-What common morning mistakes can worsen dry skin and wrinkles–whether it involves skincare/makeup products, breakfast/morning beverages, or something else?

Similar skincare regime throughout

Buying the same skincare products season after another is not helpful to your skin. I recommend changing the products with seasons. Instead of using an exfoliating cleanser every time, why not shift to a milder type for cool weather?

Extended daily showers

While a hot shower on a chilly morning serves the body right, it can damage your skin, especially for a long time. Steamy showers potentially hurt the skin’s protective barrier that keeps fluid, making it hydrated. Consequently, the skin’s aging rate shoots.

Oats for breakfast every day

Does your love for oats make you eat them daily? Well, be warned, especially if you thirst for health gains, including the skin’s wellness. Frequent oatmeal consumption deprives your body of other nutrients, which may malnourish your body and cause flaky, dry skin.

What are some healthier alternatives/tips for better morning habits that can prevent skin from aging?

Always start with a glass of water

Most people have the habit of starting their day with a cup of tea or coffee, but mine begins with a glass of water. Coffee and tea, especially with added sugar, can result in inflammation that may cause acne and eczema. On the other hand, water rehydrates the body and enhances the flushing out of wastes. I advise my clients to have a glass every morning, immediately after waking up, then can later take breakfast.

Morning exercise

Exercising in the morning helps improve my complexion. It also kicks off my day, keeping me active throughout the day. Regular exercise promotes blood circulation, which ensures proper nutrient supply to the skin and other body parts. Cardio exercises are ideal for increased sweating, which clears toxins from the skin and body. Your collagen production also rises, leaving you with firm skin.

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