About the Company

Andrew Duckworth founded Naturecan in 2019. Andrew had five years of leadership and executive experience as a formerMyprotein CEO. He established the company to become a global leader in the organic wellness space, supplying CBD products from Oregon to the market with high organic quality and low THC content.


Using the Naturecan “Our testing process” link, it was easy to coincide some products with the independent party lab reports given on the densely populated lab report page. However, client service had to be emailed concerning missing lab reports for two ordered products. These COAs were not available on the company’s primary website, and their batch numbers were not incorporated on the centralized list of lab results. As far as the highest precise variance in this order, the 4000mg organic, broad-spectrum tincture tested has 4318.4mg of CBD, which stands for 7.96% accuracy variance, below the allowed 10% limit.

The lowest accuracy variances were contained in the organic, the 100 mg hydrate moisturizer, and the broad-spectrum 100 mg purify clay mask, all tested to have an overall 100mg of CBD. These products had an accuracy variance of 0% with 100mg each, well lower than the acceptable 10% variance limit as realized here in the hydrate moisturizer COA offered by customer service. Independent third-party testing also verified that each broad-spectrum product was lower than the allowed 0.3% limit or non-detectable THC.


Independent CBD testing is an essential safety and quality control measure to ensure that the labeledTHC and CBD contents match the contents of each final product a client receives. According to the laboratory results, each product in Naturecan order was third-party tested for THC and CBD potency, but only two were tested for purity. Also, most products have the independent lab results highlighted online for every corresponding product page. However, some products only had third-party “our testing process” links in the main menu under the “about us” heading.


Naturecan is a known member of the ACI, the CBD industry’s trade organization focused on developing and nurturing a well-regulated and safe CBD market in the UK. Since its start in 2019, Naturecan has aimed to reduce its CBD products’ carbon footprint, and consumers can select this option during checkout to save some cash from their total order. Thecompany’s commitment to helping the planet is seen in its client “carbonclick” program, as expressed in the carbon clicking.

Manufacturing Process

According to the company, Naturecan is an authorized grower of premium, organic hemp sourced from many controlled farms in Oregon. Its broad-spectrum hemp is derived using a clean ethanolextraction strategy before being formulated with lightly digestible, organic MCT oil as the conveyor for maximum bioavailability. The next step after the formulation is independent third-party CBD testing, a safety and quality control measure used by Naturecan to ensure that the labeled THC and CBD potency matches the contents.

The company does not perform independent potency lab testing for all products, post present results online and thoroughly explain their testing processing.However, it provides premium quality organic, broad-spectrum CBD products in topicals, tinctures, edibles, capsules, softgels, and beauty items. Additionally, only its UK site sells many CBD bundles and e-liquids, while the US exclusively provides pet products. These Naturecan products vary from 10 to 12,000mg andare averagely priced than other premium brands, with an average price point of $0.14 per mg of CBD in the US.

Product Range

Naturecan CBD Snacks

Naturecan markets numerous snacks that are impossible to review. Some of our favorites from this range include CBD peanut butter andcookies. Of course, we had not seen CBD peanut butter, particularly not tasty, crunchy, triple nut butter. It is exclusively ideal for getting CBD daily by spreading it on toast in the morning. The CBD peanut butter is available in two tube sizes, too; 180 grams (90mg of CBD) and 400 grams (200 mg of CBD).

Naturecan CBD Snacks

On the other hand, cookiesare among the delicious methods to take CBD daily. However, it is best not to munch on a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. Naturecan provides double and orange chocolate cookies in packs of 12. Each cookie comprises 25mg of CBD and is also high in protein. Traditionally, Naturecan markets CBD gummies, available in vegan and non-vegan varieties catering for everyone. You can purchase packs of 30, 60, 90, and 120 gummies with 25 or 10mg of CBD apiece. Other snacks accessible include CBD brownies, chocolate, and protein balls.

Naturecan CBD Vapes

Naturecan CBD Vapes

The Naturecan vape range comprises five flavors: menthol, strawberry, grape, citrus fruit, and raspberry. There are also sold in three concentrations, including 250, 500, and 1000 milligrams. The vape juice is broad-spectrum, so it holds 0% THC and is good for vegans.  It also has 0% nicotine and a powerful blend of VG and PG in the ratio of 80:20. Currently, the UK does not have the same vaping restrictions as the United States to buy these products freely.  For the record, Naturecan also markets a wide array of non-CBD products, aiming mainly on fitness items like health supplements and whey protein like cod liver oil.

Naturecan CBD capsules

Naturecan CBD capsules

Naturecan also delivers astrikingvariety of CBD capsules. The averagechoice characterizes soft gel pills which have 10mg of CBD each. Each capsule carries the similar terpenes as the other tinctures with 0% THC. The regular soft gels have a gelatin coating; hence, notfriendly. Nevertheless, Naturecan also contains veganchoices, including a standard 10 mg capsule packet, CBD with curcumin and D3, and astaxanthin. This are the three viable choices for the ones on a vegan diet. The standard  regularvegan softgels are present in packs of 12supp0, 90, 60, and 30 capsules, while youonly receive the other vegan choices in packs of 30.

Naturecan provides extra capsules, inclusive accelerator CBD and CBD with vitamin C, purposely to immune. Referring to client reviews, vitamin C pills offer subtle CBD effects, including a sense of wellbeing. Naturecan also reveals that its accelerator product accumulated 16 times faster compared tostandard capsules due to untested NovaSOL technology. Like other CBD brands, Naturecan is a bit guilt of dwelling onthe products qualities and claiming with nostraight links to studies. Accelerator products and vitamin C are accessible in packs of 30, 60, and 90 capsules and contain 10 mg of CBD per piece.

Naturecan CBD Balms

Naturecan CBD Balms

The currentchange at Naturecan is approximately standard and includes balms with chili heat or cooling menthol and reflexology oil. This are products you get at various brands. The CBD Arica Cream with witch Hazel, moreover, is a bit of distinction. Naturecan has created this balm with aforesaidelements, forming a soothing blend which you can rub on to pained areas. For instance, this balm is recommended for those with muscle soreness. It contains 300mg of CBD in the 10ml tube and 1000mg in the 30ml version and has a pleasingwintergreen scent. Also, this balm is very useful on bruises and small knocks.

Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan CBD Oil

Naturecan emphasizes simplicity; hence, the tinctures comprise just MCT carrier oil and broad-spectrum CBD extract. According to its explanation, the “broad-spectrum” in this case means CBD and a variety of hemp terpenes. Numerous strengths are also available, with a great range that covers every CBD user’s needs. You can select between a 10ml or a 30ml bottle. Users can benefit from six CBD concentrations with two CBG oils. The prices of these products are exceptional, and we mean that in a positive sense. It is perhaps among the lowest-price CBD from a reputable brand that we have encountered so far. You can also save an additional 30% by taking a 2-, 4-, 8-, or 12- week subscription. Not forgetting that the CBD oil is 100% vegan, and Naturecan declares that it has 0.0% THC guaranteed.

What We Like About the Company

After buying and assessing several CBD products from the company, here are the reasons we saw it as a reliable seller:

  • The company offers a wide assortment of hemp-based products to select from, including cosmetics, edibles, and snacks.
  • Naturecan is strict in sustaining high standards for their formulas.
  • Each CBD product is thoroughly tested in the labs for potency and contaminants.
  • The brand is incorporated in sustainable measures to help save the environment.
  • It has many positive client reviews from numerous online sources.
  • All products are available at multiple retailers.
  • It offers free shipping on orders above $50 for a limited time, convenient for most people.
  • People with experience in leadership founded the company.
  • Naturecan utilizes a 7-step testing process and publishes lab reports.
  • The clients have the option to carbon offset delivery during checkout.
  • Both US and UK sites are available for easy domestic or international ordering.
  • It offers non-GMO and organic products.
  • The company provides highly accurate potency testing.

What We Dislike About the Company

  • Apart from a few CBG options, the range of other cannabinoids is limited
  • The products are not very innovative in the topical department.
  • The company’s Certificates of Analysis need some updating
  • It offers limited shipping outside the US
  • It provides an incomplete centralized laboratory testing hub.
  • It offers inadequate purity testing.
  • It has a slow client service response time.

Overall Verdict

Naturecan probably values trying if you need the UK or international CBD brand with some little charged products. It provides tinctures with up to 12,000mg of cannabidiol, a concentration that you will not be found in several places. There is a lot to admire about Naturecan, from the cheap products to enormous range. Although, we’re still a new brand, and dis-like the quite rare of the COAs are several years back. Naturecan is probably one of the best versatile CBD companies out there, and we can only expect itto expand its product range and boost what it offers. Hopefully, it will consider manufacturing some flavored CBD oil soon, though its currentwide range of products will not disappoint you.

Moreover, the company has a 14-day return policy if the customer is not convinced with the product. As CBD oil products become more popular, you will not be surprised if Naturecan is available with the best due to its broad product range that suits people from all walks of life. However, the company needs to update its laboratory reports and perhaps start using British or EU hemp to lower its carbon footprint.

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