Newcastle Public Sex Couple goes Viral on Twitter

Newcastle Public Sex Couple goes Viral on Twitter

For many couples, having sex outdoors is a no-go: you could get into a whole lot of trouble and you could get caught. But for the rest, it’s this very thing which makes it such an appealing and exciting prospect: yes, you could get caught and you could be seen… but that’s all part of the fun. It’s the chance, the risk and the anticipation which makes the sex so much more thrilling.

Except, of course, when you do get caught. And there’s nothing more terrifying than being caught and having your photograph sent out into the world via social media channels. Named and shamed.

One Newcastle couple got caught in a bad way last week when they decided to throw caution to the wind and have a go at it on top of Newcastle’s ancient City Wall. Built in the 14th Century, the city walls were designed and built to keep Norman invaders out of Newcastle. The sturdy walls are tall and fortified, offering very limited view in if you’re looking up from the ground. It’s no wonder that they’re now a pretty popular – and risky – location for some frisky business.

The couple in question likely thought that they were out of sight as they went at it a few metres above everyone else on the ground – but they didn’t account for office workers next door who were entertained as the two dropped their trousers. He kicked his trousers down and she dropped her bag just a few steps away from where they fell to the floor.

One worker, Simon Gallagher, captured the couple in a photo and quickly tweeted them a message: “Congratulations to the happy couple who just had sex on top of the Newcastle city wall. Rumbled.” His colleagues followed suit. Within minutes, the Newcastle Wall couple had received over a thousand retweets, congratulatory messages and comments.

“He literally looked in every direction, without noticing the giant office block overlooking him.” Gallagher added. Unsurprisingly, nobody has yet come forward to claim their public lovemaking, despite being caught on camera and seen by an entire office of bored office workers.

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