CBDis among the hundreds of cannabinoids present in marijuana and hemp plant. Although there are different CBD brands in the market, not all have good quality. It takes episodes of research, time, and patience tosucceed in finding the right brand and product that’ll fityour wellness needs and healthgoals. We took our time looking through all reputable brands to ensure what we provide to our readers will give them the best products. Readers can get lots of information about our best brand by reading further in this post. Original hemp is our best choice. Not only were we concerned with their transparency, but the company also offers pure CBD products that are the best in the market.

What made us choose Original hemp?

  • Its THC level of oils is 0.3% which is the recommended concentration by federal law
  • Its oils are in various forms like full-spectrum, CBD isolates, or broad-spectrum.
  • The brand’s products are effective
  • The lab results are published on its website, and it’s easy for customers toaccess easily
  • The brand’s overall reputation is good.
  • The company has provided factual information about their CBD products, how itworks, and their benefits.

About the company

Original hemp came about after individuals who had a great love for CBD decided tooffer high-quality CBD goods to the market. The founders of this brand have put a lot of effort into educating the public about the usefulness of CBD and how clients can obtain potent and pure products. Every team member at the brand still tries to carry on with the founder’s mission by providing high-quality CBD products.Original hempis based in Florida and is well recognized for its full-spectrum CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and capsules. These products are available in different flavors, formulations, and potencies. Original hemp’s products are obtained from Oregon hemp, and the company ensures all its goods are well tested before being released to customers. This brandcreates a unique range of products, with every individual having something that’ll meet their needs.

Main characteristics of the company

  • Its organic hemp is obtainedfrom Colorado
  • Its products are tested regularlyin a high-quality lab
  • Lab reports are posted on the original hemp website
  • Its CBD oils are available in a variety of strengths
  • The brand offers friendly and satisfying customer service

Manufacturing process

Like most CBD brands, original hemp company also uses CO2 extraction method. The brand prefers this techniquebecause CO2 can work as a solid, liquid, or gas. This process uses closed-loop extractors. The process begins with solid C02 placed into a chamber and transferred into another chamber with cannabis. The second chamber is set at a high pressure enough to keep CO2 into a liquid state which absorbs the cannabis’ flavors and oils. Then, the mixture of C02 and cannabinoids is pumped to the third chamber, and CO2 is converted to a gas statewhile the plant’s oils and flavors remain. The brand trusts this manufacturing process because it provides pure extracts of cannabinoids.

Range of products

CBD gummies

We can assure you that gummies from Original hemp are the best of all the brands we have tried. These chewsare the latest products that this company launched. Original hemp’s gummies are vegan-friendly, and each carries 25mg of CBD. The company claimed they were full-spectrum. However, we were disappointed when the third-party lab testsindicated those gummies had only CBD and a small content of cannabinoid CBC. No other terpenes or cannabinoids were present.

Thisproduct line is divided into two; sleep gummies and stress gummies. Each target is to help with a healthissue, particularly promoting calmness and improving sleep patterns. Our favorite gummies include;

Original hemp energy gummies

Energy gummies from original hemp is a strong CBDand green tea blend.        This combination of caffeine, vitamin C, B12, and B6 makes it a powerful product for boosting health.

  • Our rating-4.1/5
  • Total CBD-250mg
  • CBD potency-25mg
  • Gummy amount-10
  • Type-isolate
  • Flavor-citrus

CBD capsules

Original hemp capsules arealso a great way of dosing CBD. You can easily fit them into your everyday routine without any difficulties. The company hasdifferent categorieswith specific stress, relief, and sleep functions. These capsules have25mgof full-spectrum extract. Also, they are doctor-formulated and have high quality. If you experience any pains or aches, try Original hemp capsules. Our best capsules include;

Original hemp sleep capsules

These sleep capsules are meant to assist you in sleeping better. It’s a blend of CBD and terpenes and containssleep-supportive ingredients like;5-HTP-an, an important brain chemical that regulates sleep. Melatonin serves as a sleep aid, a GABA amino acid that promotes sleep. L-theanine, which reduces anxiety and improvessleep.

  • Our rating-4/5
  • CBD potency-12.5mg
  • Total CBD-750mg
  • Capsule amount-60
  • Type-full-spectrum
  • Purpose-sleep

Original hemp stress capsules

These capsules are designed for controlling and reducing stress. They contain terpenes, CBD, and herbal ingredients that have anti-stress abilities. We realized this product has a lot of ingredients in its formula. However, this observation did not raise any alarm because each constituentplaysa big partin the body. These ingredients include; vitamin B6 and magnesium, L-theanine amino acid, andsensorial. These substances improve the body’s ability to resist stress.

  • Our rating-4/5
  • Total CBD-750mg
  • CBD potency-12.5mg
  • Capsule count-60
  • Type-full spectrum
  • Formula-anti stress

Original hemp Daily dose capsules

This product is like other capsules, but we considerit more convenient than the rest due to its unique format. These 60 capsules are well divided into30 packets. Taking a daily dose isn’tdifficult. You’re only required to open the box and take your capsules. We were not surprised there is a price to pay for this product’s convenience. Their cost is double the price of other capsules.

CBD topicals

Original hemp has natural ingredients and cannabinoids that helpsoothe the body and offer some relieve to areas that need it. Rather than opting for products thatcontain lots of chemicals and can harm your skin, go for healthier options from Hemp companies. Our best pick include;

Original hemp cool relief roll on

  • Our rating 4.8/5
  • Total CBD-333-2000mg
  • CBD potency-6-23mg/ml
  • Volume-30-88ml
  • Type-full-spectrum
  • Formula-inflammation-pain relief

Original hemp played it well with its full-spectrumCBD roll on which helps to relieve muscle and joint discomfort alongside inflammation. It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients like chamomile oil, capsicum, camphor, and menthol. It’s available in the market in four strengths. That is; 2000mg, 1000mg, 500mg and 333mg.

Original hemp topical soothing cream

  • Our rating-3/5
  • Total CBD amount-500-2000mg
  • CBDpotency-4-17mg/ml
  • Type-full spectrum
  • Formula-body appearance and skin health

This product is a blend of high-quality skincare ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil. It’s powerful in promoting overall good skin appearance and health. It’s available in three strengths; 2000mg, 1000g, and 500mg. We recommend you use a strength that’s friendly to your skin.

CBD tincture

Original hemp daily dose tincture

  • Our rating-4/5
  • Total CBD 396-1000mg
  • CBD potency-33mg/ml
  • Type-full spectrum
  • Available flavors-naturals, vanilla, fresh berry

With this dose, you’ll obtain healthbenefits from each packet. One pack contains 30 packets, with each having 1000mg CBD. This regular tincture is available in different interestingflavors, and you’ll enjoy your pick regardless of what you choose. We find this product a better format of consuming CBD dose because it’s easier to take a precise dose without overconsumption or under consumption.

Original hemp water soluble tincture

  • Our rating-4/5
  • Total CBD amount-396-1000CBD
  • CBD potency-33mg/ml
  • Type-full spectrum
  • Flavors-vanilla dream, fresh berry, natural

It’s an innovative product that’ll enable you to get anaccurate dosage. The packet itself is catchy, and its uniqueness is one of the reasons the product is selling at ahigh rate. Generally, Original hemp’s packagingdesign is among the things that madeus choose it over other CBD brands. For us, originality is important while making our decisions.

Original hemp full spectrum CBD tincture

  • Our rating-4/5
  • Total CBD-250-2000mg
  • CBD potency-8-67mg/ml
  • Flavors-fresh berry, naturals, freshberry

Full-spectrum CBD tinctures from original hemp are available in four potencies. The lowest is 8mg/ml, while the largestis 67mg/ml with about250-2000mg of CBD. That’s a perfect pick for new users or thosewho need a higher dosage than others.

What we loved about the company


The admirable thing about original hemp is that its teamworks hard to meet their client’s needs, whether known or unknown. They have often proven to care about theircustomer’s opinions and quickly respond to reviews and customer complaints. It has been handling positive and negative customer feedback in courteous, respectful, professional, and calm for years.

It makes it easy for clients to work with them

Original hemp brand has made an effort to help customers have an easy time talking and working with them. It’s clear about its procedures and processesto help clients know what to expect from the company. Setting expectations has pushed the company to implement changes and update its policies to standards that’ll make its customers satisfied and happy.

It has formed a good relationship with clients

Original hemp has done a great job satisfying customersand turning them into‘forever’clients. Effectivecommunication is apowerful weapon they’ve used for years to retain theirclients and maintain their profitability rates.

Broad range of flavors and strengths

It’s boring to use the same products over and over again. CBD customers enjoy trying new products that’ll help them meet their needs and preferences. The more products you sell, the more people will want to work with you. Original hemp has done agreat jobin this part. It has four types of CBD items with different formulations, flavors, and strengths.

Good quality and third-party lab tests

Products from original hemp are made from hemp cultivated in Oregon. Also, its up-to-date third-party lab test results show its purity and potency.

What we didn’t like about thecompany

Making promises theycan’t keep

Most customers have complained that the company promises many services yet can’t provide them.

Irrelevant updates on social media

Fans should be the ones to judge if a post is valuable or not. Some clientsare annoyed with hundreds of information posted on original hemp’s social media platforms.

Poor respect for timeframes

Client’s timeis precious. Original hemp sometimes delays delivering services and products to its clients. The company needs to improve before it permanently loses its clients.


We highly recommend original hemp.Its products have good quality, reasonable prices, and various flavors and strengths. Also, the company is innovative with its items. Its website provides comprehensive information about how they work. Some of their products contain a higher amount of CBD, allowing customers who need a higher dosage to get satisfied. The company should continue offering good customer service and maintaining a good relationship with its customers. However, it should improve on its delivery time.

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