Procana has been useful to its clients for many years by providing exceptionally high-quality products. Interestingly, the company has always been formulating effective and creative products, and that’s the signature of this company. Each product is crafted with the customer’s health and wellbeing needs in mind. Procana aims to be the best CBD products provider, and it strives to keep its clients happy and satisfied.

About the company

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find a brand that genuinely offers products it claims to sell. Procanais different. It sells everything listed on its website, and it’s headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. The company also has another huge facility in Northern Ireland.We examined many CBD companies, and we found Procana to be better in most ways.It has majored in medicinal products since its existence. Procanawas established in 2013, and according to this team, they are confident that they’re the best brand for cannabinoid research and development. Its missionis to advocate, educate and communicate CBD usage. They have been living this dream byproducing products that everyone can access easily and at fair prices.

All their products are manufactured using processes that meet GMP standards. Also, all their items have certificates of analysis. Their hemp is from the United States on farms located in Oregon and Colorado. Their lab tests are performed on each product to ensure quality and consistency. Their testing involves complete cannabinoid and terpene tests. It also includes checking chemical residue andTHC content and carrying out heavy metal and microbiological screening.

Moreover, they run tests on their CBD softgels to detect the presence of pesticides. This company sells its products through its websites. Also, they trade their items through several in-person vendors, who are listed on their websites.

Some of the goods Procana provide to their clients are full-spectrum such as hemp spectrum, softgels, and droppers. However, most of its other items have CBD isolate. Procana products contain a legal concentration of THC, which is 0.3%. If you’re concerned with your health, we can assure you procana products are safe for most individuals. However, we recommend you reach out to your doctor before usingCBD products, especially if you’re under-prescribed medications. In doing so, you’ll be protected from unpleasant side effects like drowsiness, reduced appetite, nausea, and gastrointestinal issues, among other irritations.

Manufacturing process

Procana laboratories adapt CO2 extraction method. High-pressure carbon dioxide with low temperatures is used to obtain useful cannabinoids from the hemp plant. In detail, the hemp is put in a chamber full of carbon dioxide. High pressure applied in the chamber turns the carbon dioxide into a liquid and absorbs all hemp’s flavors and oils. The final result is a liquid that has both CBD and carbon dioxide. The liquid obtained is pumped into the final chamber, and the carbon dioxide is converted to gas. This extraction process is regarded as a safe manufacturing process that is efficient and providesfull results. However, this process will not always be alcohol-free. That’s why procana is more than ordinary because it further refines its products with alcohol solvent to obtain CBD distillate or isolate.

Range of products

Procana offers pills, softgels, capsules, tinctures, vape cartridges, topicals, gummies, and pet products like tinctures and pet softgels. Its prices range from $15.99to $59.99.

Procana flavors include;

  • Orange, grape, and strawberry for gummies
  • Natural, vanilla, menthol, and citrusfor vape pen cartridges and vaporizers
  • Organic peanut butter flavor is mostly used for pet’s oil tinctures

Products reviewed

Procana CBD for pets

Procana CBD for pets

When it comes to procana pet products, you don’t have to worry about the possibilities of giving your pet CBD that’ll ruin their health. All their products are pet-safe. Procana offers CBD oils for dogs with different breed sizes, and even mini cat and dog breedscan still benefit from these CBD products. Potency is between3mg to 8mg per serving. We recommend you consult your vet to know a safe concentration for your pet. The price ranges from $16.99 to $22.99. Compared to other brands, these prices are quite lower. Also, the company has great discount offers that allow you to pay lessif you buy more than one product.

The company offers two main CBD pet products;

Softgel capsule

Softgel capsule

Oil tinctures are found in five classes, and their dosage varies depending on your pet’s weight. For cats, there is only one option of Mini cat CBD. As for dogs, you have four options. Extra-large, large, medium, and small. The company emphasizes that;Small option is appropriate for dogs with 12-25 pounds. Medium is suitable for dogs weighing 25-50 pounds. Large breed dog CBD is ideal for dogs with 50-100 pounds. Extrabreed CBD is excellent for dogs weighing 100 pounds and more.

Procana disposable vaporizer

Procana disposable vaporizer

Procana is a great seller of CBD vape products. We had fun with its vape pens and cartridges, and you too can have the best vaping moment if you buy fromthem. Procana vape products are available in various flavors. That is classic OG, fresh menthol, smooth vanilla, and tangy. Whichever you’ll choose, you’ll acquire the same amount of CBD, which is 200 mg. What we loved the most is thattheir vape pen’s vaporizers come when pre-charged, allowing you to use them immediately after you receive your order. All you’ll need to do is place it on your lips and enjoy your vaping process. We recommend procana vape pens because theyallowyou to be flexible with CBD dosage. Also, it’s very portable and without buttons or lengthy structures. Procana cartridges are highly compatible with vape pens, making it convenient to have fun with your vaping session. While you can buy vape pens from others brands and still fix your procana cartridge, that’snot advisable. That’s because some versions mayneed additionalbuttons, and that’s inconvenient.

CBD Balance Fruit chews

CBD Balance Fruit chews

Are youin need of a CBD product that has a controlled dosage that’ll help your endocannabinoid system remainhealthy? Go for Procana gummies, and you won’t regret it. Procana CBD fruit chews are one of the excellent products from Procana. Here, you’ll choose between 300mg and 750mg variety. Each of them contains 30 chews. Assuming you consume one chew in a day, you’ll get a one-month supply per bottle. Moreso, each bottle has gummies, with each having a different flavor. The available varieties are strawberry, grape, and orange flavors. Our favorite was strawberry, so you can start testing that one first. In a single chew, you’ll get10mg of CBD if you consume 300mg. The 750g variety will give you 25mg per chew. Regardless of the size you choose, you’ll still benefit, and you’ll balance your endocannabinoid system.

Procana CBD complete softgel

Procana CBD complete softgel

This product is a useful dosage for any average CBD user, and the company has a CBD oil which is also labeled as complete. CBD softgel capsules work almostthe same as the oil. This type of softgel capsule is manufactured after a pure isolated CBD is obtained from hemp. Each bottle has 600mg CBD and contains 30 softgel counts. Regarding the benefits, we experienced an improvement in sleep patternsand mood after using the product. The recommended dosage is one capsule in a day. If you want your body to react faster, opt for oil tinctures that are easily absorbed by simply inserting them under your tongue.

Procana CBD complete tincture

Procana CBD complete tincture

If you’re craving CBD oil, but you don’t know where to start, procana is the place to be. Procana provides two versions of CBD tinctures;hemp oil tinctures and CBD oil tinctures which are available in the market as CBD pure isolates. Olive oil serves as an oil carrier for both of them. It has three types that have different content of CBD. The common variant is CBD balance which contains 240mg GBD, with 8mg per serving, while the second type is CBD complete, which contains 600mg of CBD, with 20mg per serving. Lastly, the company offers CBD ultra, which contains 1500mg, with 50mg per serving. This last variant has the maximum strength. Unlike CBD tincture, which has no extra substances, hemp oil tinctures have additional content like THC and CBG. That’s why it’s full-spectrum hemp.

We regard hemp oil tincture as healthier than CBD tincture because it contains fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3. Moreso, it has an equal ratio of cannabidiol and cannabigerol, making it safewithout negative impacts on the body. CBG, or cannabigerol, is a CBD that relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Also, it’s believed to decrease the multiplication of cancer cells. We’ll support your decision if you consider settling for CBD oil tincturebecause it also has significant health benefits. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and boost mood. However, it doesn’ttreat any mental condition. It onlyhelps to manage mental discomfort and stress.

Other products that Procana offers

We’re notyet done mentioning Procana CBD products. This company has many things to sell to its customers, and it cares about your night hours.Procana CBD Night time pills are a popular procana product that promotesbetter sleep. It’s available in pills and tincture form. Melatonin present in it gives it the ability to improve sleep patterns.

The company also offers CBD topicals, Arnica roll on, and Arnica spray. While testing these products,we realized how useful they are for muscle and joint pains. We recommend it to individuals with energetic lifestyles, such as athletes. It also helps with swelling, minor bruises, and stiffness. A reminder; don’t rinse the affected area after applying it.

What do we like about Procana brand?

  • Its choice of hemp extraction methodis the best among all alternatives. It ensures CBDobtained has the best quality.
  • Its products meetstandards set by US Farm Bill, and each item has its corresponding potency and concentration.
  • Procana products are purely organic and free from gluten and artificial sweeteners
  • It has different delicious flavors
  • Great customer service
  • Good shipping and return policy
  • Wide range of products

What we did not like about the company

  • It lacks standard CBD capsules
  • It does not provide complete information on its website
  • Some of its products arewrongly labeled as full spectrum
  • The company only accepts orders within US


Is it worth it to shop your CBD product from Procana? Procana is a dedicated company thatalwayssatisfies customers with its high-quality products and good customer service. Ithas succeeded in helping individuals meettheir CBD needs. Additionally, this brand has reasonable prices, comes in various flavors and strengths, and is processed from full spectrum hemp extract. We love almost everything about the company. However, it’d be nice if procana would provide more details on its website and increase the content of its products.

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