Although Paw does not give a lot of background information, we gathered some valuable details from various parts to help you understand the company better. However, the company has employed a team of qualified veterans to help them manufacture high-quality premium products for its customers. During the crafting of its products, the company follows strict procedures to ensure quality and safety is adhered to in their products. Notably, the company has joined hands with the few companies that decided to craft only pet products. The focus given to their pet products is similar to the one offered by CBD companies manufacturing human products. They pay attention to every part that would positively contribute to the quality of pet products bought from their company. After they have their products manufactured, they are taken to an independent third-party lab for assessments to ensure they are void of any contaminant that might affect the pet’s health. To keep learning about Paw CBD, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

Paw CBD was established with a mission of providing quality products specifically for animals. Since its establishment, they have been focused on their mission of addressing animal health issues using hemp plants as their primary raw material. To be specific, its products aim to address cats, dogs, and some other animals mind wellness and comfortability. The company uses the hemp plant as their primary raw material to craft animal products. However, they have been blending other raw material into their hemp to ensure quality and effectiveness is fully attained from time to time.

Additionally, to attain purity, unnecessary fillers, synthetic or blinders that might affect the state of being of your pet are totally avoided. Its hemp is grown under strict supervision to ensure no artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used during hemp growing to avoid their particles penetrating into their products and interfering with purity. Notably, before the company won the award of being the best pet manufactures, an analysis was conducted on over 40,000 people, who 90% of the population voted for the Paw CBD trademark.

Notably, the company doesn’t offer much information about itself and its team members. However, its trademark was derived from CBD MD, their mother company. Since we couldn’t find much of its ware bouts, we decided to check on their FAQ page to see if we could gather some from there. Indeed, their FAQ page is comprehensive and has addressed various concerns about its trademark and other concerns about CBD. Some of the issues addressed include the role of CBD in the health and wellness of pets, how to administer CBD in pets, Paw terms and conditions, shipping and return policy, among others.

To customers who have concerns that have not been addressed under the FAQ page, we would recommend reaching their support team. The company has an accommodating and knowledgeable support team that quickly responds to its customers’ needs. To contact them, click on “Contact Us” on the websites main menu. Upon opening the link, you will get their email address, phone number, message box and physical address, which will help you reach them with a lot of ease. To assess their performance, just like we have been doing to other companies, we contacted them using their email address, asking about the company background. In two hours, we had a detailed response from their support team.

Furthermore, the company has been able to maintain a good reputation for a long. They have adopted various measures to ensure customers feedback is received straight to the company on their products’ effectiveness on pets. They have a review page under their official website where customers leave responses depending on how the products have been helpful to them. The company uses the reviews to carry adjustments where necessary. However, we noted that positive reviews overwhelmed negative ones by far. Notably, to customers who don’t find the products effective, the company gives a room for 30 days for a full refund. The customer is supposed to fail the claim using their support team. Before returning the product, you have to ensure they are not opened or used. Upon the state of the product confirmation, refunds are released within 48 hours. Apart from the review page, they also have active social media platforms to bring together its customers to share how they find the company to be effective to them. Additionally, customers keep addressing various pet conditions that keep emerging.

Manufacturing Process

The brand has obtained necessary legal documentation for their manufacturing facility and hemp farm, which they carry organic farming. Although the company doesn’t state where their farms are located, they are within the USA and only grow non-GMO hemp; the farms are licensed. Before deciding on using any other raw material into the hemp, they ensure it has been certified by ISO accredited third-party lab. This helps them ensure its hemp and other relevant raw material are not contaminated in any way. Notably, their manufacturing facility follows guidelines set by GMP.

Before harvesting its hemp or any other raw material, the company ensures its fully matured so that its extracts can yield rapid effectiveness. Since CO2 extraction is not only widely used but has also been proved to be effective, the company has been using it to obtain valuable ingredients from their hemp plant and other elements. Besides, its eco-friendly compared to other methods. The company doesn’t add any other chemicals into its products during its manufacturing process.

Before the products are released to the market, the same third-party lab that tested its raw material again checks if the products contain the required amount of CBD, THC and are void of contaminants that might have penetrated in the products during manufacturing. The THC levels have to be below the optimum levels of 0.3%, CBD levels have to match the ones posted online, and no contaminant should exist in the products. Notably, all its products are void of synthetic ingredients, unnece preservatives and chemicals.

Range of Products

Currently, the company only offers three products. Each product is manufactured with great care to meet various purposes that would improve pets health and wellness. Consequently, depending on the purpose, its products are blended with multiple elements to meet rapid effectiveness apart from MCT oil which cuts across all the products. The company has maintained using CO2 as its primary extraction method in all the products. Its line of products includes tinctures, edibles and topicals.

Paw CBD Topicals

Paw CBD Topicals

Pet owners have faced skin and far issues on their pets without knowing how to address them. Although we have limited CBD companies offering topical products for the pet, Paw has crafted them uniquely from a few offerings. Currently, they are only offering one topical pet product, which is Pet Balms for Dogs. It is designed in broad-spectrum using CO2 extracts and contains 500 mg of CBD being served in a 2oz portion. According to customers reviews, the product has been effective, and now their dogs are looking attractive.

Paw CBD Edibles

Paw CBD Edibles

Unlike topicals, Paw offers a wide range of pet edibles for both cats and dogs. To address dogs’ health and wellness concerns, they offer treats flavoured with peanut butter or baked cheese. Additionally, they have blended natural elements in their Joints & Hip chews, Calming chews, and Soft Chews available. On the other hand, to address cats concerns using edibles, they have regular, and kidney support chews. Despite the difference that exists in cats and dogs products, they are offered in either 600 mg, 300 mg or 150 mg in broad-spectrum form. In each package, there are 30 treats. The company recommends the customer to read the correct dosage required depending on the size and age of the pet.

Paw CBD Tinctures

Paw CBD Tinctures

Similar to edibles, the company offers tinctures for both dogs and cats. To entice the dogs to administer its tinctures, they are backed with peanut butter and cheese flavour, available in either potency of 3000 mg, 1500 mg, 570 mg, 300 mg, or 150 mg. Besides, they also manufacture dogs Calming Tinctures with a potency of 500 mg CBD. The above servings are blended with relaxing herbs, melatonin, and blueberry flavour. On the other hand, cats products are also flavoured with catnip and baked cheese, which are available in either potency of 300 mg or 150 mg. Lastly, in both dogs and cats products, each bottle is in broad-spectrum and contains MCT oil, allowing easy digestion.

What we like about the company

The company has a list of fascinating things about it, however, we will only outline the key ones. First, it has decided to specialize in pet products only. The company only has pet products that are not just manufactured by anyone but a team of experienced and qualified veterans. The veterans also conduct field research on various herbs that would be blended in their hemp to give maximum effectiveness in the products offered. Additionally, due to its commitment and quality products as well as good customer care support, the brand won the award of being the best CBD pet products manufactures after statistics were done to over 40,000 people by Kantar. Lastly, the company offers free shipping within one to two days and has its products tested for potency and contaminants, which are posted on its website.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has numerous areas of strength, unlike weaknesses, a few areas ought to be addressed to make itself better. First, they need to give more information about the background of the company and bios on the owner and a few officials who help it attain its achievements. Additionally, they need to offer a comprehensive line of products since they are not offering human products. They should consider various products and address multiple health and wellness or even horses, among other animals. In some of their products, customers complain about the high potency variance, which must be attended to.


The company has shown total commitment to ensuring pet issues are adequately addressed using CBD products. They have invested a lot of effort and money to provide their customers get the highest quality levels within CBD for their pets. However, as we have outlined the weaknesses, the company ought to address them and identify more areas of pet specialization to make themselves reliable to various pet and animal owners. If they expand their line of products, then we guarantee them better success since pet products have minimum competition currently.

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