Although we have been complaining about high prices within various CBD companies, Naternal CBD offers the best prices within the competitive market. Besides the company offering one of the best prices in the market, they also offer quality products beyond questionable doubt. The company ensures it monitors each step to confirm the maximum standards to maximize quality. Notably, the company has a parent company, Root Biosciences, which oversees its manufacturing processes and helps it confirm premium standards. Although the company offers sufficient information about its manufacturing process, it doesn’t give adequate information about its co-founders and its team members. Notably, despite the company offering the highest quality products within CBD, its line of products are limited. Consequently, they have maximized on the products they manufacture to use them to their advantage and offers them in both full and broad-spectrum. To keep learning about Naternal CBD, kindly read our review since we have discussed information about the company, its manufacturing process, and its range of products.

About the Company

The company has joined hands in with other committed CBD companies which are offering premium standards and trying to restore the distorted name of CBD by companies who are after profits. Notably, the company is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, where all the manufacturing process occurs. Additionally, the company has set a robust system and manufacturing processes that will help it keep building its trademarks name. It has a team of professional scientists responsible for affirming the scientific approaches used in manufacturing its products. Besides, a defined refining process and a theoretical facility were later established with legal documents before it was even established. Although it has segregated itself from its parent company (Root Bioscience), it still uses its help to control the standards and ensures it keeps on gaining fame and climbing the ladder of the competitive market.

For quality assurance, the company has a team of qualified researchers with degrees from the best universities, including UNC, Duke, and NC and have also employed a group of leading experts with adequate experience within CBD. Also, since they work closely with its parent company, it has five board members who help it oversee its operations. The members also highly contribute in assisting the in advisory matters. Besides, the company doesn’t offer further information on its team members and the people who founded it.

Furthermore, it offers sufficient information on using CBD, terms and conditions, shipping and return policy and a FAQ page. Each process used to develop the best products is clearly articulated for transparency purposes. Its stress on quality begins in the farming practices where it only encourages organic farming. It completely discourages the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure no traceable particles will penetrate its end products, interfering with the main goal of CBD.

Apart from the company giving a detailed explanation of each step used to craft its products, it also offers product descriptions to aid customers’ buying experience. Under each product, adequate product information has been given, aiming to help customers understand the product better and its entailments. The important data provided includes the products’ purpose, ingredients, dosage, extraction method of raw materials, and price. Since customers intend to use CBD to address unique demands, this has been helpful since they can understand what kind of product they are buying and how it will improve their health or wellness. Lastly, it also offers accurate lab results on CBD and THC levels.

For customers who can’t tress the required information on the company that they would wish to understand or have a question, we recommend that they visit its FAQ page. Its FAQ page is comprehensive and responds clearly to common concerns that keep emerging from its customers. Notably, the company has proved to be a good ambassador of CBD by not only addressing concerns on its trademark but also general concerns. Some of the questions addressed about the company include its contribution in ensuring quality is adhered to, its primary raw material, terms and conditions, etc. On the other hand, general concerns about CBD that have been addressed include the role of CBD in improving health and wellness, purity of CBD products, why use hemp plant as a primary raw material, among others.

If your concerns have not been addressed in either of the above, we would recommend you conduct its support team, which has proved to be accommodating. Under its “Contact Us” page, they have provided two ways of reaching its support team; email and phone number. However, the company does not give the option for live chat and a list of contact hours which would have been helpful to its clients. We conducted them via email to assess its support team efficiency since we could not locate lab results for the 600 mg Pet CBD we had ordered.

Manufacturing Process

Naternal manufacturing process is strict and adheres to all quality manufacturing processes according to legal rules. Notably, its primary focus is ensuring they not only manufacture quality natural products but also ensure they use sustainable and eco-friendly measures. We have witnessed a significant number of CBD companies that offer quality products that occurs naturally but keep releasing harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process. To ensure quality is adequately adhered to, the company integrates its parent company, Root Biosciences, which helps monitor quality in every processing stage. Besides, it also supports the company by researching various useful ingredients blended in the hemp plant to come up with premium products and whose effectiveness is rapid.

Upon harvesting its organically grown hemp from North Caroline, it’s transported to its manufacturing facility, which is above 20 kilometres away for further processing. Since the company was established, they have been maximizing two major extraction methods for all its products to obtain beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant. They developed a unique ethanol extraction method to get optimum levels of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes in every crop used as raw material. Next, for further purification, they separate CBD from ethanol with a GMP certified lab in Research Triangle Park. By doing so, most of its products are pure despite ethanol being considered after CO2, which is eco-friendly.

After crafting its products, they are tested for CBD, THC and contaminants by an independent third-party laboratory. In most of the reviews we have done, the question of accurate lab results has been a great concern not only to us, but also to most customers. According to the tests we conducted on Defend CBD Salve products we had received from the company, its THC levels was within the cutoff since it was 0.04% and the cutoff is 0.3%. For CBD levels, they had exceeded the cut off by 2% since we got a variance of 12% instead of below 10%.

Range of Products

Currently, the company uses four major products to its advantage. Although hemp extracts cut across all of them as the primary raw material, other ingredients are blended in after research depending on the purpose of the product.

Naternal CBD Tinctures

The company manufactures its tinctures uniquely using the two extraction methods to ensure quality and safe for usage. Notably, they are offered in both full and broad-spectrum in a bottle of 30ml. To enhance the proper dosage of 1ml daily, each serving comes with an accurately market dropper. Before the company settles on various naturally occurring elements to be blended in its hemp extracts, they research to ensure they are effective. Some of the ingredients used in the tinctures include MCT oil which enhances easy absorption, and it recommends it to be administered orally. Lastly, they are sold from $25 to $60 and potency range of 600 mg to 2400 mg.

Naternal CBD Topicals

Topical products from Naternal CBD have been designed to address body relaxation and make the skin glow at all times. To enhance maximum effectiveness and quality, the company uses various ingredients such as multiple oils, butter, and multiple oils. Unlike tinctures which are manufactured in both full and broad-spectrum, its topical products are only available in full-spectrum CBD from ethanol extracts. The products are designed in a way that they can be easily applied and be absorbed in the skin. Lastly, they are sold from $35 to $60.

Naternal CBD for Pet

As CBD pet products continue to gain fame, the company prioritized them to be among the first products used to make them better. Notably, as we checked the product description offered by the company, it is manufactured with similar stress as the one given to human products. Like the two products we have outlined, they use ethanol to obtain beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant and are available in full-spectrum CBD. Additionally, they have used MCT oil, among other elements, to enhance effectiveness and quality. Lastly, it’s available in a potency range of 300 mg to 1200 mg and is sold from $15 to $40.

What we like about the company

Since the company has focused on crafting the best products, most customers prefer it has multiple fascinating things. First, it uses the highest processing standards within the CBD market. Due to it applying the best manufacturing standards, it comes up with the finest products that keep attracting most customers to prefer its trademark. Additionally, vigorous third-party testing is done to ensure quality and safety has been fully attended to on every batch manufactured. Last but not least, the company has reasonable pricing compared to other brands we have reviewed and offers discounts on first responders as well as military.

What we don’t like about the company

Despite maximizing its advantages and ability to maintain them, a few areas need attention to make it better. First, it needs to provide more information on its founders and its team as well as include live chat on its website. Also, it needs to conduct research and expand its line of products using what is scarce in the market. Lastly, although some products slightly exceed the stated variance, it needs to detain them to be below 10%.


Since Naternal products are manufactured with one of the best manufacturing standards, we highly recommend them since they are of premium standards. Despite its slight shortcomings, it is committed to bridging the gap and ensuring all customers are contented with the product’s effectiveness and the services rendered by the company.

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