Longevity by Nature - Natural Supplements for Rejuvenation, Health & Longevity

Longevity by Nature – Natural Supplements for Rejuvenation, Health & Longevity

Longevity by Nature

42045 Remington Avenue, Suite 104

Temecula, CA 92590 USA

Main: 877-412-9888


Leadership team:

  • Ahmad Alkayali, President/CEO, Inventor, Cofounder
  • Abdul S. Alkayali, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Cofounder
  • Lisa Donato, Office Manager
  • Christina Burris, Operation Manager 
  • Sara Alkayali, Public Relations
  • Aisha Amezaga, Quality Control

Natural Supplements for Rejuvenation, Health & Longevity

Longevity by Nature is a California manufacturer of nutritional supplements using only nature as a source of its raw materials. Its branded products support longevity, joint health, healthy aging, beauty, the immune system, and heart, brain and cognitive health. The company formulates exclusively with natural, science-based ingredients, including multiple types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X) as well as phytonutrients and powerful antioxidants from grapevine, olive and persimmon leaves.

“Our goal is to create natural products that help people live longer, happier lives,” said Abdul Alkayali, Longevity by Nature Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our products are 100 percent natural with no fillers or excipients.  Every ingredient is sustainably sourced and backed by solid science.”

Founded in 2012, Longevity by Nature is one of several natural products companies created by the entrepreneurial Alkayali family.  Over the past four decades the family, led by inventor and Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Alkayali, has discovered and developed innovative new functional food, beverage and supplement ingredients. Their science-based ingredient solutions for health and longevity are marketed in consumer products around the world.

Three Alkayali brothers – Ahmad, Abdul, and Mustafa – and Ahmad’s wife Terri started their first venture in 1986.  Smarter Beauty Products was a retail products company that introduced the first hydrolyzed collagen type I and III products to the health and beauty industry. Hydrolyzed collagen, which is also known as collagen peptides, is collagen that has been broken down into more easily dissolvable amino acids that are more easily absorbed into the body. Taken orally, type I collagen helps preserves skin firmness and elasticity. 

The company grew rapidly as its product line expanded and the family expanded distribution through health food stores throughout California and beyond. The family developed expertise in product formulation and a keen sense of consumer attitudes and behaviors through numerous in-store demonstrations and close relationships with retailers.  

“Back in the ‘80s we would open a phone book to find a list of all the local health food stores in an area and then go door-to-door to introduce our products,” recalls Abdul. “On weekends, we did a lot of product demos for consumers – how to make great tasting beverages with our collagen powders – and in the process learned a lot about what our customers wanted.”

Their product line eventually reached double-digits, including another revolutionary product – the first hydrolyzed avian sternum collagen type II for joint and bone.  Collagen peptides interact with specialized cells in the body that help maintain articular cartilage and connective tissues that support and cushion joints.  The company continued to grow rapidly and later changed its name to NeoCell, which was eventually sold to Clorox. 

The family founded a new venture, Certified Nutraceuticals, to focus exclusively on the development of innovative functional ingredients for natural products manufacturers.  Ahmad Alkayali continued to expand his patent portfolio – now 16 U.S. patents and patents pending – with discoveries of ingredients and extraction processes related to pomegranate, olive leaf and grapevine extracts as well as jellyfish collagen.

The family’s hands-on approach to research and development has resulted in superior new ingredients that promote a wide range of benefits that include healthy aging and joint, skin/beauty, cardiovascular, brain and immune health. Research in botanical extracts has resulted in several ingredients with extraordinary high levels of antioxidants that minimize oxidative damage.  The company also has identified ingredient combinations and optimal molecular weights to maximize bioavailability and bioactivity.

Longevity by Nature was founded to showcase Certified Nutraceutical ingredients in a retail line of 10 nutritional supplements. “We’ve come full circle, applying everything we’ve learned over the past four decades in both the retail and bulk ingredient businesses,” said Abdul. “Having a foot in both markets helps us be a better partner because we understand all sides of the natural products marketplace.”

Longevity by Nature products are available online at www.longevitybynature.biz and through health food stores and other retailers across the U.S.  The company has marketing and distribution agreements with National Sales Associates, LLC, a national sales and marketing brokerage agency specializing in natural, organic and specialty products, and United Natural Foods, Inc. (NYSE: UNFI), North America’s premier food wholesaler, Threshold Enterprises, Ltd. and Palko Services.

The agreements will significantly increase awareness of the Longevity by Nature brand and availability of these products across multiple classes of trade, including natural/organic, specialty/gourmet, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and online retailers. “These strategic partnerships will help drive future sales by significantly enhancing our ability to reach retailers and consumers interested in our unique natural wellness solutions,” said Abdul. “Both National Sales Associates and United Natural Foods have tremendous presence, resources and expertise in the natural products marketplace.”

Among the biggest challenges facing the natural products industry is consumer demand for products with benefits that are scientifically validated. All Longevity by Nature products are supported by peer-reviewed research – the industry’s gold standard – that is published in scientific and medical journals. “Consumers prefer health solutions sourced from nature, not pharmaceuticals, but their label claims must be supported by sound science,” said Abdul.

Another challenge is standing out in a crowded marketplace. “There are so many dietary supplements designed to support all aspects of human health,” Abdul said. “How do you differentiate your products and provide value when many products make similar claims?” Longevity by Nature’s solution is constant innovation. The company strives to find new ingredients that contain unique bioactive ingredients or ingredient combinations that are unlike anything on the market.

Two perfect examples are Longevity by Nature’s Telos95® and KollaJell™.  Telos95 supports longevity by slowing the aging process at the cellular level. Nobel prize-winning research links aging to the length of telomeres, the protective DNA end caps on chromosomes that help maintain healthy cell division. As the trillions of cells in our bodies constantly divide, telomeres gradually shorten, which over time may impair cell function and replication. Research shows that oxidative stress damages telomeric DNA, accelerates telomere shortening and is a primary cause of cellular senescence that is a factor in numerous human diseases. Telos95 is a unique and highly concentrated blend of natural polyphenols from proprietary grapevine and organic olive leaves that research shows halts telomere shortening. In fact, clinical studies found that Telos95 can lengthen telomeres to delay cellular aging. The product is unique in the healthy aging category.

KollaJell is a patented jellyfish collagen – the only collagen containing all 20 essential and nonessential amino acids and macroelements needed for mental sharpness and a keen memory.  This first-of-its-kind functional ingredient preserves these brain-enriching nutrients in hydrolyzed collagen types I, II and V peptides. KollaJell modulates the gut-microbiome- immune-brain axis to support brain health and cognitive function, gut and immune health, and healthy skin. “There’s nothing like KollaJell anywhere in the world,” said Abdul. “We believe KollaJell has tremendous potential to help people as the world’s population grows older.”

The advice Abdul has for anyone looking to develop or market their own dietary supplements is simple. “Look for unmet health needs and try to create unique natural solutions that are backed by strong science.”

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Telos95® is a blend of highly therapeutic natural polyphenols sourced from proprietary grapevine and organic olive leaves that protect chromosome telomeres to slow the aging of healthy cells and cellular senescence.

KollaJell™ is a patented, first-of-its-kind jellyfish collagen (types I, II and V) peptides containing all 20 essential and nonessential amino acids plus vital macronutrients to support brain health and cognitive function, gut and immune health, and healthy skin.

TendoGuard™ is a clinically tested blend of avian sternum and eggshell membrane that delivers the collagen types (I, II, V and X) essential for maximizing bone, cartilage, and tissue support.

KollaGen II-xs™ is pure chicken sternum Type II collagen with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for lasting joint health.

Persimonal™ is an advanced botanical extract of persimmon leaves with one of the highest concentrations of cardioprotective polyphenols of any natural product. 

H.A. 95™ is natural hyaluronic acid derived from 100% rooster comb that support the health of skin, joints, eyes, and heart.

Pure Marine Collagen Peptide™ is hydrolyzed collagen types I and III powder from wild caught fish skin that supports healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Available in both powder and capsule form.

Olea25® is 25% hydroxytyrosol from organic olive leaf extract is the most powerful known antioxidant (ORAC value 6,857.600) to support cellular health and strengthen the immune system.

ArthroGuard™ is chicken-flavored wafers of hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides for pet and horse joint health and mobility.

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