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Meeting Your Health Goals with the Best Weight Loss Apps in 2021


Today, people are concerned about health than ever. Weight loss apps are a great tool that can help you meet your health goals.

If you are interested in losing extra pounds, you are probably into exercise and a diet plan. Weight loss apps can also help you lose weight and watch your health. Good weight loss apps have different features. They include weight, diet plans, exercise & activities, calorie intake & needs, weight loss plans, food databases, and fitness classes among others. Some weight loss apps can even link with health and fitness apps and sync information with them, helping you realize your health goals. While some of these apps are entirely free to download and use, others require a one-time or planned subscription for a person to enjoy their premium features. Find out from this article what weight loss apps are the best for 2021.

Lose It!

Lose It! is the best overall weight loss app for 2021. Taking your personal information which includes history, environment, goals, weight, height, and weight loss strategy, this app breaks down your daily calorie needs and helps you track your health. The download is free and some features can be freely accessed, but you can upload to premium if you so wish. Lose It! app has a food database that takes into account more than a 33million food options and will help you calculate the calories in every food you take. In addition, the app has a Snap It features through which you log your foods by taking photos. This is critical as it helps you track down the food portions you take. The advantage of this app is that it can sync with other health and fitness apps. However, for you to enjoy some of its great benefits, you must upgrade to premium and it does not also take care of vitamins and minerals.

My Fitness Pal

One way to easily lose weight is by measuring your calorie intake against your calorie needs and adjusting the former when need be. The app has a food database consisting of about 11million foods from different restaurants. It works by providing you with data on how many calories you need in a day and also breaking down the calories for the foods you have taken throughout the day. The app has a message provision for you to share information with other users and also has a barcode scanner for logging in packaged foods. While the app has all these advantages, keying in information about food and finding the correct match may be time-consuming.


The acronym stems from the name Weight Watchers, a company that provides services and information for health and fitness through their in-house meetings and the WW app. Their app has SmartPoint options such as the ZeroPoint that encourages users to focus on vegetables, lean meat, and fresh fruits as opposed to junk and processed foods. The app also has a support system that offers users 24/7 coaching and a graph for showing a person’s progress. There is however a subscription fee that you must pay to enjoy these benefits.

Fat Secret

A support system is a critical aspect of a weight loss plan and FatSecret provides you with such. The app has a chat feature through which the users login and chat with other users and share information with them while tracking their weight loss progress. Should you feel like contacting a professional and sharing your weight loss journey, you can take advantage of the app’s Professional feature, choose your preferred health expert, and get help. The app is free and offers a wide food database that allows easy tracking. However, these many features may make navigation a bit hard.


Just like Lose It! app, Noom is a popular weight loss with a wide food database (about 3.5million) and uses your data on sex, weight, goals, and strategy to create a calorie budget and help with your weight loss quest. Through motivational reading and daily quizzes, the Noom app encourages its users to be mindful about their eating and have a healthy relationship between diet and activities. Since people’s needs differ, the app offers personalized features depending on a person’s needs. For a person to benefit from the app, a subscription fee is needed which can be paid monthly or yearly.

Fitbit App

Besides diet and exercise plans, people also lose weight through wearables like those offered by Fitbit. These wearables then track a person’s physical activities such as miles covered, steps taken, and stairs climbed. This information, alongside personal data such as weight and pulse rate, is then synced and recorded using the Fitbit app. The app also monitors habits such as sleep and exercise, and calorie intake besides a strong support system. Still, you have to pay a subscription fee of $9.99 per month or $79.99 to enjoy these benefits. Additionally, tracking activities are not possible without a Fitbit wearable.


Cronometer is a great weight loss app that allows you to attain your weight loss goal as you still ensure that you meet your body’s nutritional needs and eat healthily. Like most weight loss apps already discussed, Cronometer allows you to log in foods, break down food calorie information and view it, know your calorie needs, and monitor your progress through graphs and pie charts. What’s more, the 300,000 foods in the food database are guided by about 87 macro and micronutrients, even taking care of the vitamins and minerals you take. Although the app takes care of more nutrients than most apps, a subscription fee is needed for you to enjoy the benefits.


This weight loss app tracks the food you eat and your weight offers you a calorie budget and gives you access to a community of users who have had success stories despite the challenges of weight loss. Through its barcode scanner, you can log packaged food. Still, you need to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 to explore the app. The available information may be just too much for you to navigate through and sort.


Although a person may want to lose weight, the journey may not be easy despite having a plan and diet. Having a strong support system goes a long way to help a person realize weight loss goals. Such is what weight loss apps provide. This article has shared a list of the best weight loss apps in 2021 that could help you realize your weight loss quest and keep healthy.

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