For anyone looking for a CBD company committed to ensuring quality measures are adhered to,PlusCBD is the best place to get your product. According to its website, the company regards itself as America’s favourite hemp and health company. Before the company changed its name to PlusCBD, it was called CV Science. Consequently, its website states that it was the first CBD company to achieve Gras safety status for hemp-derived products in 2018. When the company changed its name in 2012, it also implemented some few to ensure it provides high-quality and safe hemp CBD products across the market. However, to manufacture quality products, the company blends in other certified natural herbs to come up with efficient quality products. However, in our analysis, we will give an insight into the company’s operations, from the source of its management, source of hemp till the products reach each household.

About The Company

The brand started as a pharmaceutical section that manufactures CBD based prescription medicine as a CV science. Its headquarters are based in San Diego, founded in Michael J Mona III. Even before the brand changed its name, it was totally committed to taking personal responsibility to ensure it gained its customers’ trust. As a result, the company has been able to sustain the intense competition which emerges day in day out by retaining most of its customers. PlusCBD has a vertically integrated system that allows complete traceability from seed to shelf.

In September 2018, PlusCBD obtained the GRAS ( Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA standard) designation to its hemp products. As a result, the company continued to gain fame and gain a broader market. Its market within the US continued to grow significantly due to recommendations by its long time customers. For any company to acquire GRAS designation, its products must not only meet FDA standards but exceed their expectations. It also means that the company must have published safety data on their formula CBD oil; GRAS designation is not easily attained.

The brand has a reliable website that is detailed with relevant information concerning its products and CBD as a whole. Some of the resourceful information includes their educational content, which comprises video clips, blog posts, podcasts and any other relevant information that might be helpful to both new and long term customers. Notably, it is one of the most robust and resourceful websites we have come across in the CBD market. In addition, it is easy to navigate within the website, add and remove products on your cart. We could easily place an order using one of our phones without facing technicalities or encountering suspicious bugs during the checkout process.

Consequently, the company has a supportive, knowledgeable and professional customer support team. To reach their support desk, the company has providedan active phone hotline number and active email address to address any requests and inquiries; 1-855-758-7223 and [email protected], respectively. Apart from that, the company offers considerable shipping and return policies. For anyone who doesn’t find their products effective, it gives a window of 30 days for the customer to return the products for a full refund. Notably, the company ships within 7 to 10 business days of order confirmation to all the 50 states in the US.

Although the company does not clearly identify where it grows its hemp, other information that could help us rate it on transparency levels was available. The brand provides essential product details such as mode of extraction, third-party tests, and other important information such as costs under each product. Looking at its prices, its cheapest product is $6.59 (balm sticks) and $71.99 for full-spectrum CBD oil drops.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company claims to have FDA certification and GRAS designation, it has not yet come out clearly on where it sources its hemp. However, it has come out clearly on most of its operations in line with ensuring it provides quality products. The company applies multiple formulas to manufacture its products to help them categorize each.

First, let’s look at Raw formula, a basic formulation of CBD products containing both CBDA and CBD compounds. For the CBDA compound to break down, then it has to undergo heating. Although the speculations are still under research, it is believed that CBDA might have similar benefits as CBD; as such, the formula might be suitable for seizures and cancer.

Another significant formula used is the Extra strength formula which stands out by decarboxylases and distillation. The company uses chlorophyll and other significant plant materials during the extraction process to enhance efficiency, resulting in oil having a gold colour. According to our research, this is one of the cleanest and highest concentrations of CBD oil that the company manufactures. To make the product cleanest, the company applies distillation.

Another fundamental formula used by the company is the Original formula. According to them, it modifies the raw formula through the decarboxylation method to make this formula complete. Also, the process includes heating of CBDA compounds to end up with a more effective CBD form. However, to maintain cannabinoids, the decarboxylation method is done at a prolonged low heat. Notably, this method contains other essential compounds such as fatty acids, vitamin E, and other vital cannabinoids for boosting the consumer’s overall health.

Lastly, let’s look at the maximum strength formula. Unlike other products, the maximum strength formula products are made to entail more CBD concentration. Although the formula might not be as the extra-strength formula, it is higher than all other formulas offered by the company. To those who have been using CBD products over the years are recommended to use products made of maximum strength formula to yield quick and significant effectiveness.

Besides that, the company uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain high-quality products. For safety and quality purposes, this method is applied not only in PlusCBD companies but also in most companies manufacturing CBD products. The extraction model pulls out all the important phytonutrients from the hemp plant. However, the brand uses the stems and stalks of the hemp plant only.

Before the product is released to the consumers, it undergoes third-party tests for safety purposes. For verification purposes, the company provides a certificate of analysis (COA) on their website and a QR scan code on the labels of their products. Consequently, it’s easy to locate the lab results of each product under its website. PlusCBD uses a third-party ISO-certified company in Vegas, USA.

Range Of Products

Although the company does not offer pet products which is an added advantage to most companies, it manufactures the following products;

PlusCBD Gummies

PlusCBD Gummies

The gummies are packed in 10, 30 and 60 count bottles, each gammy having a fruit flavour containing 5mg CBD. For ten pieces, they are packed in a bag and the other two in a bottle. However, despite the gummies being sugared and flavoured, they don’t contain any artificial flavouring to meet its aim of offering a natural solution for human health. Some of the blended ingredients include; citric acid, sugar cane, and natural colouring to achieve teste and appearance, respectively.

PlusCBD Oil Spray

PlusCBD Oil Spray

According to the PlusCBD website, their oil spray is made from propriety Total Plant complex formula. It has a low CBD concentration of 1mg per serving for the 100mg packaging. On the other hand, 500mg spray contains 3mg CBD in every serving. However, the spray comes in two forms, and it is administered orally; flavoured and unflavored version. For the flavoured, we have Café Mocha and Peppermint.

Pluscbd Oil Balm

Pluscbd Oil Balm

The product is made for external use only and helps in relieving muscles and joint pain. Beewax being part of its ingredients makes the product not to be vegan friendly. Also, it has a full spectrum, a peppermint-scented balm which is also part of CBD topicals manufactured by the brand. Lastly, the company uses ingredients like willow bark extracts and almond oil which has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Pluscbd Capsules

Pluscbd Capsules

Among all CBD edibles, the brand manufactures one of the easiest ways of ingesting full spectrum phytocannabinoids by offering capsules. Additionally, they are provided in four formulas for customers to consider what is convenient for them; original, raw, extra strength and maximum strength. For three of them, they come in a count of either 30 or 60 per bottle. On the other hand, it’s the only extra-strength formula that is available in a count of 90 bottles.

Besides, other products manufactured by the company include CBD oil drops and soft gels. All the products are considered to be effective and have received at least 4.5 ratings from the consumers.

What We Like About The Company

The fascinating thing about the product is how they have branded a detailed product description website to help consumers understand more about the company and its operations. We would say the company’s website was helpful in our research since more information was rendered on their website, unlike other brands. Consequently, all its products are non-GMO and gluten-free. Another fascinating thing about the company is how they try to meet the transparency levels of their products. All products manufactured by the company undergoes third-party tests and results posted under each product. For verification purposes, it has provided QR scan codes on their labels. Lastly, among all CBD companies, it’s the only one that has exceeded standard levels placed by the FDA, hence making it obtain GRAS designation.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

As mentioned earlier, the company has not come outclearly on where it sources its hemp. Concurrently, the company failing to provide information on where it sources its hemp limit the brand’s trust among its customers. In addition, the product also fails to provide any other type of CBD oil such as CBD isolate and broad-spectrum to meet various unique customers preferences. In case the brand addresses these issues, such minor issues, we are therefore confident that it’s going to make significant improvements in the market it’s going to cover.


Unlike other recently established companies, PlusCBD has been in the CBD game for quite some time. This has enabled it to identify the significance of providing high-quality products to avoid being knocked out of the competitive CBD market. Consequently, the brand has established trust between it and its customers hence increasing the confidence levels of their customers in its products. However, the brand needs to address some minor issues, such as providing information on where it sources its hemp to continue earning its customers’ long-lasting trust.

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