Medterra is a widely known CBD trademark due to its ability to manufacture high-quality products either in broad-spectrum or isolate form and free of T.H.C. According to its website, marijuana is not their primary raw material but non-GMO industrial hemp. They obtained certification for not only planting it but also using it for manufacturing products. They adhere to the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program and the U.S Department of Agriculture to control quality standards. As a result, its farming practices are often regulated and monitored by the two bodies to specific standards such as the evasion of glyphosate. However, regulation and close supervision don’t stop at farming levels; it continues manufacturing. Medterra uses a highly recommended crafting methodology and avoids using numerous chemicals to minimize the chances of chemical particles penetrating its products. Besides, considering their prices, they are quite affordable quality factors considered. To keep learning about Medteraa, our review has information on manufacturing processes, range of products, about the company and a lot more; kindly keep reading.

About the Company

Jay Hartenbach is the C.E.O. of Medterra, who is passionate about spreading CBD products globally and of high-quality standards. He established the company in 2017, bringing on board experienced experts with P.H.D qualifications in various fields. Some of the experts hired include medical doctors, veterinarians, and pharmacists. Despite the brand being in the play for only four years, its quality levels have gained fame. People on social media and under its review page have left excellent reviews, even recommending it to others. Notably, its passion is minimizing the latest development of quality negligence by people who use CBD to make profits and forget prioritizing quality. The company is among the top CBD quality ambassadors since its products are of premium standards and are safe for consumption.

As we went through its official page, we noted the company had supplied adequate information concerning its operations which is important when upholding transparency levels. Information regarding its operation has been well-articulated from one step to the other. Additionally, it engages the learners actively by allowing them to take quizzes and ask relevant questions of their concern. The company is committed to improving daily lives and has come to its products well-defined with prices under every product. According to the figures given on their website, more than 1,025,178 people have created the trust and highly depend on its trademark to improve their health and wellness.

Since we assessed buying experiences in all the CBD companies we have reviewed, we decided to order some of their prices to check their effectiveness. We easily navigated on the website and pinpointed the products we needed to order with a lot of ease since its product catalogue was well-defined. Also, as we continued to shop, we noticed that adding and removing products on its shopping cart was straightforward since we did not experience suspicious activities. Upon making payments and approving the order, we received a confirmation email with a tracking number. Notably, the company currently ships its products using FedEx and USPS. On the third day, we received our products, well-packed. If your products have any damage, then you are required to file a complaint to its support team within 72 hours.

As you continue using the products, you will note if they are effective or not, depending on the progress of your health or wellness condition. If you don’t find the products effective, the company offers a return policy to be filled in 30 days. Before returning the products from the dispatched location when the company was delivering, ensure that their package is in good condition and that only unopened products are accepted.

Consequently, for customers who have concerns that need clarification, we recommend visiting its F.A.Q. page first. Its F.A.Q. page is comprehensive and has generally handled common concerns on its trademark and CBD. Some of the general CBD questions addressed include the meaning of CBD, if marijuana is legal, the difference between CBD and hemp oil, the meaning of the endocannabinoid system, among others. Beneath general questions, you will find general questions about Medterra and its products. They include whether its products get people high if there are extra charges for checking out, its return policy, its source of hemp, company rewards, products tests, among others. All the questions have been well-attended to.

If your concern has not been addressed on the above page, we recommend you reach out to its support team. To reach its support team details, go to the lower end of its website, and you will note “Contact Us”. Click on the page to access all its customer support details. You can reach them out using email ([email protected]), phone number (800 791-1288), physical address (9805 Research Drive/ Irvine, CA 92618, and live chat, which is available from Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

Manufacturing process

Medterra uses organic hemp plants from Kentucky and has obtained legal documentation to grow and manufacture hemp products. Besides, they have obtained USDA certification, which helps it regulate quality and safety standards. Since it has a team of qualified doctors and chemists, all its manufacturing processes are being monitored to ensure they don’t interfere with the quality and safety levels of the products. Additionally, they have often demonstrated transparency and willingness to adhere to premium hemp growing and manufacturing standards.

Since its first product to be released in the market, the company has been utilizing CO2 as its primary extraction method. Using CO2 has been proven effective and eco-friendly compared to other methods that emit harmful gases into the environment. According to the company, its isolates and broad-spectrum products are 99.9% pure manufactured using crucial hemp plant extracts such as polyphenols, terpenes and other cannabinoids. Additionally, they blend in its hemp with other useful elements to maximize quality and rapid effectiveness, approved by its team of qualified medics and researchers.

For purity and potency affirmation, the company uses an independent third-party lab to test all its products. The first role of the lab is to ensure all the products T.H.C. levels are confined within the required percentage of 0.3%. Additionally, since potency variance has been conflicting in most CBD companies, its lab is committed to providing accurate results. If any variance occurs, then it should also be detained between the acceptable range of 10%. Lastly, the lab is responsible for purity affirmation and ensures all the products are free from harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Range of Products

Medterra CBD Tinctures

Medterra CBD Tinctures

The company manufactures tinctures in both isolate and broad-spectrum form using CO2 extracts of the hemp plant. Apart from using hemp plant as the primary raw material of high proportions, they have also blended in some naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil to maximize quality and increase effectiveness. Additionally, they are both availed in a bottle of 30ml with different potencies ranging from 1000 mg to 3000 mg of CBD. Each serving provides accurately market droppers to help customers administer the recommended dosage. Lastly, they are offered in either unflavored strawberry mint or citrus and are recommended for oral use only during night or day.

Medterra CBD Gel Capsules

Medterra CBD Gel Capsules

Its capsules are also manufactured with great care to obtain the highest quality and safety standards using CO2 extracts of the hemp plant. Before being released to the market, they are vigorously tested to ensure pure and contain accurate CBD levels. According to customer preference, some capsules exist in 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD per capsule. Notably, all its capsules are T.H.C. free and are vegan friendly. Besides, various ingredients such as Vitamin B, L-theanine, caffeine and L-tyrosine are blended in the hemp extracts to increase effectiveness. According to the website, they recommend their buyers administer at most two capsules orally with the aid of their favourite drink or water. Lastly, they are sold from $44.99 to $79.99.

Medterra CBD Topicals

Medterra CBD Topicals

Unlike the two products we have discussed, topicals are recommended for skin use only. The company manufactures various topical products such as roll-ons and creams applied directly on the skin. The products have been designed to suit skin appliances and ingredients such as MCT oil which contain maximum bioavailability and enhance rapid absorption to the skin. According to the company, the product’s effectiveness is expected in 30 minutes after applying and is available in various potencies ranging from 250 mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg of hemp plant extracts. Other elements include Manuka honey, avocado oil, jojoba seed oils, cacao butter, aloe vera and arnica. Lastly, they are of sweet smell and sold $19.99 to $64.99 in various flavours such as Lavender, and camphor among others.

Additionally, the company also offers chews and tinctures for tinctures, manufactured with great care using CO2 hemp extracts to obtain high quality and purity levels.

What we like about the company

Due to the company commitment to offering the best products, which are also unique, we were able to identify numerous fascinating things about the brand, which we are only going to outline a few. It offers a good variety of products of premium standards and are sold at reasonable prices. Additionally, before releasing the products to the market, they ensure each batch is tested to assure proper potency levels have been adhered to, and no contaminants are available in the products. However, the idea of bringing on board a team of qualified and experienced team of experts as workers and advisory board has enabled them to meet its aim of offering quality products.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has numerous fascinating things about it, a few areas are yet to be addressed to improve its competitive market. First, they don’t offer beverages, edibles, and vape products, limiting other customers who find its trademark effective. Also, they have limited customer service hours which also blocks out customers who need urgent help at un-recommended service hours.


Although we have outlined a few weaknesses about the company, the advantages still outweigh them, making us highly recommend its products. Each batch of its products is tested to ensure no harmful substances have penetrated the products. As a result, the products are naturally occurring and have been approved by its team of medics to be effective. However, as the competition within the CBD market keeps rising, we highly recommend the company work on the weaknesses we have outlined and any other that they feel might make its trademark better.

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