Made By Hemp Product Review

Made By Hemp Product Review

Unlike other CBD companies, Made by Hemp regards itself as a premium brand amongst other CBD companies. The company provides its customers with a significant range of products to satisfy their various unique desires. According to the company, all their products are made from high-quality hemp extracts, increasingtheir effectiveness. However, They insist on combining high-quality Hemp with ingredients such as terpenes and top-shelf natural flavorings to make their brand better. Made by Hemp also ensures that proper prescription and guidelines on storing your product have been provided. Besides, their site is easy to navigate around despite it being congested with relevant information. For easy navigation, their website has distinguished different products with different preferences; this allows their customers to shop easily. Prices have been indicated on each product and any offer or extra expenditure, such as shipping charges. In our analysis, we will provide you with essential details concerning the company’s products and operations.

About The Company

Although the company does not offer much information, we gathered some to help you understand how they carryout their operations. Made By Hemp is a company governed by providing high-quality hemp products to promote healthy wellness. However, the companyhas been based in Michigan since 2013 by Jeff Gallagher. The founder took personal responsibility of helping at least five people monthly to understand the significance of Hemp. According to their website, the company has been the leading retailing shop for providing quality CBD worldwide since 2013. The company also does worldwide shipping in the following countries; Australia, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, United States, and Hong Kong.

 In addition, the company has insisted on dealing with the quality only. It also stresses using a healthy hemp plant rich in cannabinoids, among other essential ingredients that will help them produce quality products. They use Hemp, which neither have pesticides nor distasteful chemicals that might negatively impact the human body. As we were trying to check on the reviews given by their customers, they were satisfactory.

Apart from the brand stressing on CBD-that is clear, the brand offers quality customer care services. Made By Hemp provides the best customer services to ensure their customers are delighted. This is evident right from the detailed information about the company and its operation on their website. However, the brand offers multiple ways of reaching the customer support team; email, phone number, and physical address. To check on the effectiveness of their customer care representatives, we sent an email concerning the product we had received from them. Indeed, they are well informed and keep track of every order made on their site. They proved to be knowledgeable and professional in their response.

Consequently, the company participates in various charitable acts as a way of giving back to society. According to their website, it’s #1 priority that makes their operations so rewarding. Multiple volunteers have joined hands among other companies that share similar ideologies to make this successful. In appreciation for Bowl for Kid’s, they supported them by taking the whole team for a retreat for a night out full of fun and participating in bowling and various activities. This was one way of appreciating their voluntary activities of supporting young kids. Over the years, their team has been supportive to various Children’s homes, such as Kids Food Basket, by taking their food and participating in various activities. Other supported charity organizations include; Gilda’s Club GR, Roanoke Achievement GR, and Realm Of Caring.

Manufacturing Process

Despite the company offering one of the best products in the CBD market, they have stated their source of Hemp. The company has also not provided adequate information about people their manufacturing activities. According to their site, they use organically grown Hemp to meet their quality standards. The company uses unique ingredients combined with cannabinoids to enhance the effectiveness of its products.

According to research, phytocannabinoid is regarded as the contain cannabidiol as it its mainstream, cannabis is made up of over 100 phytocannabinoids which come with distinct beneficial properties. To come up with a quality brand, the company combines it with terpenes and flavonoids, which results in up to over 500 cannabis compounds, resulting in giving the finest products to its customers and the most effective. This strategy of combining Hemp’s compounds to work together provides a powerful effect that could be produced on their own is known as the”entourage effect.”

For safety measures, all their products undergo third-party tests. The company has hired an independent laboratory to conduct tests on their raw materials and end products to enhance quality. Another company’s role is to verify the stated amount of CBD whether it matches the ones in the product. According to the analysis we did on the product, the company indeed posts honest figures of both levels of THC and CBD. Additionally, we couldn’t detect any harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, or contaminants in the CBD Topicals and skincare we had received from the company.

Range Of Products

The brand offers a broader range of products which has played a very significant role in helping them expand their market. Most of their customers get various products with the specifications that suit them. Some of their products are as follows;

Made Of Hemp Cbd Tinctures

Among various varieties offered by the company, tinctures are one of them. They have been blended in a unique way which includes the Hemp Extract version. However, they are shown in either 500mg, 1000mg, or 2000mg. The tinctures are of three flavours; majito lime, French vanilla, and Strawberry Cream to meet various testes. In each of their bottle contains less than 0.3% of THC and is in full-spectrum. Under their product page, they have given relevant information such as its prescription and the ingredients that make it more effective.

Made Of Hemp CBD Topicals And Skincare

If you are having problems with your skin, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Made of Hemp offers you a solution by providing this fantastic product. For essential hydration and revitalization of your skin, then the brand recommends being applied directly. Consequently, the product will help you reduce skin irritation and itchiness if you are suffering from either. In addition, the product is offered in various varieties ranging from cooling Muscle Rub, Hemp CBD Patches, After Golf Topical, Facial Toner, Massage oil to CBD Balm, among others.

Made Of Hemp CBD Suppositories

If you need a soothing CBD suppository, then you got it. Made by Hemp provides a soothing suppository which is made by Endoca. Consequently, they supply the product in a box of ten each. Every Suppository has 50mg of hemp-derived CBD, adding up to 500mg for each box. Lastly, consumers can apply either rectally or vaginally.

Made Of Hemp CBD Capsules

For consumers who would prefer taking CBD at one go, the company offers them capsules to avoid the hustle of CBD natural teste. However, consumers could administer it orally either with water or their favourite drink. According to their website, they offer 30-count battles softgels and 40-count bottle capsules. Either of them contains 25 mg of CBD per serving. In every serving, we have flavonoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes which enhance their effectiveness. Lastly, the brand offers different price rates and potencies, which range from 300mg to 1500mg bottles.

Made of Hemp CBD Edibles

Made of Hemp offers sweet CBD treats infused with desserts, candies, flavoured shots, and chewable. It also provides a plethora of items, including gummies, CBD chocolate, and honey chill sticks, to make its customers enjoy consuming CBD whenever they need it. For consumers who wouldn’t prefer just taking CBD down their throat into their body, then they could go for either.

Made of CBD Isolate and Concentrates

While other consumers prefer taking edibles, capsules, and the likes, the brand offers a 1gm isolate form for those who would prefer. However, according to their site, the product is very effective since it has been proved to contain 96% to 99% of industrial Hemp, which is obtained from CBD. However, it offers the following varieties: the Blue Label, the Gold Label, and the Green Label. Every gram contains 24% to 27%, or 9% to 12% phytocannabinoid concentration depending on the variety settled on. All their tubs have been proved to be THC-free.

Made of Hemp CBD Vape

Vaping has been considered an extraordinary experience amongst young people. For those who prefer, then Made for Hemp offers allows you to consume CBD as you keep enjoying your vaping experience. In addition, there are several CBD vaping products in the brand’s stores. Some include disposable CBD vape pens, vaporizers, cartridges and vape starter kits. This allows the consumers to go for their area of preference to enjoy vaping.

Made of Hemp CBD Pet Products

For pet owners, Made of Hemp offers you a solution for your pets. If you want to keep your pet strong and healthy, we advise you to go for CBD for pets from Made of Hemp. The company offers different pet products, including for cats and dogs. The oil is being provided in full- spectrum to enhance its effectiveness in the pet’s body. However, they have blended in irresistible flavours that keep attracting pets to consume them.

What we like about the company

The fascinating thing about Made by Hemp is how they can offer quality products at a considerable price range. The company ensures all its products have been appropriately cross-checked by their third-party lab to ensure all products released to the consumers are safe. Consequently, the company has diversified its range of products to at least meet various customer demands. By doing so, the company has obtained a more comprehensive market compared to other CBD companies. Additionally, the company has taken the responsibility of helping other people and giving back to society as a personal responsibility. Various workers of the company have joined hands to enhance this.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

Although the company has committed itself to ensuring it has provided the best to its customers, it should reconsider expanding its global market. CBD products are taking fame internationally. Due to this, the brand should ensure most continents can benefit from their products. Also, the company should expand its THC-free CBD tinctures sections. If the company addresses two drawbacks, then it stands a chance to do better in the market.


According to our analysis, the brand has proved to be outstanding among other companies. Therefore, we wish to recommend all their products to customers willing to join CBD for more natural life. It has ensured that customers safety is their crucial responsibility during manufacturing. However, buying their products will enhance them to keep supporting various children’s homes to support children in need.

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