Male Chastity is a fantasy that speaks to the authority of the dominant. Peaches & Screams have an impressive selection of fun-filled chastity belts of every hue and colour, penile confinement cages, chastity harnesses, locks and other delectable chastity devices. Lock away your lover’s family jewels and enjoy the pleasures of sexually imprisoning your lover. male chastity devices help in delayed gratification and act as trust-building tools. Apart from cock cages you can also buy chastity sets with superior tamper proof locks from Peaches & Screams. Male chastity devices are built for both functionality and aesthetics. Play around with various Male Chastity sex toys until you settle on the ones that satisfy your needs and adequately feed your fantasies. Some of the metal chastity cages and male chastity devices can safely go through metal detectors, which make them suitable for travelling through airports. When engaging in any bondage play it is important that you establish trust and that you always respect each other’s limits. If you are new to Male Chastity you should start with beginners’ kits and slowly move up to hardcore Male chastity devices. Chastity harnesses, metal chastity cages, chastity belts and cock cages must be secured to a comfortable level. When using cock confinement cages it is important that play be prolonged for a reasonable time to keep play safe. When playing with a partner always have a safe word or sign to stop play if things get too heated up or if the limit is breached. Whet your appetite with the ever-improving male chastity devices from Peaches & Screams. Add male chastity devices to your drawer of bondage delights. After use follow cleaning instructions on your male chastity devices and then store in a clean safe place.

Delay your lover’s sexual gratification and up the stakes in the stimulation game. Chart new erotic frontiers in foreplay using male chastity devices. Stretch your lover’s sexual patience and build up their expectation with your expertise in use of male chastity devices. Lock up their family jewels and demand total submission from your lover. Add a few more toys to the game and tease and stimulate your lover all the time keeping them under complete control. Pay tribute to the dominant in you visit the Peaches & Screams online shop and discreetly fill your cart with an exciting range of sexual imprisonment toys. Bring back explosive passion with the metal chastity cages category of sex toys. Rebuild your bondage lifestyle and add panache to your delivery of bondage. Take your play a notch higher and experiment more with the male chastity devices. Reward the master in you by buying and using sex toys from the male chastity category. Try out various male chastity devices and raise your stock in the game of bondage. Raise your lover’s pulse with your bondage proficiency. Turn pleasure, pain and delayed gratification into a foundation for a relationship of trust and sexual intrigue. Turn your fantasies into a decadent sensual tour. Lay the groundwork for explosive multiple orgasms with an expert game plan in Male Chastity. Believe in more and demand more from your erotic experiences indulge in the fantasies of male chastity. Throw caution to the winds and join the exciting world of male chastity. Elevate your level of play buy and use male chastity devices from Peaches & Screams. Savour the sensual delicate sweetness of delayed gratification and well-timed stimulation. Stock up on the right tools for male chastity and practice it the way it was always meant to be – with chic and confidence. Put a stamp of authority on your bondage performance. Challenge your inhibitions get some male chastity devices. Join the UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches & Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with the supportive online community.

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