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OnMi Patch Product Review 2022


Transdermal patches are the new hot topic among CBD lovers. In general, patches are poised to be a trend in the years to come. The reasons are simple — transdermal patches come with numerous benefits. For example, they release the ingredients slowly and topically. This makes them great for those with malabsorption problems, IBS, or other digestive issues. What is more, the ingredients go directly into the bloodstream and increase bioavailability, which leads to a better response from the body. 

OnMi Patch is an innovative brand that specializes in skin patches for elevating health and wellness. The transdermal patches actually deliver naturally derived ingredients that are absorbed topically. These patches don’t contain filler ingredients usually found in conventional pills. We were eager to try these state-of-art patches and test for you if they really work. Read on to find out all about the company, its products, and our thoughts on the patches we tried.

OnMi CBD Patches

About OnMi 

OnMi founders were driven by the desire to provide a simple and healthier solution to pills and tablets. Patches came as a logical answer to the issue. Each patch contains 100% botanicals and vitamins and is highly convenient to use. You simply pill the patch from its backing, place it on your skin, and peel it off when done. In addition, you can wear one patch for more than 12 hours. During that time, the body absorbs the ingredients without involving the gastric-intestinal acidic that might decrease the ingredients’ effectiveness. 


The OnMi patches are clean and contain natural ingredients with proven wellness benefits. They are free of sugars, artificial colors, and any potentially harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the patches are free of paraben, latex, and glute. Finally, they are also non-GMO and dye-free. 

Shipping & Returns

The company offers free shipping within the US on orders of $29 or more. Additionally, it offers international shipping to Canada, the UK, Spain, in Mexico for a flat shipping rate of $15. Though the international shipping list is somewhat limited, the company will likely be expanding it in the future. 

When it comes to returns, OnMi offers a hassle-free experience. It accepts unopened products sent within two weeks of the delivery date. However, keep in mind that the shipping rates are non-refundable unless you receive a damaged product resulting in a manufacturing error. Additionally, the refund policy doesn’t refer to items bought on sale. 

OnMi Saving Options & Discounts

OnMi offers affordable prices on patches. And, generally, the more you buy, the more you save. For example, a pack of four patches comes at $9.99 (or $2.49 per patch). You can save by buying bigger packings of 12 ($19.99 or $1.66 per patch) and 32 ($29.99 or $0.93 per patch) patches. 

In addition, the company often runs promotions and sales. However, one of the saving options that are always available is buying in bundles. On the product page, you can find various options of bundles that can save you big time. For example, the Everyday Wellness bundle comes at $24 and includes four counts of Vitamin, Sleep, and Energy patches. Then, there’s the Mega Bundles which costs $56, the Vitamin Starter Bundle that comes at $40, and the Relief bundle, with a price tag of $16. 

OnMi Subscription Service

The subscription program is an easy way to get your patches delivered every month, hassle-free. This way, you can ensure to never run out of these great patches. More importantly, this is a way to save big on your purchases. You get 50% off your first subscription purchase and 20% off every monthly order afterward. 

To subscribe, you need to the specific product page and choose the number of patches you receive. Next, select the “Subscribe & Save” option and decide on the frequency of delivery. Finally, click the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to complete the purchase. 

OnMi Wholesale Program

Besides regular purchases, you can buy OnMi patches in bulk. To sign up for the company’s wholesale program, you need to fill out the form you can find on the website. You’ll be required to provide essential information like first and last name, as well as the order number. Then, you can sort out the wholesale purchase via the OnMi customer service. 

OnMi Product Range

Omni offers an extensive list of patches. There are patches for relaxation, energy boost, dealing with hangovers, promoting sleep, suppressing cravings, and maintaining a healthy weight. Each has a unique formula and targets a particular issue. One thing all patches have in common is that they are clear and flatter all skin tones. Another thing is that they are completely clean and don’t give an icky sensation. We got to try three of the patches, so read on to discover our experience.

OnMi Sleep Patch with CBD

The OnMi sleep patch is made with chamomile, lavender, valerian, and passionflower, all proven to help relieve anxiety and stress and promote calmness. On top of it, the patch features 20mg of isolate CBD to deliver enhanced calmness. 

OnMi Sleep Patch with CBD
OnMi Sleep CBD Patch

The combination of these ingredients is so powerful that the patch not only helps you fall asleep easier it also reduces the discomfort caused by insomnia and enhances the quality of sleep. What is more, it can even minimize jet lag symptoms. Most importantly, the patch doesn’t cause addiction. 

How to Use the Sleep Patch.  

You can apply the Sleep patch three hours before going to bed and remove it in the morning. For easier removal, you can use warm water. The patch gives the best results when used daily.  

OnMi Relax Patch with CBD

If you feel like you’re under a lot of pressure and constantly stressed, the Relax patches are an excellent choice. We are all a bit more stressed than usual during uncertain pandemic times, so the patches are a great way to achieve a balance of mind without taking pills or other medication. 

The ingredient list of the Relax patch involves passionflower, which works to promote sleep and relieve anxiety symptoms. Then, there’s valerian, the powerful botanical that helps with stress. Additionally, the Relax patch is enriched with vitamin B1, which is known to reduce fatigue caused by stress. At the same time, it helps cells convert food into energy.  

Moreover, vitamin B6 ensures the normal function of the metabolic system and cell creation. Finally, the patch contains 30mg of isolate CBD, which also reduces anxiety symptoms and relieves stress. 

The patch is proven to address chronic stress and give you a sense of taking back control over your life. In addition, the hypoallergenic formula is easy to use and 100% safe. 

How to Use Relax CBD Patch

The Relax patch is good to use daily. You can carry it anywhere and apply it before, particularly stressful events, thanks to the convenient package. 

OnMi CBD Patch 

The CBD patch is the newest addition to the OnMi family. We were thrilled to be among the first to try this innovative product. 

Infused with 25mg hemp cannabidiol isolate, the patch encompasses numerous benefits. It can help reduce daily stress and support in managing anxiety symptoms. Additionally, it’s excellent for relieving acute pains and aches, as well as sore muscles. Moreover, the CBD patch promotes relaxation and helps improve sleep. So, it really is all in one. 

The patch has an extended CBD release so that you can wear it for up to 24 hours. It provides a sense of calmness throughout the day, and we can safely say this is our favorite patch so far! 

How to Use CBD Patches

As we said, the cannabidiol patch can help you deal with everyday stress, so you can easily apply it daily. Additionally, you can use it before hitting the gym to prevent feeling sore afterward. 

Our Verdict — A True New Wave of Wellness

OnMi patches are innovative products designed to stay on whatever you do. Even though they aren’t entirely waterproof, they will stay on even in the presence of light moistures. Formulated with natural ingredients and enriched with CBD, the patches do their job. 

Depending on the type of patch you’ll choose, you can manage conditions like anxiety, stress, insomnia, and more. You can even combine patches for even better results. For example, apply Relax Hemp patch with a regular Relax patch before stressful events for enhanced results. 

What truly makes the OnMi patches stand out is that they are non-GMO, gluten-free, dye-free, and contain no artificial colors. Additionally, they are free of paraben and latex. And, what we loved the most is that they are adaptable to every skin type! 

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