I strongly advise you to curb your intake of the foods below. They slow your metabolism process and have other harmful effects.

White Flour

This is a processed wheat type with low nutrients content as the fiber, carbs, and antioxidant properties are lost during refining. When eaten, white flour is easily digested, slowing down the body’s metabolism as no extra calories are needed to break down the food. Substitute white four with whole wheat, rich in fiber that can boost metabolism as the body digests the indigestible fiber nutrients.

Omega-6 Foods

Foods high in omega-6 fatty acids like butter, hydrogenated fats, pork products, and vegetable oils can trigger insulin resistance which slows down metabolism as the extra calories or carbs are converted to fats. High levels of omega-6 fats can increase your risks of heart diseases, obesity, inflammatory illnesses, and weight gain.

Conventional Apples

The apples are highly contaminated with harmful insecticides and pesticides such as organochlorines that can slow metabolism and delay weight loss.


Most sodas have a high concentration of fructose corn syrup which can cause metabolic syndrome. The artificial sweetener is packed with fructose sugars that can’t be metabolized like other sugars. Drinking soda regularly increases levels of fructose corn syrup, slowing metabolism and increasing your risks of hypertension, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.

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