If you are perhaps wondering where you will obtain quality products due to the ruined market that carries a lot of uncertainties due to profit preference, you don’t need to worry anymore. Provile CBD is one of the trademarks that give a new hope within CBD by offering quality and accurate lab results. Quality has been guaranteed to customers who have decided to buy from the company, and each of its processes has been outlined. Under its site, the brand has clearly explained the farming practices they engage in to attain quality products. Each step has been described clearly by the brand, and the product description has been adequately outlined to ensure customers understand what they are buying. In addition, in all the CBD brands we have discussed, Provile CBD offers one of the most extensive ranges of potency; ranging from 25 mg to 5000 mg of isolates, broad and full-spectrum products. In our review, we will capture important details that we think would be helpful to you as its customer and any other interested stakeholder. Kindly keep reading to learn more about Provile trademark.

About the company

Provile has been using a clean CO2 extraction method to help it attain its mission of offering organic Colorado hemp products that are non-GMO. The brand operations are entirely US-based, from farming until the product is ready to be released to the market. Since its establishment, the brand has been using organic hemp, which is grown in the fertile soil of Colorado. In addition, it has been following up on the sustainable growth of its hemp plant as a row product to ensure no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to speed up the growth of the hemp plant. As a result, they have been able to get quality hemp to manufacture its products.

To protect its products’ quality and safety levels, the brand has hired an independent centralized third-party laboratory to ensure all products have been checked before being released to the market. Since the accuracy of lab results have been a problem within the CBD market for quite some time, the brand decided to hire an IOS approved lab which has been proved to offer accurate results for a long time. However, since CBD alone cannot yield adequate or fast effectiveness, the brand researched various naturally occurring elements in its support. Before any of the ingredients are blended into their products, the lab is also tasked to examine them for effectiveness and safety.

For every step the company involves itself in, it outlines it out under its website as one way of upholding its transparency levels. One of the measures that have been practised to ensure transparency levels are upheld is its ability to post lab results and ensure they are accurate. This allows the consumers to know the potency and contaminant levels available in the products they are about to purchase. Consequently, they have provided batch numbers to their labels to allow customers to affirm the lab results provided. According to the tests we conducted, the amount of CBD and THC placed on their labels matches the product’s ones, without a doubt. Additionally, all the products we tested performed exemplary when we tested for contaminants; neither had heavy metals, microbial, pesticides or any other contaminant that might have affected function ability. 

Since money questions keep arising from time to time, the brand has addressed some of the common questions under their FAQ page, which is quite comprehensive. Some of the addressed questions that have been responded to under this page include raw material for CBD products, how their role on the human body, and how their natural existence is important. Apart from addressing general questions about CBD, they have also responded to common concerns about their own trademark, such as its shipping and return policy, terms and conditions, as well as its manufacturing protocols, among other concerns.

However, for customers whose needs have not been responded to under the website information or FAQ page, we recommend reaching out to their support team. Under their contact page has their location, phone number, and email address; Proleve Distribution 3200 Henderson Blvd Tampa, FI 33609, 844-Proleve, and [email protected], respectively. Notably, their support team is only available from Monday to Saturday during business hours; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. Consequently, right beneath the above details, they also have a message box that requires you to enter your name, email, phone number, and intended message. Lastly, they have a chat box on the lower right side of their website, which is in the circle.

Manufacturing process

In most of the reviews we have been conducting, the question of quality has been our most significant concern. However, we seem not to have a problem with Proleve when it comes to quality. It has initiated tremendous measures to ensure all its products get to the market with high-quality premium standards. To achieve this, it has established its fight right from providing sustainable organic farming practices among farmers responsible for their hemp supply. Consequently, it brings in other natural elements to aid effectiveness and quality simultaneously. Notably, it highly relies on hemp grown in Colorado, widely known for its premium hemp.

Before crafting its products, it ensures that only valuable cannabinoids get to their products. It has been applying the use of CO2, which is not only regarded as effective but also eco-friendly.

Besides, under each step, the company carries tests to ensure quality and safety are being adhered to. The company has hired an independent third-party lab renowned for accuracy to help it achieve this. After the products have been manufactured, vigorous tests are conducted to ensure the correct levels of CBD and THC are achieved. Besides, the lab is also tasked to ensure all its products are void of any harmful contaminant that might interfere with products safety. After obtaining the results, the company posts them on a unique page and under every product. Lastly, it adheres to manufacturing standards placed by FDA.

Range of products

Although the brand offers a standard line of products its competitors offer, it manufactures them uniquely to beat its competitors quality levels. Depending on the purpose that the product intends to serve, various elements, such as MCT oil enhance digestion and absorption for topicals.

Prolive CBD Gummies

Prolive CBD Gummies

According to Prolive CBD website, their gummies are manufactured with a lot of pride to ensure quality measures are attained. To attain quality, they have chosen to use CO2 to obtain valuable ingredients from the hemp plant. However, the brand blends in multiple elements such as sugar cane, glucose syrup derived from wheat and fruit pectin. To meet customers’ different demands, they are provided in both flavoured form and unflavored. Lastly, MCT oil has been blended to enhance easy absorption and sold from $11 to $65.

Prolive CBD Tinctures

Prolive CBD Tinctures

The brand offers its tinctures in a broad and full spectrum from hemp plant ingredients obtained using a clean CO2 extraction method that is effective. Additionally, to help its customers administer the correct dosage, it has provided droppers in every serving. It recommends that its customers start with the half dose, half the dropper, and represents 1ml. Unlike some of its products, the tinctures are vegan friendly, and MCT oil has been blended in as one of its ingredients to enhance digestion. Lastly, they are sold from $35 to $265, depending on the size and potency levels.

Prolive CBD Topicals

Prolive CBD Topicals

Skin issues have become a problem for most people, making people feel insecure when not having healthy skin. People don’t have to worry anymore,Provile CBD provides one of the best topicals which use useful ingredients to address skin issues. Some of the ingredients used include tea tree and olive oils as well as MCT oil which enhances absorption to the skin. Lastly, they are availed in both broad and full-spectrum and at a price range of $11 to $40.

Prolive CBD Capsules

Capsules have become famous in the CBD field because of their convenience. For those who wish to consume their CBD at one go, then capsules are the best option. Consequently, they are non-GMO and vegan-friendly, which is a plus to its soft gels compared to other brands. Lastly, they are recommended for oral use only and are sold from $35 to $60.

Prolive CBD Capsules

Besides the above products we have discussed, the brand also offers vape products, pet products, bath bombs, Isolate powder as well as gummies; all of them manufactured with great care using CO2 extracts.

What we like about the company

Unlike other brands we have been assessing, Proleve has settled on operating based on transparency by including all their manufacturing activities on their website. However, customers are not only provided with products to buy and conduct research about them; each of their products has detailed information that would help the buyer understand it better. Lastly, quality and safety is not a problem to the trademark; it has put in place various measures to ensure the quality and safety of its products are achieved at all levels; third-party lab affirms this.

What we don’t like about the company

The brand has a targeted amount of money to be used while purchasing its products to receive free shipping; $50. However, most CBD trademarks which are their competitors are offering free shipping despite the cost being incurred. Besides, some of their products have a higher potency variance that exceeds the 10% limit set. Accuracy variance has become a great concern to most CBD users and is now going for companies who are committed to obtaining it. Although there might be other shortcomings that the company has, this has to be given priority to restore and increase the trust levels of its customers.


Although the brand has been highlighted with a few weaknesses, we still recommend it since the strengths have outshined them. Customers who would wish to join and support their trademark have to be sure that the company is doing all it takes to ensure all measures that will uphold safety and quality control have been improved. Although we didn’t mention it, the brand offers international shipping and veteran discounts which is a plus on its side. Lastly, customers who are going for bulk can be assured a good plan for them is in place to help them save a significant amount of money.

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