to live in the present time because we have been programmed over time to live in fear. To think of the past and to relive it, hold onto it and try and work it out in our minds. This stops the train of abundance, dead center, and people can’t figure out why they are not able to live the life they want. 

Then every time they attempt to go a certain direction it goes nowhere. There are also people who live in the future where they have that one big goal that is going to change their life’s trajectory and until that happens this is all just in an “effort” to get to that one goal. An example of that would be someone who just wants to get married in life, but they can’t seem to find that partner. I would guess that this person’s energy is stuck into the future instead of right now and what this day is bringing them.

Meditation helps you understand and move with change more effortlessly in yourself and the world around you. Everything is always changing, and without that understanding, people can easily move into fear or anger because they want things to stay the old way. This is not life nor living. You have to move with change and not go into resistance. 

That does not mean those changes will always be easy. If that was the case we would not be here searching for our purpose, recognizing who we are and how we prefer to live. Meditation will help prepare you for anything coming your way so you can stand in strength against whatever this world has for you. Do this every day to prepare you for what is ahead.

So, if it’s not clear how you become liberated through meditation, then let me clarify it for you. Now that you know you are all energy, your perspective and what is available to you must have changed. You know, through recognizing this part of yourself you can change it, and whatever you are feeling or any habit or programming that does not serve to elevate you can be released. You can get grounded and have a deeper relationship with all the living things around you. 

You can be ready for when change happens and move forward with grace and not fear. You can recognize this level in other people and find your community more easily, and build a soul tribe that is like-minded, of sound quality, and deeply meaningful. I’d say that is quite liberating!

Charlotte Cremers

MS, University of Tartu Sleep specialist Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.