As you move up in BDSM your anal needs are bound to grow. Stainless Steel Butt Plugs are a natural next step. Unlike silicone or neoprene butt plugs, Metal Butt Plugs are forged for the weightier and considerably fuller feel. They weigh more than Jelly Butt Plugs and as a result deliver more intense sensations. Peaches and Screams have a wide range of high quality Metal Butt Plugs made from gleaming stainless steel. The Metal Butt Plug category is a more professional level of play and it is important that when you make the move to Metal Butt Plugs you start with the smallest size. Be kind on yourself and lubricate inside your anus and also lubricate the butt plug. Water-based lubrication, also sold through our on line shop is the best for safe and healthy anal play. Gently insert the tapered end of the butt plug and slowly work the plug into your rectum. Only insert the plug to a length comfortable for you to cope with. It is important to relax your anal muscles before you attempt to insert your butt plug. Stainless Steel Butt Plugs are durable and designed for extended play but you should not wear a butt plug for more than two hours. They are easy to use and have a flared base to avoid a rectal accident. This category of butt plugs ticks all the right boxes in high stakes bondage. You get your money’s worth and it is an investment that gives continuously. We advise that you make your move to the heavier Metal Butt Plugs slow and gentle. Play around in private before you invite a mate. For health and hygienic reasons we also recommend that you keep your butt plugs sanitized and clean. Store them in a safe clean place until you need them again. Again foe safe and healthy play we discourage sharing of vaginal or anal toys. You and your partner should each have butt plugs for personal use. Metal Butt Plugs make a pleasant gift for your lover. Add to your shopping cart Metal Butt Plugs for you and your partner. Energize and transform your foreplay and add weightier and intense erotic sensations with our chic Metal Butt Plugs. We give you the toys for that engorged feel but how much you reap in pleasure depends on your level of imagination and how far you want to take your fantasies. We believe anal play is an important element of enlightened BDSM repertoire and you need to have the necessary tools for it. Sometimes even your penis needs extra help to tease out those spasmodic orgasms. Dig deeper into your imagination with the Stainless Steel Butt Plugs. Buy some metal plugs and upscale your masturbation techniques. You will experience a sexually overwhelming wave of variegated and intense sensation that will change how you view anal gratification. Add a little weight to your sexual mobility buy Metal Butt Plugs from Peaches and Screams. Enjoy the decadent pleasures of well-chosen anal toys invest in the sexually commanding Metal Butt Plugs. Give your anus a heavy stir sample the Metal Butt Plug and signpost your way into the hedonistic bittersweet pleasures of BDSM. Once you open the back door you might never want to be sexually satisfied any other way. Buy the Metal Butt Plug and savor throbbing butt-clenching crashing waves of fiery sensations. Browse and select what tickles your fancy from our wide range of high quality Metal Butt Plugs. You deserve world-class arousal and mind-numbing multiple orgasms. Peaches and Screams have just the weighty butt plugs for you.

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