Post-Pandemic Sexual Anxiety

Post-Pandemic Sexual Anxiety

Post-pandemic sexual intimacy is real, my friends. This condition stems from a wide range of emotions, anticipatory grief, and fatigue that came with the pandemic, affecting how we feel about ourselves. If you feel negative about yourself, your sex drive is more likely to fall, affecting the types of romantic intimacy you like. Luckily, there are many ways of overcoming post-pandemic anxiety. These include;

Having Solo Sex

The lockdown saw many stays for months without having sex. As a dating expert, I discovered staying without sex for a long time makes your testosterone levels fall, negatively affecting your sexual desire. To correct this, engage in solo sex. High testosterone stores revive your sexual energy, making you feel safe and ready to snuggle beneath the bedsheets with other people.

Go For a Haircut and Manicure

Getting a new haircut and manicure in these post-pandemic times can make you feel sexier. This gives you the confidence, elbowing your anxiety surrounding post-pandemic dating and sex.

Seek Professional Help

Checking out with a professional therapist or local mental clinic can improve your mental health. With stable mental health, the post-pandemic sexual anxiety will automatically find its way out.

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