Here are some of my best low-calorie desserts;

Berries and Greek yogurt

Berries are high in fiber, while greek yogurt contains several nutrients and proteins that can aid ward off illnesses while keeping your calorie intake at bay. Pick any berry and top it on your yogurt for a sweet and healthy dessert.

High fiber ice cream

Fiber helps improve digestion, stimulates the functioning of the brain transmitters, and maintains moderate calorie intake. Pairing ice creams with fiber desserts can lower hunger and cut calorie intake.

Watermelon sorbet

It is an ideal dessert for summer as it’s frozen, refreshing, hydrating, and low in calories.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a healthy dessert with few calories, containing healthy fats and fiber nutrients that can ease your hunger feelings. Adding some almonds or healthy proteins spices it up.

Banana chocolate popsicles

They are perfect for the summer season, highly tasty, low in calories, and refreshing.

Vegetables and hummus

Veggies have few calories but are high in beneficial nutrients like fiber and vitamins. When combined with proteins, you get a high-dense nutritious dessert. Try pairing broccoli veggies with hummus for a delicious snack.

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