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Perfume Layering

Perfume layering, fragrance cocktailing, or scent mixing refers to wearing different scents. This under-the-radar technique has been around for decades, helping people create their unique signature scents.

How To Do It

Let’s first get the confusion out of the way. Perfume layering does not mean putting one scent on top of another. With the confusion on the bed, let’s now look at how to layer scents like a pro. After a shower, apply a scented lotion and spray a different scent on your wear or body parts. If the combination of a lotion and spray is not a great idea, spray your wrists and neck using different scents. Since heavier scents can overpower their lighter cousins easily, ensure they go first.

Finding scents that resonate with your needs and preferences can be a tough call, especially if you are layering for the first time. For this reason, you may want to try various combinations until you meet the right one.

Why It’s Good

Perfume layering allows you to create a unique signature scent that matches your personality and mood.

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