Peri Skin Care-Lisa Stewart

Peri Skin Care-Lisa Stewart

Your Skin’s Guardian Angel

Sofiel by Peri Skin Care offers high-quality skin care products that are made with integrity. When you use Sofiel, you will see your skin transform before your eyes. We use only the best, most effective ingredients to create natural products that are free from synthetic chemicals and fragrances because that’s what your skin deserves.

Founder’s Owner’s Story and what motivated them to start the business.

Lisa Stewart

Owner of Peri Skin Care & Solia Spa

Your Skin’s Guardian Angel

Sofiel by Peri Skin Care offers high-quality skin care products with integrity. When you use Sofiel, your skin transforms before your eyes. We use only the best, most effective ingredients to create natural products free from synthetic chemicals and fragrances because that’s what your skin deserves.

Founder’s Owner’s Story and what motivated them to start the business.

Lisa Stewart

Owner of Peri Skin Care & Solia Spa

• I am an award-winning esthetician, spa owner, writer, and skin care expert. Founder of Peri Skin Care, I founded Peri Skin Care in honor of my Italian grandmother, Marie Perri, who shared her passion for skin care with me at a very young age. 

• In 2009, I opened up Solia Spa in Cleveland, Ohio, during the recession. I named the spa after my two daughters, Sophia and Olivia. I am proud to say Solia Spa is One of the nation’s leading skincare and age management experts. We specialize in innovative skincare and are always at the forefront of the latest trends, world-class products, and groundbreaking technology. 

• I have been an esthetician since 2004; I am internationally trained and have led spa training seminars for professional skin care companies.

• Due to my frustration with the lack of integrity in the skin care industry, I was inspired to start my own skincare company, Peri Skin Care. I called one of my best friends I met when we were teenagers. I asked Megan if she would come on board as the Director of Business Development with Peri Skin Care to be sure to help as many people with their skin as possible. Megan Tull is a former award-winning esthetician and educator with decades of the skincare/spa experience and a #1 best-selling author of the book The Passion Belief Method- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business. Megan and I are also Co-Hosts together on Lite It Up TV. We have such synergy when we are together. It’s incredible working with your best friend, creating tremendous possibilities for life and business. 

• Peri Skin Care is a dream that God placed in my heart. I have been intuitive my whole life. As a channeler, I receive downloads of inspirations for products and hear what ingredients to use. It’s pretty magical when I am in the lab creating a product. I will meditate, and then the download happens. I formulate with Dr. Irene Reyzis. Her background is in chemistry and skincare ingredients. She is medically trained, and I have God in my ear channeling me. You put the two of us together, and the products we create are incredible. They are pure and effective; unlike anything I have used. Being an internationally trained esthetician, I have experienced many skin care products but nothing like the Sofiel line. I can feel my skin breathing with the Sofiel products. We always hear our clients say how addicted they are to the Sofiel products. That always warms my heart to know their skin is being divinely cared for; it makes my soul happy. Every Sofiel product is from divine wisdom, and I call it intuitive skin care. My company is not a typical corporate company; it is the culmination of my lifework and reflects my values and passion for providing the best skin care possible. Our core values are purity, elevating, and nurturing. Integrity is everything to me. I created the Sofiel line with divine wisdom offering the average person spa results at home, so they can achieve beautiful, radiant, healthy skin. The Sofiel products are safe and effective and can be used by pregnant women, cancer patients, and nursing moms. This is why Sofiel is so pure you could eat it! To learn more about the Sofiel products, visit us here.

• I have been featured in many industry publications – Skin Inc. Magazine, Les Nouvelles, Esthetiques & Spa Magazine, and American Spa. I serve on the advisory board for Skin Inc. Magazine. I currently am a Co-Host for Lite It Up TV, which streams nationally on Amazon, Apple, and Roku. Watch season one here: I am a regularly featured Beauty Expert for Fox and NBC.

• I recently started a nonprofit called Michael’s Promise that I am incredibly passionate about. Our mission is to help children and young adults overcome trauma from sexual abuse. We have created a safe space to offer love, support, and transformational tools to help heal. Survivors deserve to live a beautiful life without fear and shame. To learn more about Michael’s Promise, visit the site here

There are so many challenges that the beauty industry/market is facing today. This hits home for me big time! This topic is what I’m most passionate about and why I care about the integrity of our skin. The beauty industry can be incredibly misleading. There is an illusion that products are all-natural when they are loaded with chemicals that cause more harm to the skin and other bodily organs. Some of the most celebrated products out there are not the best.  Skincare companies use GMO corn as their vitamin c source. Cheap and so bad for us. It’s not enough GMO’s are put into our food and now in our skin care. The manufacturers aim at cutting down on costs and improving the overall effectiveness while ignoring the health risks involved. Effects of GMOs in skin care ingredients are premature aging, skin allergies, eczema, and more. Marketing dollars play the role, not ingredients.

Here’s what typically happens in a company…               

You have your marketing and advertising departments debating on the latest buzzwords and content to put into their products. Then they hand this over to the chemists to develop. 1-2% of the formula is of the buzzword’s ingredients, and the rest of the formula are fillers, which is anywhere from 95-99%. (Preservatives, emulsifiers, solvents, and thickeners) Scent and appearance are their # 1 priority, not the health of the skin. 

The products that win awards from magazines are typically the ones that spend the most on advertising with the magazine.

Most people put their faith in the scientists who develop these products and the companies that produce them.  It’s human nature to trust. We trust that products would not contain anything that could be hazardous to our health. unfortunately, it is not the case. This is what drives me to create products that are so safe that you could eat them, however, please don’t. They don’t’ taste good and you’ll have G.I. upset!

I put together a list of the top 5 challenges that people face when it comes to treating their skin, along with actionable solutions. 

Challenge #1: Lack of quality ingredients in most skin care products on the market.

Solution: Sofiel by Peri Skin Care offers the highest quality ingredients, so pure you could eat them. It is food for your skin with immediately visible results. 

Challenge #2: Most skin care products are loaded with chemicals.

Solution: It is our priority to give you products that are genuinely 100% naturally derived, that are unquestionably safe for your body, and also environmentally conscious. Our products are paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan, and free of animal cruelty.

Challenge #3: Rapid aging skin that is dull and lifeless.

Solution: Sofiel products are brimming with whole food actives that nurture and work with your skin to provide “biodynamic reverse aging in a jar”! You will experience healthy, youthful, and radiant skin.

Challenge #4: Dehydrated and stressed skin

Solution: Sofiel restores skin nutrients and hydration levels while calming and soothing the skin. The skin’s immunity is boosted in response to environmental stressors.

Challenge #5: Women are too busy; they don’t have time to care for their skin properly.

Solution: Self-care is an expression of loving yourself, which is essential. Self-care allows for optimal health and well-being. Easy to use multi-purpose products. We set our standards for the types of ingredients used in our product.

Advice for other Business Owners:

Follow your intuition.

Who you think you are shapes your future and what you will attract.

Make decisions based on your gut and use your intuition (God) as your guide. When making a business decision, learn to listen to your body. If your body feels tense about an issue, you’re out of alignment. If it feels good – you’re in alignment – and it’s the right decision for you to move forward.

As a business owner, you have everything inside of you to succeed. That is why God has placed this desire in your heart; why not you? There is never a need to doubt your talent and capabilities. Trust in yourself, i.e., God. 

MS, University of Tartu
Sleep specialist

Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.

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