Almond is a healthful type of plant milk that offersplentiful benefits to the body. It’s obtained from grinded almond nuts, and it’s well mixed with water to create a milk-like drink. It’s rich in nutrients, though it contains less fiber compared to the true almond nut.

If you love nuts, you’ll enjoy having this drink that’s well smoothed to offer yummy refreshment. It has a nutty tasteand a creamy touch, almost the same as that of normal milk. It’s a perfect choice for individuals on avegan diet and those who can’t tolerate the dairy products. Vegans and lactose intolerants can enjoy it because it does not have any traces of dairy.

Is almond milk nutritious?

Almond milk is not as enriching as cow’s milk. Even so, its benefits are close to the normal version of milk. It containsprotein, calcium, and vitamin D. Here is the nutritional content of this unique almond drink;

  • Calories- 39.3
  • Protein-1.05
  • Fats 2.52
  • Carbohydrates- 3.43g
  • Vitamin E-110% of the daily requirement

What are the benefits of almond milk?

It does not contain any dairy

Almond milk has no dairy or any animal product, which meansvegans, can have fun with it. Being completely plant-based, it helps substitute dairy milk or any recipe needing the normal milk. It also lacks proteins known to cause milk allergy to individuals. However, the fact that almond has less digestible protein does not mean it’s agreat substitution for infants or young kids intolerant to milk. Rather, this groupshould be given other special formulas.

It contains no lactose

Some individuals have issues with lactose because of certain medical problems, genetics, or age. Lactose intolerance causes tummy pains, bloats, and discomfort. For individuals who cannot take lactose found in regular milk, almond milk will be a great choice.

It offers lots of vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes good heart health;bone functions and boosts immune performance. While you can get this vitamin through sunlight, most people don’t acquire enough of it due to busy schedules, lifestyle, and probably skin color. Adding almond milk into your diet will help you add Vitamin Dto your immune, making you protected from some cancers, heart illnesses, high blood pressure, fertility issues, and other diseases which are often associated with deficiency of this vitamin.

It’s low in calories and sugar           

Some almonds are sweetened, while others are free from flavors and added sugars. Unsweetened almond milk helps you control your sugar levels. Individuals affected by diabetes and high blood pressure will need the unflavored version to help them achieve their sugar restriction.Almond milk has few calories, which makes it a great option for people trying to lose weight. Your calorie intake can reduce to as much as 348 if you have three servings of almond milk in a day.

Provides the body with calcium

Calcium is a requirement if you want a healthy heart, muscles, and nerves. It also improves the development of bones and manages fractures. Milk is a great provider of calcium, and almond milk is no exception. You can reach your calcium requirement if you add almond milk to your diet.

Offers moderate phosphorus and potassium

High amounts of phosphorus and potassium are not safe for people with chronic kidney issues. The ailment makes their kidney unable to handle these nutrients and builds up in the blood, which eventually causes unpleasant results. Almond milk contains low potassium and phosphorus levels, reducing the risks of heart disease, bone issues, irregular heartbeats, and heart attacks.

What is the negative impact of almond milk?

  • It does not provide protein
  • It may have carrageenan, which causes digestive problems to some individuals.
  • It may cause choking to small children and aged people with swallowing difficulties.

Who should avoid almond milk?

If you’re allergic to nuts, almond milk is not for you. Also, if you have any allergies,always check the labels and confirm that the dishes you take do not contain almond nuts. Most foods like candies, cakes, andrice can contain an almond nut. If you don’t know whether you have an allergy or not, stop using it when you notice you’re experiencing swellings, hives, or breathing issues after eating almonds or meals prepared with it.

Which is better, almond milk or normal milk

 Both cow’s milk and almond milk are loaded with essential nutrients and are healthy for you. They both offer vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B. However, some factors can determine which is better than the other. These factors include the calorie content, protein amount, carb comparison, and types of fats provided by each. Normal milk is greater in phosphorus while almond is richer in Vitamin E. So, depending on what you want most from any of the milk is what can tell which type is the best.

Ideas for your almond milk

  • Make a homemade almond yogurt.
  • Make ice cream, and add almond milk to get a nutty and creamy flavor
  • Add it to your smoothies
  • Make sauces, soups, and dressings for your chicken
  • Add in your coffee, hot chocolate, and tea
  • Drink it as a plain refreshing drink
  • Dip your oats or any other cereals in it to enjoy a yummy tummy-filling breakfast
  • Use as a baking ingredient for foods like pancakes or muffins

How can you make your homemade almond milk?

The good thing about making your own almond milk is that you choose the ingredients you’ll use. In just 10 minutes, your drink will be ready. You’ll only need 1 cup of almonds and 4 cups of water. You can add additives if you want a sweetened drink. The first step is draining soaked almond nuts and rinsing them properly. Mix the nuts with water and blend. Once the drink takes the texture you want, strain the product ensuring your extract is the level you want. You can keep the almond pulp and use it for other recipes or discard it. Finally, have a taste of your own made drink. The drink will be about four servings, so you can keep the leftover in the refrigerator to enjoy it some other day.


Do you now know why almond milk is beneficial to your health? This drink provides your body with essential nutrients that will do lots of help in your system. You can buy from retail stores or make your own at home if you don’t love shop-bought milk. I’ll conclude by urging you to try making your homemade almond milk. Challenge yourselfand grind your almond nuts to make a tasty drink!

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