Positions Using a Sex Swing

Positions Using a Sex Swing

Do You Have Any Tips/Guidance/Caveats for Using A Sex Swing?

 Sex swings can add a whole new dimension to your sexual play. They allow you to try a range of different positions that you might not otherwise be able to achieve due to gravity being taken out of the equation. One of the best things about sex swings is that they can be easily put up and taken down. 

Communication is key when using a sex swing. Make sure you tell your partner what you’re happy to do and anything you don’t want to do. Get them to do the same. A safe word is always advisable in case things get out of hand.Most importantly enjoy it! Sex swings are great fun and I’d highly recommend them to everyone. 

 What To Look for In A Swing? 

 There are many different types of sex swings.There are three things to consider when looking to purchase a sex swing. These are features, weight and location. You need to make sure the swing has all the features you require; every swing is different. Have a think about what you want to get out of your swing and choose an appropriate one. You have to make sure the swing can support your weight so check the weight limits. Lastly you need to consider where you want to use your swing. If you want to go all out and get the biggest bang for your buck then the Fantasy Swing by Pipedream Productions is the sex swing for you.

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