As we keep reviewing CBD companies, we have realized it is easy to draw a line between companies established for profit purposes and those committed to helping people. Unlike most recently established companies that distort CBD name by prioritizing quality, Phone-life was found to assist people in getting what they need and not just selling CBD products. It is committed to offering premium products to help people improve their health and wellness. To achieve premium standards and great customer attendance, it has employed a team of experts who oversee its farming practices, manufacturing, packaging, delivering of products and customer support team. To win a chance to work with the company, you must have an appropriate qualification and experience in the areas needed. Besides, the company is also committed to conducting research to keep developing high-quality natural solutions that are void of toxic chemicals and particles such as heavy metals and chemical fertilizers, among others. To keep learning more about Phone-Life CBD, its manufacturing process and range of products, kindly keep reading our review.

About the Company

Although the company does not offer information on its people and its team, it has sufficiently addressed its purpose and operations, making it one of the premium brands. The brand is dedicated to offering unique products of exclusive quality since quality has become rare within CBD. Since the company was established, it has always been focused on the primary aim of CBD, which is to offer natural solutions to improving peoples health and wellness using organically grown hemp. To maintain superior quality, the company has employed a team of experts to help it monitor each process that will offer its customers the best hemp products. A group of researchers has been brought to play to ensure they keep looking into every step that might interfere with obtaining the primary aim of CBD. Although it uses hemp plant as its primary raw material, its researchers with PhD qualifications are committed to bringing in other naturally occurring elements to enhance rapid effectiveness in each product from its company.

Consequently, the company has placed enough measures to ensure it upholds its reputation since it only wins more customers. First, to ensure its products are helpful to its customers, they have an entire review page where customers leave their honest reviews as per their interaction with products. As we went through the uncountable reviews, we noticed about 85% were positive, which means the company performs excellently in the market. Additionally, it has concentrated on the reviews and gives instant feedback, especially negative reviews. It responds positively to each negative review with a remorseful tone and promises the customers to use the complaints to make in-house adjustments where need be. Besides, it also has created its social media platforms to bring together its customers and allow them to interact. It uses its Instagram and Facebook profiles to not only bring together its customers but also keep its customers updated on any changes and educate them by posting educative blogs.

Furthermore, we appreciate its commitment to offering adequate information to its customers on its website. It has stipulated its role, practices in offering unique products, reasons why people should choose its trademark, and trending products, among other useful information. Although we couldn’t locate its FAQ page, it has separate pages addressing its privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Returns policy. To customers who don’t find the company’s products effective, as stated, they are allowed to file a refund or exchange complaint within 30 days from the day the product was delivered. The claim is to be addressed to its customer support team, where they will guide you further on the next step. For your refund to be approved, you have to ensure the returned products are unopened and in their original packaging. Upon verifying that the product is in a good state, it approves a refund in 48 hours. Notably, they should be returned to its headquarters Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia.

Besides, the company enhances their buying experience; it offers adequate product descriptions to help customers find which product is appropriate to their needs. Under each product, the company has supplied the required details concerning the product to help customers also understand it better. Some of the product descriptions include the blended ingredients, its price, THC and CBD levels, its purpose, the recommended dosage, and how it should be administered. Consequently, as we were ordering its products, we realized it was straightforward since we could easily add products to our shopping cart and remove them. Notably, unlike other brands which deliver within its region or specific countries, it ships its products worldwide and offers free shipping in most countries for products over $100.

If you have a personal concern that has not been addressed on its website or under its blogs, we recommend you reach out to its support team, which has proven effective. To get help, you can get in touch using their physical address Knezova Ulica 1, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia, phone number (+386.5902822), email ([email protected]), social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), message box and chatbox.

Manufacturing Process

To obtain the fame and prominence that it has acquired over time, it primarily focused on its manufacturing processes. Using hemp plant as its primary raw material, it always ensures that it is grown under controlled climatic conditions in fertile soil. As the hemp keeps growing, the company uses organic farming practices to avoid contaminating its hemp with artificial plant boosters such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides whose particles might penetrate its products. Upon ensuring the hemp plant is fully matured, it is harvested and taken to its manufacturing facility within 24 hours, where extraction and crafting of products occur.

Since its establishment, it has been using CO2 as its primary extraction method to obtain only useful ingredients of the hemp plant and other naturally occurring elements. Additionally, using its team of qualified and experienced researchers, it has minimized using harmful chemicals during manufacturing to avoid contaminating the products.

Lastly, before any product is released to the market, the company ensures they are tested for purity and potency levels. When you check on under each product and on the labels of the products you have purchased, they indicate both THC and CBD levels in the products. The first role of the independent third-party lab employed by the company is to ensure the levels displayed to match the ones in the products. Unlike CBD levels, THC levels are to be contained under the optimum percentage of 0.3%. Lastly, the lab is responsible for ensuring the products are void of any contaminant that might interfere with their ability to occur naturally. Tests for tiny particles that might have sneaked into the products are thoroughly conducted to ensure they are free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, particles of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, among others.

Range of Products

PhonePen PhoneGel CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are one of the products that continue gaining fame from time to time due to their convenience. Unlike other products, capsules are administered at one go orally with the aid of your favourite drink or water. According to the company’s website, its capsules are designed to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, and general wellness. For easy absorption by the body and rapid effectiveness, it maximizes on other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil, among others that have been blended in the hemp extracts. Notably, it conducts potency and purity tests of its capsules to ensure they are safe for consumption. Lastly, they are sold for €39.

PhonePen CBD Body Cream

The company currently offers multiple creams, each serving different purposes. Depending on the purpose you intend to use, you can go for pain relief, Psoriasis Treatment, Sadness Relief, or Glucosamine Cream. All of them are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts as the primary raw material. However, some ingredients have been blended in after research to suit functionality and rapid effectiveness as well.

PhonePen CBD Oil

If you are looking for the best oil within the CBD market, then PhonePen (Phone-Life) offers one of the best. An independent third party has tested it, and accurate results for THC and CBD have been indicated on the package. Notably, it comes in a 10 ml bottle containing 1,000 mg of CBD sold at €59. Lastly, it has numerous positive reviews, which is an indication that it is effective.

Apart from the above products, it manufactures PhonePatch, PhonePen Refill Cartridges, and PhonePen Starter Kit. Each of these products is manufactured with great care to meet its purpose and are tested for both THC and CBD. A team of researchers has been employed to ensure the ingredients incorporated in these products are safe for consumption and have been effective for at least 50 years.

What we like about the company

Most companies we have reviewed have countable numbers of fascinating things we could highlight. However, Phone-life has uncountable reasons why people should choose its trademark and keep maximizing them. First, it ships its products worldwide and offers free shipping to any destination in the world for products purchased over €100. Additionally, its third-party laboratory ensures all its products are accurately tested to ensure they are safe for consumption and potency levels are accurate as stated on the labels and under each product. The two are but one of the company’s strongholds among many more.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has maximized the advantages, they have a few areas to be addressed to improve its trademark. Currently, the company offers nine products to gain fame in the CBD competitive market. We would recommend adding more products such as gummies, pet products, and others to continue gaining prominence since these are some of the highly sold products. Also, since its line of products is still comprehensible, it should use its team researchers to find where the deficit is in the market and maximize it.


We would highly recommend products from Phone-life since they have been manufactured with great care and prioritize customers. Each processing step is closely monitored to ensure no harmful substances penetrate the products that might interfere with purity levels. Lastly, despite its few shortcomings, it keeps maximizing its strength, making it a better home of CBD products.

Kristina Shafarenko

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