Piratemania Strikes and We LOVE Pirates

Piratemania Strikes and We LOVE Pirates

If you’ve ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t) then you’ll know exactly how sexy pirates can be thanks to Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. This kind of swashbuckling hero is all sorts of fun too: armed with high spirits and grog, they’re treasure hunters extraordinaire and they dress up in their dashing ensembles that’s enough to make one’s knees weak.

It’s no surprise then that the UK Mega Event Piratemania has hit this fair isle and has recently completed its fifth successful year of running. Hundreds of pirates turned up in their masses and searched for gold doubloons in the West Midlands on a mega camping weekend complete with piratey-shenanigans. It’s a family event but that has captured the imagination of the nation.

If you’re keen on getting involved in this Pirate Fun then you’ll have to wait until next year’s Piratemania 6 in July/August. In the meantime, here are our top five saucy pirate goodies so you can have your own Piratemania at home!
Secret Pirate Pendant Vibe: it’s sexy and secret, and can be worn as a bit of pirate bling too.

Captain’s Outfit: what good is a pirate fantasy without a sexy captain? Plus, it comes with a scarf so this captain’s first mate might end up blindfolded and walking the plank.

First Mate’s Dress: the first mate doesn’t get sexier than this.

Hidden Pleasures Vibe: if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a chest of buried treasure, then wonder no more. This Hidden Treasure Pleasure Vibe is the best treasure a girl could ask for!

Clap him in irons! Soft bondage set: what’s a pirate without a dungeon? Clap your prisoner in these super soft bondage restraints and enjoy the ultimate sensual pirate fantasy.

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