Up to now, we have analyzed a significant number of CBD companies, however, Natural Rem has one of the most extensive websites compared to any other CBD company. Just by opening its official website, you will realize more than enough information offered by the company. Finding information about its operation and its products is pretty easier compared to other companies. Apart from the company offering relevant information and daily blogs, it has a video page that explains its operations more. To meet various demands of their customers, the brand offers a considerable line of unique products which are also manufactured uniquely to meet multiple needs of their customers. Consequently, the brand takes pride in manufacturing effective and elegant products beyond compare within the CBD competitive market. To get the insight into the company’s operation and its products, keep reading our analysis since we have captured relevant details.

About The Company

To manufacture quality products, Natural Rem CBD has brought to play a team of formulators and researchers across the world. Notably, the researchers’ philosophy is to use quality hemp, herbal and nutraceutical ingredients to help the company offer the finest products in the market. To attend to their unique customers’ needs, they offer private label, custom formulations, white-label, bulk formulations, as well as wholesale opportunities.

To defeat the competitive CBD market, Natural Rem uses unique ingredients to help them meet GMP standards, which are considered the highest product standards in the the US. Despite them using multiple elements, all products exist naturally and highly rely on scientific-based formulations. In addition, to attain effectiveness and elegance beyond compare, they rely only on scientific-based, partnered cutting edge and naturally existing ingredients formulation to process their products. They also avoid parabens, animal products, synthetic chemicals, and inferior ingredients when selecting the ingredients they will blend in their hemp.

Consequently, currently, the brand uses over 200 ingredients to achieve both effectiveness and quality. The company has assigned an experienced team of researchers to ensure all these ingredients have been considered natural and effective for thousands of years. Some of the ingredients include; apple stem cells, apricot bead, aloe Vera oil, avocado, carrot oil, chamomile extracts, cedar essential oil and jojoba beads, among others.

Furthermore, the brand has provided multiple ways of reaching their support team for those wishing to carry consultations or seek clarification. To get their contact details, visit their home page; at the bottom end. The conduct details include email and phone number; [email protected] and 1 800 490 0378, respectively. Besides, Natural Rem also offers a different “contact us” that requires you to enter some personal details before requesting the assistance you need; name, email, phone number, and the help you need to get. To assess the contact details they provided and their support team efficiency, we dropped them a message on their email. After a few hours, our email was replied to with a response. Indeed, their team is effective and knowledgeable about its trademark and CBD general information; the response exceeded our expectations. Lastly, we noted that the company has active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account where customers exchange their different experiences.

Natural Rem also gives a chance to their customers to give feedback on the experience they have had with their products. Unlike most companies, the trademark offers a different page that contains customers reviews. We managed to go through most of the reviews left by its customers; most people found the product effective and appreciated the company for bringing in natural products into their lives.

Lastly, to accommodate its customers, the brand offers free shipment for products over $100.00. Although the brand provides extensive details on its operations, they don’t specify the estimated time to get delivered. However, for the product we ordered, we were able to receive it on the third day of order confirmation. Our website experience was quite fascinating; it was easy to navigate, add, and remove products on our cart before confirming the order.

Manufacturing Process

Even though the brand offers extensive information on CBD and its own trademark, we couldn’t find much information about its manufacturing process. As emphasized earlier, the company has hired the best researchers and doctors across the globe to help them find natural existing and effective products. The company is located in Oregon and also sources its hemp within Oregon farms. They have chosen to settle on only organically grown hemp to obtain quality extracts void of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and any other contaminant that might affect the effectiveness of the products. In addition, using the aid of their researchers and medical team, they have identified over 200 naturally existing herbs that they blend with hemp to obtain quality.

Before all the ingredients are used to manufacture any of their products, they undergo tests. In addition,  to ensure they meet proper manufacturing practices, they follow strict good production practices (GPP). However, the company skips mentioning the method they use to extract their hemp ingredients and how it supports the effectiveness of its products.

Lastly, before any product steps in the market, the company clarifies that they undergo a third-part lab test. Although it has not stated the lab’s name, it states the involvement of an independent lab that carries out tests on their products after they have been manufactured. Natural Rem uses the lab to confirm the level of THC and CBD in the products to ensure they match the labelled one. Also, the lab is tasked to ensure all their products are void of heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides and any other contaminant that would alter the functioning of their products.

Range Of Products

The company provide a variety of products which consequently take care of many health issues. They have great packaging, and their products arrive with usage instructions, ingredients and their CBD levels. For further research, we reviewed some of the products.

Stem Cell Peptide + HA Cream

Stem Cell Peptide + HA Cream

This is a high potency skin-care product that has been produced using the latest scientific research in anti-ageing medicine. These are full-spectrum products that have been put together by mixing high-quality vitamins, full-spectrum hemp extract and natural ingredients. This combination gives the products an anti-ageing and wrinkle-reducing serum which provides moisture to the skin. The product is added several elements such as retinol, aloe, coconut, jojoba, seabuckthorn, hyaluronic acid, thioctic acid, Co-Q10, glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, xanthan gum, OPA life, essential oils, chamomile, and other trace minerals. Professionals recommend you apply twice a day on the face and neck with upward strokes. It is stored in a 52ml bottle containing 4.8mg of CBD per ml and costs $68.23.

Stem Cell Peptide + HA Serum

Stem Cell Peptide + HA Serum

Unlike the cream, this product contains a CBD concentration of up to 4x, double the cream potency. It has the same ingredients as the cream; however, additional therapeutic oils like rosehip, rose germanium, and ylang-ylang are included for better performance. It goes through the same manufacturing process as cream. The CBD concentration is 15.62mg per ml, and it is offered in 32ml size bottles, which costs $75.29.

Glacial Mask

Glacial Mask

The brand produces this full spectrum of natural products by combining three powerful clays which contain restorative powers. It helps draw impurities from pores, exfoliating dead skin cells from the skin surface, absorbing excess oil. It helps maintain the skin’s natural hydro/lipid balance and stimulates cellular renewal. Analysis shows that your skin feels smooth, soft, and totally refreshed. Ingredients such as

  • kaolin has various benefits, e.g., improving skin tone, replacing minerals, detoxifying the skin, tightening pores, balancing oiliness, and eliminating blemishes.
  • Bentonite clay offers benefits such as drawing impurities from deeper skin layers, exfoliating dead skin cells, increasing blood circulation to the skin, and other skin conditions, e.g., acne, eczema, rashes, etc.
  • BC glacial marine clay benefits in increasing absorption ability and speeding up circulation by detoxifying and exfoliating the skin and tightening up wrinkles. It can cleanse the skin deep when negative ions attract positively charged bacteria from the skin.
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract helps stimulate cannabinoid receptors in the skin, which help regulate and preserve functions of the skin.

Experts recommend using it 3-5 times a week after washing and rinsing it off after it dries. They offer 100mg of CBD per 60ml unit, which costs $40.78.

Hand Cleanser

Hand Cleanser

It is a nano silver antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial disinfectant. It is a formulation of OPA life which is mixed with soothing aloe vera. Research proved that it can foam without water. It has benefits such as fighting bacterial infection, and nano silver has been proven an antibacterial in various modern health treatments for thousands of years. The company has included third-party lab results on their website. Customers are advised to apply generously on hands and massage for at least 20 seconds. A bottle costs $12.55.

Nasal spray

Nasal spray

It is a 100% natural disinfectant which is designed to eliminate the spread of bacteria and airborne micro-organisms in the nasal and sinus. It is formulated to provide relief for chronic sinus conditions, providing relief from all nasal and sinus irritation, using as protection against flu and colds and can also be used for daily maintenance when travelling. It is suggested to apply 2-3 times a day directly into nostrils. It costs $15.69.

Daily Immune Booster

Daily Immune Booster

It is a product meant to keep the GL tract in balance and control harmful anaerobic bacteria. It also helps to prevent illness caused by the overgrowth of bacteria, including A.niger, C.albicans, salmonella, E.coli, P.aeruginosa and S.aureus. It, therefore, offers you efficiently absorb nutrients which results in more energy and endurance. It is also helpful for use when travelling to avoid cases of food poisoning or contaminants.

What we like about the company

Our research showed that they have formulators and researchers worldwide who help them get the highest quality herbal, nutraceutical hemp from customers, custom formulations, white-label, private label and wholesale opportunities. This shows that they are invested in providing the best for their customers. They are very transparent with customers through their website, and they offer straightforward information. It has worked on its ability to combine nature and science, which is unique.

What we don’t like about the company

This company gave us a few reasons to dislike it. However, it only offers free shipping for only goods worth over $100.0, which is not very accommodating to all customers.


By the end of our research, we had concluded that this brand qualifies as a successful and trusted company. For customers searching for natural, high-quality products, we would recommend them to purchase from this brand. It is reliable and very transparent, which proves that it can be trusted to offer you quality products.

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