What are the five love languages?

Words of affirmation

If you want your partner to feel your love, words of appreciation will go a long way. Every time you are near them, give a few short praises that are building. Words, including, ‘I love your new hair cut’, or ‘You look beautiful in that dress.’ It is best to communicate openly to promote this love language in your relationship.

Acts of service

How you act towards your partner matters a lot in a relationship. They will feel the love when your actions make them feel valued or appreciated. For example; helping with house chores or getting shopping from the car to the house. A partner who understands this kind of love language will realize anything done for them and they will appreciate it, no matter how small.

Physical touch

Some people usually feel appreciated through simple actions of physical touch, including hugging, cuddling, or touching their body part like the arms. Only getting closer to them, physically is enough to uplift their spirits.

Receiving gifts

People who love receiving gifts feel great because it is a sign of love and affection. A gift may be small or cheap, but that does not change how they feel when gifted. What they value is your effort and the fact that you thought of them before buying it.

Quality time

A partner with this language likes it when you focus on them any time you are with them. Giving them undivided attention, including making eye contact, avoiding your phone, or not ignoring them, especially when talking to you.

 How can you show affection to others, and ask for it for yourself, based on each love language?

I recommend answering questions, such as;

How do you feel when your partner;

  • Takes you for vacation, just you two?
  • Does laundry or cooks for you?
  • Gives you a surprise gift with an item you have always admired
  • Massages you on that special night?
  • Compliments your looks or says ‘I love you’?

 Why is it helpful to know what your love language is, and those of your loved ones/partners?

Elevates intimacy

Knowing what you and your partner appreciate as love is helpful in maintaining and improving intimacy. It gives a chance for learning from each other and connecting more in varied ways, which increases intimacy.

Helps develop empathy

Love languages can help think about what pleases other people, making them feel important. Sticking to learning and expressing affection to your partner through love languages helps promote emotional intelligence. It gives the chance of nit thinking of yourself for once and mainly speaking the language their significant other recognizes.

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