Marshmallow roots are herbs native to Western Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Over the years, they have been used to remedy skin conditions and digestive and respiratory problems. Its healing powers are connected to the mucilage it contains. Moreover, you can obtain it in the form of a capsule, tea, or tincture. Therefore, please keep reading to discover more about this product found in skincare and cough syrups and its healing potential.

What Are Marshmallow Roots?

Marshmallow roots, Althaea Officinalis, is a herb indigenous to North Africa, Europe, and Western Asia. Its application varies; it can be a remedy to respiratory, digestive, and skin conditions. They are available as capsules, tinctures, or in the form of tea.

The Benefits of Marshmallow Roots

Over the years, marshmallow roots have been used for their healing properties. The following are some of the potential health benefits you can get from marshmallow roots;

Good for Coughs and Cold

Marshmallow roots are great in treating coughs and colds, thanks to their mucilaginous content. According to a study conducted on herbal syrup, this product showed its effectiveness in providing relief to coughs. The participants had reduced symptoms. However, more studies should be conducted for stronger evidence.

 Therefore, if your cough results from a cold or any respiratory condition that forms mucus, you can try these roots. Taking 10ml of a cough syrup containing marshmallow roots daily can help you get these benefits.

Can Help Reduce Skin Irritation

Another amazing property of marshmallow roots is their anti-inflammatory effect which comes in handy when skin irritation from conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. This herb has the potential to stimulate cells with anti-inflammatory activity.

You can either have the roots as an ointment; roughly 20% of it. Applying this thrice daily is just okay. However, when you use them on their own, they might not be as effective.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of marshmallow roots make them ideal for relieving pain and soothing your skin. Therefore, in case of sore throats or any abrasions, they can be your go-to remedy.

May Help Heal Wounds

If you have open wounds, the antibacterial activity of marshmallow roots can be of great help. When you apply the extract topically on your particular wound, it will increase the process of wound healing. However, further research should be done to show more conclusive results about this. Therefore, if you have an ointment or cream with marshmallow root extract, don’t be scared to apply it on your affected area thrice daily.

Remember, you can first do a patch test on your forearm before applying the medication topically. When there are no irritations, you can go ahead with its application.

Great Antioxidant

Free radicals may cause damage to your body. Thankfully, antioxidants can help fight and protect your body against the same. The good news is, marshmallow roots are a good source of antioxidants. Therefore, taking 3-5 ml of its liquid extract three times daily can help protect your body against free radicals.

However, one study showed that the effects are almost similar to standard antioxidants. Therefore, more research and studies should be done to expand on this.

Protect the Skin Against UV Radiations

Whenever you are going to be out in the sun, you will get exposed to UV radiation. Therefore, you can apply an ointment with marshmallow roots extract to help improve your skin’s appearance. Besides, you can ensure you apply the cream or ointment in the morning and evening, or quite often as long you are exposed to the sun. However, more research should be conducted to show how effective the roots are in improving skin health when under sunshine exposure.

May Aid in Digestion

Do you have digestive issues once you eat? If so, marshmallow roots can benefit you. say goodbye to constipation, intestinal colic, and even heartburn. Also, research conducted on rats showed positive results when the plant extracts were used to treat gastric ulcers. However, for clearer evidence, more research and study need to be conducted.

Therefore, to benefit, you can have 2-5ml of marshmallow root extract thrice daily. Whenever you feel any discomfort, don’t be scared to give it a try.

The Side Effects

Most people can tolerate marshmallow roots. However, the following are some of the potential side effects you might get;

  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Skin irritation when applied topically

Individuals who are more at risk and are recommended to stay away from marshmallow roots are pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, diabetic patients, and those scheduled for surgery in two weeks.

The good news is, to reduce the risks of developing the side effects, you can be gradual at how you take the dosage of the marshmallow roots. Alternatively, you can take them with an 8-ounce glass of water. Importantly, it would be best to take them for a month, and when you need to reuse them, ensure you first have a week’s break.

Moreover, to reduce the risks of irritation when you apply the marshmallow roots on your skin, you can first have a patch test before the full application. Importantly, if you are currently under any medication, ensure you first enquire from your trusted professional doctor to find out if it is okay to do so. It might interact with certain drugs or interfere with their absorption, and you wouldn’t want to be a victim.


Marshmallow roots are among the native plants used in treatment, thanks to their healing properties, from anti-inflammatory properties to the antioxidants they contain. Also, you can have them in the form of capsules or take them wholly. These extracts are used in oils and ointments that can be applied topically. There is a varied range of benefits you can get from using these roots and their extracts. They can help heal your wounds, relieve and soothe your pain, and even help when you have digestive issues. However, you might experience some side effects such as irritation and stomach upset. Importantly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those with prevailing conditions should consult their health providers before using the marshmallow roots.

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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