What health benefits recent research shows that psychedelic mushrooms may have

Can causes cessation of addiction

A study( analyzed the effects of psychedelic compound when treating alcohol addiction. It helped reduce the urge to drink. Another study noticed that it improved the probability of abstaining from smoking for 12 months. More research is ongoing to find out its effectiveness in ceasing misuse of drugs.

It can manage depression

Research( suggests that mushrooms can be a treatment for depression. Mushrooms contain psilocybin- the psychedelic compound, which suppresses depressive symptoms, keeping the condition low. But more research is needed to observe if the treatment can go beyond one year.

 What experts think of the new law?

Experts think that psychedelic drugs can be dangerous if not administered by specialists. In case of approval, they should not be sold randomly in the streets.

 What risks people should be aware of?

The risks include abnormal blood pressure increase and faster heartrate. Others are;

Possible food poisoning

Most people cannot differentiate between poisonous and nonpoisonous mushrooms. It may be difficult to what is helpful unless you truly can tell the difference.

Mixing problems

Combining mushrooms and some drugs can increase the risk of dreadful reactions that can harm the body.

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