Pleasing Your Woman: Sex Toy Tips

Pleasing Your Woman: Sex Toy Tips

Every man who is in a loving relationship is always on the lookout for things which can please his special woman. Couples sex toys do hold the possibility of injecting a degree of novelty and can open up a whole horizon of new sexual sensations and experiences.

These adult novelties have indeed helped hundreds of couples rediscover the joys of intimacy. If you intend however to include sex toys in your rolls in the hay, make sure you get her consent first to avoid complications and hurt feelings. Once you have that, here are some tips on how to please your special woman.

Even before you go out and get a sex toy, you have to keep in mind the sexual preferences of your woman. Sex toy and fun vibrators designs are meant to stimulate its users in different ways. Thus choosing a sex toy which can arouse your special woman in a way that she prefers will greatly increase your chances of pleasing her and getting her where she wants to go. Keep the way she likes being aroused in mind and choose a toy which will stimulate her in the way she prefers.

Now that you have your toy, you have to make sure it is clean before you use it. Some chemical residue from the manufacturing process may be left over on the surface and can cause irritation in very sensitive places. Refer to the packaging or instruction manual on how to properly clean your sex toy.

Just because you know have a toy, does not mean that you should skip foreplay altogether. Some toys require the user to be in a certain level of sexual arousal before it can be used without any discomfort. Better yet, find a way on how to make the use of the toy an integral part of your foreplay with your special woman.

Some sex toys are used by insertion into the vagina or anal cavities. These are vibrators and dildos. If this is the kind of toy you have, make sure you use an adequate amount of sex toy lubricant. While our bodies to generate natural lubrication, these are absorbed by certain sex toy materials and it alone is inadequate to ensure that things remain discomfort free.

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