Naps are wonderful. I like napping, especially early in the afternoon to help end my day well. It helps boost my energy and mental wellness, which enhances my office work. Some of my clients have reported benefits, such as, improved mood and productivity and others say it helps recover lost sleep at night. Naps may be caused by various factors, including sleeping disorders, caffeine consumption, diet, exercise habits, or room temperature. Many people try to avoid them for reasons, including difficulty in falling asleep faster or waking up the next morning. However,I have the best advice for those wishing to have healthy naps. For example;

Keep them short

Please avoid naps lasting more than 20 minutes. You are likely to feel groggy and become unproductive the rest of the evening. Healthy naps should be between 10 and 20 minutes. Even researchers conclude that it is the best timing for enhanced alertness and energy.

Make it early in the afternoon

Long and late naps have almost the same effect of increasing grogginess and altering the natural body clock. Purpose to nap between 1 and 3 pm. Anything beyond this time will most likely ruin your nighttime sleep.

Optimize the scene for ‘sleep’

Who said that a nap only requires anywhere the head can rest? Well, that is not the best. I always remind my clients to make napping surrounding as restful as their sleeping environment- cool temperature, dim or dark, and silent. It helps fall a sleep faster for the nap, thus easier to shorten the time for more benefits.

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