OGRE La Fabrique- a range of affordable tableware made in Limoges

OGRE La Fabrique- a range of affordable tableware made in Limoges

At OGRE La Fabrique, we believe that French porcelain manufacturers deserve to be at the center of our tables.

We have therefore launched a range of tableware for your festive meals, as well as your everyday meals, to highlight this ancestral know-how and reflect your new way of eating well and living well.

OGRE La Fabrique offers you a range of affordable tableware made in Limoges. Porcelain is a noble, healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable material.

Our collection includes a vintage octagonal shape and a round shape, in five colors to offer you unique and timeless tables.

Founder : Titaïna Bodin

Titaïna Bodin became an entrepreneur at 32 years old. After a world tour in 2019 and 8 years as a finance controller, she decided to leave her permanent job to try the entrepreneurial adventure.

During her travels around the world, she realized that the knowhow around the table in Europe and in France is extremely important. Entertaining, cooking at home, gathering around a beautiful table has become a real way of life, a trademark.

So, when she came back from her trip, she wanted to buy a tableware that looked like her, i.e. French, eco-responsible, sustainable and affordable. However, after much research, she found that this offer does not exist or no longer exists on the French market. The time of our parents’ and grandparents’ dishes produced in French factories is now over. Indeed, the “Globalization” has passed by… Nearly 80% of the French factories have been closed since the beginning of the years 2000.

With this in mind, she decided to launch her company in order to manufacture local tableware that the French can buy at a reasonable price for their greatest pleasure.


Ogre La Fabrique is a line of French, eco-responsible and sustainable tableware. The concept is to reproduce the porcelain tableware of our parents and grandparents while modernizing it, by mixing and blending the shapes and colors to make it more current.

Through its OGRE plates, La Fabrique wishes to promote and perpetuate the French tableware industry. Our two partner factories had in the 90s, more than 600 employees. Currently, there are only 70 workers! We wish to highlight the work of the porcelain makers, which has been carried out for nearly 200 years in the Haute-Vienne region, a precious heritage that we want to promote!

We want to show to the French that the manufacture of a simple white porcelain plate reflects a real know-how. Our workers are passionate about their work, with a strong sense of expertise and skill. Most of them have been with the company for more than 30 years and are happy to promote their skills through Ogre La Fabrique.

A French manufacture :

40% Kaolin, 40% Sand, 15% Feldspar, 5% Clay is the magic recipe of our porcelain.

OGRE La Fabrique plates are entirely made in France. From a ground extracted in Haute-Vienne, the porcelain makers reflect ancestral and modern know-how to create tables always more adapted to our daily life.

Always looking for technical improvements, our plates are made between two French sites: the white porcelains of Limoges are made in Le Dorat in Haute-Vienne and our colored porcelain plates are glazed in Chauvigny in the Vienne.

Our porcelain plates are produced with respect for the environment, are made to last and fight against the overconsumption of “today’s” products and always in an affordable price range.

Our mission keep our manufacture safe and be responsible

Eco-design : – Consideration of environmental impacts – Local production from 100% natural raw materials – All our waste is treated and recycled Industrial

Ecology : – We do not use any new resources to produce – Re-use of old molds to press our plates – Our porcelain paste is recycled, reconditioned and re-used

Economy of functionality : – Tableware made to last and be re-used

Re-use & Repair : – we will propose to recover the used dishes of our customers to entrust them to associations to give them a second life

Responsible consumption : – Packaging made from second hand and recycled cardboard – A reasonable and reasoned production

Recycling and re-use : – Recycling of our porcelain which becomes rubble to be crushed and reused as backfill.

Our commitment to :

Label OFG : Guaranteed France Origin

Label EPV : French Living Heritage Company

Our logistics managed with the Association des paralyses de France, APF.

100% Ecological

100% Quality

100% Durable

Our plates are made to stand the test of time, daily life and special occasions! Plates made to live with you throughout your life.

By purchasing OGRE La Fabrique plate :

Economic impact : you support the industrial and local economy of Chauvigny (Vienne) and Le Dorat (Haute-Vienne). You contribute to fight against unemployment, de-industrialization, and the desertification of city centers in these central regions.

Social impact : you value the production of plates made in good conditions, in the respect of human rights and French labor rights. It’s an ethical purchase!

Ecological impact : you minimize your carbon footprint. The French energy mix (nuclear & green energy) is the least carbon intensive electricity in the world. Producing in France is much less polluting than producing in Europe and in the in the rest of the world.

Emotional impact : you are proud of your “Made in France” plate. In addition to a purchase you love, you have bought a local product that you like, that makes sense to you and that respects your values. Buy less to consume better, one of the promises of OGRE La Fabrique

The art of the table in France – French tableware

Eating is an art, especially in France. Indeed, the art of the table and gastronomy is at the heart of the culture and identity of France. This is what UNESCO affirms on November 16, 2010, which classifies “the gastronomic meal of the French” as an intangible heritage of humanity.

The French like to receive, to gather around a nicely set table with family and/or friends. In this article, we are going to look at the history, the origins of the art of the table and gastronomy in France. And how the export of Limoges porcelain has contributed to the international promotion of French tableware.

It’s the goal of OGRE La Fabrique promote our French “art de vivre” and preserve our factories of porcelain which have existed for more than 2 centuries

More than 10,000 plates throughout the territory

If today Titaïna Bodin does not regret her change of life, she nevertheless recognizes that her past as a management controller has been very useful to her in the construction of her project, in particular when she had to carry out her business plan, her budgets or its cash management. Barely a year after its launch, the company has become profitable with a turnover of 37,000 euros for the year 2021. A great recipe that the entrepreneur hopes to double in 2022, in particular thanks to a future fundraiser. . In volume, “Ogre, la fabrique” has sold more than 10,000 plates throughout the country.

“At the launch of the box, I was in the euphoria of the beginnings, but today, I enter the most delicate part. With the consequences of the war in Ukraine, inflation and the energy crisis, the company and the factories will have to adapt to find their way financially.” At the same time, “Ogre, la fabrique” will increase its presence at trade fairs and develop its export and BtoB branches.

“In France, we are lucky to have so many helpers to support us in the creation and management of our business. I had the support of Bpifrance, state aid which allowed me to take on an apprentice and I benefited from the training offered by the Parisian incubator Source. In the end, even if I was alone at the head of the company, I never had the feeling of being on my own,” concludes the young woman.


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