Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms-min

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

The early warning signs of pancreatic cancer include loss of weight, abdominal pain, loss of taste, unexplained weight loss, dark urine, and yellowing of the eyes or skin. Today, we will discuss one symptom and save the rest for the future.

Abdominal Pain

For most pancreatic cancer sufferers, abdominal pain is not something close to an ache or sharp cramp. Most of them describe it as a gnawing pain. Pancreatic cancer mostly starts in the tail of the pancreas and grows within a short time. Here, the nerves surrounding the pancreas and nearby organs are affected. The former is the reason pancreatic cancer suffers also experience back pain. Although abdominal or back pain is a common symptom, in the case of pancreatic cancer, the sufferer is more troubled when lying down and feels relieved when leaning forward.

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