New Shape - Crazy Safety, The Coolest Helmets for Kids!

New Shape – Crazy Safety, The Coolest Helmets for Kids!

New Shape is the company name that designs and produces the renowned 3D Crazy Safety Helmets for children. These helmets stand out for their unique 3D animal shapes that make them colorful and fun for children! A Crazy Safety helmet is the helmet they will never forget to wear!

These bicycle helmets for kids are created and developed following exhaustive tests that make them super resistant! It is the perfect accessory to protect children when riding their bikes or using their scooters, skates… etc.  All our products are tested and approved in the EU and US.

Founder / owners story and what motivated them to start the business.

Zdenko Santini is the inventor and designer of the Crazy Safety bicycle helmets. When he was only in 8th grade, his parents wanted him to wear a bicycle helmet, but he found them very boring. 

He then decided to “hack” his helmet and decorated it with some cardboard, glue and a lot of imagination. He created a Crocodile helmet and a few days later, all children from his school wanted one! 

This “Crocodile helmet” became the first prototype of what, a few years later, will become the Crazy Safety Brand. 

Zdenko’s ideas were brought to life thanks to his partnership with Kim Moller. More than 20 years of experience within the field of product innovation, development and management makes Kim the perfect partner to create and grow the Crazy Safety brand.

From their early beginnings as a part of the renowned Abus, to becoming an independent brand with over 50 products in their portfolio, the Crazy Safety Brand has experienced a dramatic growth. It now includes Adults bicycle helmets, safety gear, cool 3D backpacks and many other accessories under its name and fun design!

The challenges the business/market is facing

The creativity and the design process can be very challenging! Developing new products and designs takes time and effort, and also many resources. 

The designing process took time to master. At the beginning, Zdenko drew the figures by hand, after which he had digital 3D models made by a professional graphic designer. However, the models were much too angular and lifeless. Therefore, he decided to make the figures out of modeling wax on an ordinary bicycle helmet, which was then sent to the manufacturer. This worked, and since then, it is the method used every time he designs a new figure.

New Shape is always trying to create new products to protect and satisfy the needs of their customers and therefore their product lines are expanding and now includes Helmets for adults, protective gear, and other accessories for children as well as backpacks, bed lights, bells and more.

Choosing the right manufacturer to work with is a complicated task that can be crucial for the success of the product. Quality is a priority and it reflects on the final product and the satisfaction of the client. We need the manufacturer to be in line with our goals and objectives to create our high quality and super cool animal bicycle helmets for children!

The tests and certifications our helmets and products go through demand a lot of effort and time to make sure the helmets are 100% safe and ready to protect all children and adults alike. This process can take weeks, which make the developing of new products even more complicated.

The inflation is causing the rise of shipping and manufacturing costs, which sometimes makes it challenging to create high quality products, but we are making big efforts to maintain the prices as stable as possible.

The shortage of stock is another problem that our company has faced in recent years. Since the corona virus and the -almost- stop of the whole world, our stock experienced several stock shortages. Luckily we are slowly getting back to a stable supply chain.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Thanks to the new technologies and globalization, the Crazy Safety products can reach even further destinations. These unique animal helmets for children are now all over the globe and are present in over 20 countries, including all Europe, and the US. The company can even offer free shipping to most of these destinations!

New channels keep opening, and we are working with several partners such as Amazon, Walmart, and also small local shops so our products are even more available to the client, specially in the US and Europe.

The development of new product lines has also enabled new market options and broadened the expansion horizons. The Crazy Safety company is still mainly focused on children safety, but is expanding to new ranges to cover the growing children as well as parents, so the whole family can be protected!  New products such as our 3D Ski Helmets or Adults helmets are rapidly becoming very popular among the customers!

Advice to others about business

Dreams do come true! Working hard and believing in your ideas is a rewarding experience. Zdenko believed in his product since he was a kid, and thanks to his partnership and persistence, the Crazy Safety helmets are now protecting thousands of children around the globe.

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