Mktideas - the business of creating opportunities - from passion and the desire to knock down barriers to touch the unknown

Mktideas – the business of creating opportunities – from passion and the desire to knock down barriers to touch the unknown

What’s the name of your Business and what does it do?

We’re Mktideas, the Baja California Sur peninsula’s leading tourism, travel, and real estate advertising agency. We’re proud of this place, its people, and its beautiful landscape. Since Baja California Sur is one of the most beloved touristic destinations worldwide, the necessity of a local advertising agency that was both highly competitive and at the same time immersed in the local lifestyle was self-evident for us.

What motivated you to start your business?

Our agency was born like many dreams: from passion and the desire to knock down barriers to touch the unknown; of nights tossing and turning thinking if it was worth the risk, but above all, it was born from the impulse that told us: do it. The need for the kind of services we could provide was there; the only thing missing was for us to make a move.

17 years ago, we began providing traditional advertising services to businessmen and women in the area who, like us, saw a place full of opportunities in this territory. Over time came new business models, new markets, and, of course, a technological development that brought with it innovative and challenging ways to communicate, to reach the right targets in the right way. All of this made us rethink the present and the future. We wanted our agency to speak of something more than adaptation, so we took that opportunity to reinvent ourselves as whom we wanted to be.

In this way, we kept an open mind and combined our experience with the emerging knowledge regarding online advertising. We knew then, more than ever, that talent without technique was not enough and vice versa, so we decided to set a path of constant learning for ourselves. We have been dedicated to acquiring knowledge, researching, understanding, and mastering market trends, the sector, and the targets; we remain alert, and it is this attitude that has helped us maintain an intact curiosity for what’s new and what’s changing in the market. We always take challenges as a form of possibility.

We are currently a leading agency in Digital Marketing specializing in branding, graphic design, digital PR, web development, SEO, and social media in the area for the tourism and real estate sector, since we offer each of our clients the same thing that we offer ourselves: understanding and respect for the nature of each business and its target market, in a case-by-case scenario. This is to detect opportunities and create visionary strategies that allow constant business growth.

As creative people, our first job is to create opportunities, which is why we work under the premise that no company is the same and that, consequently, there is no one-fits-all solution. We design all the projects considering the characteristics, character, and personality of each business and of the objective clients, that is, we personalize all our services to design the strategies that respond to the real and specific requirements of all our clients. This is the work ethic that has allowed us to remain, grow and stand out in the market.

What challenges does your business face today?

One of the biggest challenges in online marketing nowadays is the visual aspect of it: there’s an incredible amount of stimulus competing for the customers’ attention. That’s why our graphic design department it’s so important to us. Creativity and commitment are what we value the most in that regard, and the results of this are shown both in the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our clients. Branding it’s both an art and a science, and to capture each of our customer business identities, in a genuine and powerful way, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why we have always nourished these values within our own agency, resulting in our own brand identity being representative of our work. Stable and exciting. Rigorous and creative; without contradiction.

What opportunities is your business facing?

The most important opportunity that the actual landscape gives us is to grow alongside our customers. We have found that this is the best mentality for the actual customer-based market. This moment of great changes in the landscape of online advertisement, with constant innovations being developed and embraced by the public daily, although destabilizing for some, presents itself as a great source of opportunities for our agency. Mostly we have the opportunity, beyond the traditional services that we offer, to serve as a kind of bridge between customers and businesses. Not only is our work important for business growth as it relates to business identifying and finding its target audiences, but also, in this new landscape, we help customers find the exact service they’re looking for, the exact answer to their needs, which would be very difficult, without the bridge that our work provides, in this everchanging online advertising environment where the offer is astoundingly high. We have then the opportunity of nourishing not only the trust that our clients put in us but also the trust their own clients put in them.

What advice would you give to other businesses?

The most important advice that we can give to other businesses, both in advertising and otherwise, besides the most important one, which is to believe in your dreams and commit to a vision, and to cherish that vision as a gift, is to associate yourselves with people that share and understand the same dream and the same work ethics. There is nothing more important, in the day-to-day reality of a business than the people that make up that business. For instance, when we say we pride ourselves in our graphic design department, it’s not just because of the quality of the work which it allows us to offer, but because they are also our family, they are helping us realize a dream, a vision, an idea, and in doing so they have made that dream their own. Because watching them grow as individual professionals are watching us grow. Your business is your team, and whether you are the captain of said team or not, each win for the team is a win for yourself and vice versa. So, the most important factor to consider in establishing and maintaining a successful business is the people that work in it.

Throughout these last 17 years of work as an advertising agency that seeks to innovate and keep at the forefront of the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry we have learned significant lessons, through our work as advertisers but mostly through the close relationship that we develop with each of our clients and business partners. If we could choose 3 of these to share with you, they would be this:

–         Give every one of your projects and clients the best you can give, regardless of the size or reach of the project. Never settle for anything less than your best. Work as if you are working for yourselves because you are. Each project will reflect the capacity and level of creativity that your business can achieve. What you give to your clients is a representation of the agency. So, there’s no better way to measure how far you’ve come in realizing your vision, your dream, than the quality of the product that you produce and the satisfaction you bring to your clients.

–        Never stop learning. Be honest with yourself. Never consider yourself or your business a finished product, for you are always in the making. Every aspect of the industry, particularly nowadays, is in constant change, and you and your business must be up for the task. There is no other way to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Every challenge is an opportunity, the phrase is certainly a cliché, but if you take it literally it’s one of the best pieces of knowledge there are. We mean that take every challenge and learn from it, and don’t shy away from the difficulties it brings. These difficulties are teachers. If you can face a challenge, whatever life or the industry throws at you, and learn from it until it literally turns into an opportunity you will be unstoppable.

–        Always give more than what you receive. That is, be generous. This may seem strange coming from someone offering business advice, but honestly, be generous. Give more than what you receive, and ironically you will receive twofold. Every satisfied client translates into another client. And every time you give a client more than they expect, something better than what they hoped for, you become better, and you grow, both as a business and as a person. Remember that as services providers the measure of our business’s success is the level of our client satisfaction. So, yes, be generous and you will receive it.

If you can bring these 3 lessons into your business model and work ethic, we can tell you from personal experience, that you will wake one day and your dream, your vision, will be accomplished, that is you will be living your dream.

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