My Best Friend's Husband Fancies Me

My Best Friend’s Husband Fancies Me

Dear Martina

Every time I go to my best friend’s house her husband acts a little strangely. He looks me in the eye and winks a lot and has often brushed past me stroking my bum. He also demands a hug and kiss when I leave and makes a point of teasing me all the time. My best friend doesn’t seem to have noticed but I think I should tell her what her husband’s up to.

Dear Home wrecker

Slow down! All of the above is circumstantial and could easily have been misinterpreted. All husbands want their wife’s friends to like them as that is what will put them in their lover’s good books. Has he really stroked your bum or was it an innocent hallway crush? It sounds as if you are lapping up the attention; maybe it’s you who has the hots for him? Either way you’ll be ruining quite a few lives if you take these suspicions to your friend. Until he makes an obvious pass, (such as, do you fancy coming round when the wife’s at work), keep your thoughts and fantasies to yourself.

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