Nara Reed the owner of Modified Nutrition Health Coach, LLC. - dietitian and Certified Health Coach

Nara Reed the owner of Modified Nutrition Health Coach, LLC. – dietitian and Certified Health Coach

My name is Nara Reed, and I am the owner of Modified Nutrition Health Coach, LLC. As a Dietitian and Certified Health Coach, I provide remote support to busy and overwhelmed individuals that struggle with weight management, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and work/life challenges. Working together with a non-diet approach to nutrition, we modify your life by changing unhealthy habits with an objective to help you achieve an ultimate level of health, wellness, and nutritional goals long-term. During my Health Coaching and Hormone Health training at Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I studied many Dietary Theories, Lifestyle Management Techniques, Preventative, and Self-healing practices that I use to support my clients.

What sets my coaching program apart from other programs is that I’m not perfect and I don’t teach perfection. Wellness journeys can be very emotional for some, and it can take for most people to be completely vulnerable in order to truly get to the root of most challenges that they face. There’s no one-size-fit-all approach to nutrition and wellness, and most definitely no automated programs that only addresses a third of a person’s issues.

Within my holistic health practice, I offer individual one-on-one, family, and group coaching. We identify the areas that one may struggle with and together we uncover and breakdown any invisible barriers that are unhealthy. Thereafter, we create actionable and realistic objectives that will support my client’s journey in short and long-term.

What I love most about coaching is having the opportunity to work with people are knowledgeable within wellness yet struggle with implementing the information into practice that supports their own lifestyle or changing lifestyle. Imagine a mother that is a director in a healthcare sector that work long hours supporting others. When at home, she’s completely invested in her children’s activities and sports most evenings and weekends. In her spare time, she spends time with family and maintaining the household. She realizes one day that she has put on extra weight and can’t seem to find the right diet to help her get the weight off fast. 

Here’s another case. A single male entrepreneur that has several businesses, makes time to cook great meals, works out daily yet he has high blood pressure and struggle sleeplessness and bloating. He contacts me to evaluate his diet with hopes of getting off medication. In both of these cases, the individuals had valid concerns about their health but the issues they faced are much bigger than what they can see. 

As a Dietitian and Health Coach, I guide my clients through their life and nutrition cycle to help optimize their health, eliminate work/life dilemmas as well as develop individualized coping strategies for stressors. In addition, we review emotional eating, intuitive eating, balanced nutrition without restriction, cooking for individual needs, meal prep, movement, fitness, mental health, meditation, breathwork, and building a healthy mindset long-term. 

Every human-being is different and have their own special needs that should be examined and approached individually. My plans are customized to provide clients with the best therapeutic care for them one day at a time, and not a cookie jar diet plan. We start with unlearning and relearning nutrition and wellness, just as I did myself. The goal is to optimize their lifestyle and teach them how to live freely by reclaiming what is most important to them, and this is what I’m known for.

What I’m most proud of is witnessing the light bulb moments, hearing how I made an impact on them and their families’ lives, coming off medication as well as all the big or small wins they have weekly. My approach covers them from a total mind, body, and soul perspective. We touch the mind, not just the plate. What keeps me going most is supporting women that once thought they were broken and invisible, to finally realize that all they needed was someone to see them, care for them, and offer them the guidance needed to help them flourish and love themselves as they do others. 

My personal story influenced my decision to birth Modified Nutrition Health Coach. While I was completing my education as a young mother and wife, it was very important to me that my family was well taken care of and raised by two educated parents. Being a great example for my children and community was also just as important. I felt like I had no one to guide me growing, so I worked diligently to establish myself in a career of nutrition in which no one looked like me. Outside of my family and career goals, being a face within the community for other girls especially teen moms was the driving force to establishing a non-profit organization sisterhood group for women and teen moms. 

Accomplishing all of those roles blindly, my self-esteem and general state of health suffered tremendously. I wanted to beat all odds and risk factors that studies showed a young teen mom would face. My ego and the pressure I put onto myself to not fail, manifested itself into a extremely busy, prideful, an overwhelmed mom, wife, student, and entrepreneur. As a result, my lack of self-awareness over the years resulted in weight gain, symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as a few health issues. Going through all of those issues had a significate impact over my life and one day I realized that my focus should be on my health, nutrition, and wellness.

When I started college, I majored in Family Planning and Midwifery with a minor in Nutrition. As I flourished in my nutrition minor, I learned more about health, wellness, and fitness in which I became more passionate and fascinated about. As my interest grew, I changed my major and graduate with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and became a Dietitian.

Based on what I learned in college and changes I wanted for myself, I began routinely exercising, practicing yoga, and meditating. Emotional eating and lack of healthy ways to cope with stress were also things I was able to identify within myself. Once I gave myself time to work on my wellness and health, my true self and purpose began to flourish. Within my professional and social life, I began to talk more with other women about weight-loss, depression, and other wellness challenges women faced. The more we talked, I realized many people struggled with the same issues in silence, and those issues could not be fixed with fad dieting plan or pills. 

Our physical and mental dilemmas were not the result of just the choices we made, but the lack of knowledge, understanding, support, and a vessel that offered learning, resources, and education. What I’ve learned educational, personally, and professionally is that having a stable mental health and work/life balance is the best recipe for a healthy lifestyle. So, after years of helping women in the Public Health sector and supporting many people on their health and wellness journeys, I decided to fuse my two passions and life experiences together and became a Certified Health Coach and started Modified Nutrition Health Coach, LLC.

The challenges we grew from was based around marketing and reaching our ideal target market. I was looking for support individuals between the ages of 20-55 that struggled with work/life balance in which their lifestyle and wellness had being impacted. Furthermore, I did not have the knowledge, resources, or experience in knowing how to market my business as well as opportunities that offered a mass majority of people. The vison of my business to is support individuals, families, and groups. A working vision would be to offer Wellness Programs in corporate sectors as well. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, it was difficult to reach the younger population however through posting, reviews, referrals, and some marketing I have been able to reach younger individuals.

Over the past few years, I have had opportunities to offer virtual and in-person group coaching programs with gyms and friends and family support groups, workshops for church groups, speaking events, radio, podcasts, cooking demonstrations virtually and in-person, as well as interest in nature grocery stores. 

Advice I would offer to other businesses would be is know that being an entrepreneur has its challenges but do not be afraid. Try to limit any negatives beliefs that may enter your mind. You do not need to know everything, look a certain way, and should not feel like you need the support from family and friends. The population you target will find you, fall in love with your brand, and want to support you and your mission. Be authentic and show up as yourself each and every time. Being a nurturer and wanting to be good at what you do/offer can definitely be challenging but setting boundaries and prioritizing has kept me centered and intentional. Having a healthy and blissful life is what I teach, work, and strive for daily. Each day, have a daily check-in with yourself. Be sure to feed yourself properly, move your body, develop healthy coping strategies for stress, get good rest, and live in the moment.

The biggest challenge I faced starting out was that I compared myself to other influencers and I was afraid that no one would take me seriously because I didn’t have a huge social media following or platform. As I thrusted myself into the business, an old habit came back with being a perfectionist, and I began to struggle again with work/life balance. I had to reevaluate my daily routine in order to maintain my wellness, a healthy household, and marriage. 

Wellness journeys can be very long and difficult. So, to keep us all motivated and focused, I have an online store called Empowering Journey which are located on Etsy. I’m also a published author of two Wellness Journals called Empower + Inspire Wellness Planner, and For the Love of Self: Mindset & Wellness 90-Day Journal which can be found on my website. I would love for you to support and follow me on social media for great tips and resources.

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MS, Durham University

The work of a family doctor includes a wide range of clinical diversity, which requires extensive knowledge and erudition from a specialist. However, I believe that the most important thing for a family doctor is to be human because the cooperation and understanding between the doctor and the patient are crucial in ensuring successful health care. On my days off, I love being in nature. Since childhood, I have been passionate about playing chess and tennis. Whenever I have time off, I enjoy traveling around the world.

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