18 Remedies to Get Rid of Headaches Naturally

Experiencing headache is normal. However, there are home remedies that can help elevate headache without medication. What are these natural remedies that can cut off your trips to health experts?

Headaches can interfere with your schedule and work, whether they are bearable or unbearable. They are of different kinds, although tension headaches usually attack most people. Others are cluster and migraines, which pains moderately. Natural measures can be undertaken to treat headaches despite proper medication. Let us have a look at them;

Have Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep causes many health complications such as headaches among people. Health research has proven that those who sleep for shorter hours are prone to headaches than those who sleep for longer hours. Nevertheless, excess sleep also prompts headaches; therefore, you are advised to sleep for not less than seven hours or not beyond nine hours every night.

Avoid Diet Rich in Histamine

Digestion, the nervous system, and immunity require a natural chemical in your body known as histamine. However, some foodstuffs can also be obtained, like smoked fish, beer, and fermented diets. According to research, taking it will result in migraines, especially to more sensitive persons. Excretion of histamine is impossible to some persons with improper functioning of enzymes. Exclusion of histamine rich diet can be a great relief to headaches.

Avoid Alcohol

Not all people who take alcohol experience headaches. However, a small fraction of alcoholics can be victimized as alcohol prompts migraines. Moreover, alcohol taking can cause either cluster or tension headaches. It also broadens blood vessels and accelerates blood flow resulting in headaches in certain cases. Alcohol is a diuretic that enhances the fluid loss of the body through urination resulting in dehydration that intensifies headaches.

Take Magnesium-Rich Foods and Supplements

Magnesium is essential to your body as it performs numerous duties like transmission of nerves and controlling body sugar. It has also been discovered that magnesium can relieve headaches. Studies have shown that people with insufficient magnesium are more prone to headaches. However, sufficient intake of this mineral impacts your digestion negatively. Therefore, you are advised to be taking it in small amounts and aid in the treatment of headaches.

Take Sufficient Water

Insufficient water in your body may result in headaches. Research has found that tension headaches are mostly caused by dehydration. Headache in dehydrated persons can significantly be relieved within a short time, thirty minutes to be precise!  You can get irritated and fail to concentrate when there is water loss from your body. These signs can trigger a headache. Well, you can consider taking sufficient water and plentiful water foodstuffs,

Cold-Pad The Pain

There can be a significant relief on headaches by applying a cold pad to the pain. Nerve conduction is reduced and blood vessel constrained, especially when the application is made on areas around the neck and head. It, in turn, lessens headaches. You can make a cold pad by putting ice in a waterproof bag then cover it with a fine towel.

Use Special Oil

Special oils are liquids of high concentration and have aroma compounds obtained from different plants. They carry many profits to your health. Lavender special oil is an example that aids in relieving head pain. Another one is peppermint, although lavender is most preferred for headaches.

Use B Complex Vitamin

Your body requires solvable micronutrients like B vitamins to carry out its function, such as converting food to energy. Consequently, they can aid in reducing headaches. Intake of much of B vitamins may not be harmful due to their soluble property; excess of it is taken out of your body by urination.

Keep Away from Strong Smells

A tough smell from either fumes or products can cause you a headache. This sensitivity is known as osmophobia. Therefore, it is advised that people who are highly sensitive to strong odor should keep off from perfumes, smoke, and other strong smells.

Avoid Both Nitrate and Nitrites

These are foodstuffs preservatives that are usually included in diets such as hot dogs and bacon. They aid in preventing the growth of bacteria to ensure that the foods are fresh. Diets containing nitrites widens blood vessel and may prompt headaches. Did you know that you can limit nitrate intake by excluding processed meat from your delicacies?

Take Ginger Tea

Ginger roots have countless health benefits. It is because they are endorsed with many compounds, such as antioxidants. Ginger is essential in the prevention of tension headache signs. Well, take powdered ginger or use fresh roots of ginger to make tea.

Do Exercise

Physical activity is one of the most popular ways of relieving headaches. With many exercises to engage in, walking can be an easier alternative.

Take A Rest

Headache is an indicator that your body requires rest. People are often too busy to break. What about if you take a minimum of about fifteen minutes to break in between your schedule? Don’t you think you will be more relaxed to carry on your duties and get better results? Try it out. It will work and free you from headache attacks.

Take Regular Meals but in Small Portions

Staying longer on an empty stomach lowers your blood sugar and makes you feel fuzzy, resulting in headaches. Taking regular meals in a small potion will make your blood sugar level constant. It will prevent you from headache risk.

Try A Hot Shower

Preference differs as some people will enjoy a cold shower while others hot showers; nevertheless, hot showers are most preferred for headache relief.

Avoid Stress

Chances are people with intense stress are prone to headaches. This finding is according to a study of 2014 in Germany. Do not, therefore, consider magnifying your worries.

Keep out the Sun

Harvard University study of 2009 has findings that a rise in temperature increases the probability of headache risk. Avoid staying under direct sunshine and heat for a long time.

Take Computer Rest

Continuous focus on computer screens can cause you a headache. This also strains your body muscles, especially your neck muscle.  Consider having a break of between 20 to 30 minutes of your screen, relax and stretch.


There is much need to treat headaches naturally because countless people have and are suffering the pain globally. Medics have a proper solution to it, but we must not entirely rely on it as it can fail to cure on time. Use the above natural remedies to cure your headache without visiting doctors.