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About the Meditation

Relax your body, calm your mind, and soothe your spirit with this guided meditation lecture. Practicing meditation can help with greater mental clarity, resetting, and rebalancing every system in your body. It has a profound, rich, and calming effect, promoting feelings of peace and a sense of awareness.

This guided meditation lecture for ‘Mindfulness’ will lead you through a moment-by-moment awareness of your body, mind, and soul. In our daily lives, mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment.

This practices guides you to pay particularly close attention to the sensations of the breath. Observing the very start of an inhale and following all the way to the very end of an exhale. This practice allows you not only to acknowledge your object of focus — the breath —, but also the entire process of it.

This mindfulness meditation encourages you to adapt the skill of conscious awareness — we simply stay with what is. You will learn how to remain aware of when you drift away and get caught in thoughts that are anywhere but right here and right now. It is in our natural nature to grab at thoughts, but when you will get into a habit of mindful awareness, you will be able to observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them.

You will be guided into the present space, examining the state of your body whilst maintaining your attention on the breath. The cultivation of mindfulness helps you to shift your thoughts away from your daily preoccupations towards an appreciation of the present moment and an overall larger perspective on life. It can deliver improvement in both physical and psychological symptoms such as positive changes in your health, attitude, and behaviour.

By being mindful, it makes it easier to cherish the pleasures in life, allowing you to be fully engaged in each activity, and creating a greater capacity to deal with conflicting events. By shifting your focus to the here and now, you are less likely to get caught up thinking about the past or the future and are better able to form deep connections with the world around you.

Relieving you from stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, and improving your sleep, mindfulness is an important element to introduce into your daily routine, helping you to live a more fulfilled life. Regular practice can help to reduce everyday anxiety and stress, improve your sleep, energise your body and mood, and ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing. So breathe in, and may you find stillness within.

The Guided Meditation

Welcome to StarLight Breeze meditations … Today, we will focus on mindfulness … Find a comfortable position … Somewhere quiet and undisturbed by your surroundings … Seated with your back, neck, and head straight … Hands placed gently on your lap, fingertips softly touching … And lets begin by softening your gaze, allowing your eyes to fall closed … And if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable having your eyes completely shut, just soften the gaze here past down your nose …

Moving your focus to your breathing … Starting with a long, steady inhale … And exhale … Letting go of the day thus-far … And in again … Inhaling the vibrant air around you … Before letting it all out again to make space for the new … Feel your chest and belly rise as the air flows into your lungs … Noticing how these same parts fall back into relaxation as you exhale again …

And as you begin to settle in here, start to tap into that inner smile … Embracing the joy of taking some well deserved and special time for yourself … To be with the body and mind … Bringing awareness to the spine … Ensuring it’s nice and long … Gently extended … Sitting up tall … Noticing any patterns here … Feeling the length through the back of the neck … Breathing gently … And letting out again … Allow your hands and fingertips to soften … Simply noticing what feels good today … Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this moment … Creating this mindful space for yourself … Noticing any sounds around you, wherever you may be today … Relishing silence …

As we start to ground deeper towards the ground, allow any extra movements of the body to soften … In time, finding stillness with more ease … Do not worry if you seem to be fidgeting, it’s okay … Bringing forth an attitude of kindness towards yourself … Welcoming balance and clarity to both your emotional and physical self … Noticing the rhythm of your natural breath … Inviting the mind to also notice how the body reacts to the breath in this moment … Noticing which parts of the body move as you inhale … And how gravity takes over as you exhale … No forcing here … Just noticing what moves when you breathe in … Gently … And embracing the gravity as you breathe out … And after a few moments of observing the natural breath, see if you can deepen it … Inviting more consciousness … More compassionate awareness … As you extend the duration of each inhale and exhale … Allowing each inhale to be more full … Allowing each exhale to be longer … Welcoming it with more expansion …

Returning to the nice and easy natural pace of the breath … See if you can establish an awareness to your spine again … Making sure that it’s nice and tall … Upright … Soften the skin on your forehead … Relax your shoulders down towards the ground … As thoughts come to your mind … You may become distracted … That’s okay … Just gently return to the sensations of the breath … Seeing if you can notice anything new in-between each inhale and exhale … Staying with the breath … Staying still …

Mindful of this moment … Feeling the inhale uplifting you towards the sky … And feeling the exhale ground you further down to the ground … Noticing the balance of the two … Through a gentle, nurturing lens … Following the breath … As it goes in, and out … Observing if the action of awareness has an impact on the breath … If it changes the way you hold yourself … To the way your thoughts appear and disappear … There is no need to try to analyse your thoughts, or figure them out … Just feeling into the experience of thinking, and feeling … Whatever arises, equally acknowledging and letting be … Listening to the body and mind with compassion …

And before we finish this practice … Before we begin to move our bodies again … With intention, shift your awareness to the space between what you experience and what you choose to do … Whether it’s deciding to move your toes … Your fingers … Or moving your head from side so side … Whatever it may be, just notice the space … Practising observance … Sitting with pure attention … Noticing any sounds around you … Noticing how your body feels … If it feels any different at all … Noticing your thoughts and emotions … Pausing for just a few more moments, before continuing with your day … And when you are ready, flutter your eyelids open … Thank yourself for having taken the time to be with the breath … To be more mindful … For tuning into the stillness that lays within … We hope you enjoyed this meditation practice by Starlight Breeze, and may you have a wonderful day.

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