Psway Wear Story

Psway Wear Story

Psway Wear is short for Paris Swaylin Wear, a clothing line that specializes in slogan t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and more. It is also the home of the famous Paris Swaylin Signature gear. Bernard (Psway) Williams is the owner and operator of the business and was born and raised in East St. Louis, IL, where he learned to overcome poverty, violence, and the negative impacts various impoverished communities face in America. Life wasn’t always joyous living in East St. Louis, but it most assuredly wasn’t desolate. A place where Psway acquired most of his knowledge, wisdom, and creativity to launch his brand, East St. Louis was home. 

How Psway was Founded

East St. Louis is also the birthplace of Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Layton Greene, and Darius Miles just to name a few. One day, while having a pretty bad day, and just wasn’t in a mood to deal with anyone or anything, Bernard ( Psway) William happened to go into a local store to purchase a couple of items. He glanced up to read the shirt of a stranger. “Never feel alone in a time of need for help is not far away if only you believe” It was at that moment he knew what he wanted to do. Feeling uplifted, from when he first walked into the store, it was evident to him that words could change a person’s mood and possibly their lives. Having experience in producing music, recording, and writing songs for years, it was natural to create catchy, and entertaining slogan t-shirts that made you think or brought a smile to your face. That was the beginning of Paris Swaylin. Psway, formerly known as Purep618, was changed. People calling the artist Paris Swaylin or Psway, in-which was catchy, started getting more attention than imagined. From making shirts from home to offering products through an online store, it GOT REAL quickly. Commercials, songs, flyers, business cards, etc. EVERYTHING Psway did, Paris Swaylin had to be included, no matter what. Even though he promotes his brand beyond his budget, it’s still not enough to reach potential buyers on a global scale. Though global advertising is challenging, his perseverance, determination, and drive will not allow him to slack or cease to reach people abroad and internationally.

He CAN NOT QUIT! One of his favorite sayings is, “It ain’t over till we win,” quoted from the master spiritual teacher, Kaba Kamene, one of the most influential people in his life. Being very grateful to have started with t-shirts, hoodies, ball caps, etc., and reaching a larger audience; however, he is broadening his horizons and aspiring to advance to suits, dresses, various accessories, including purses, dress shoes as well as athletic gear. Paris Swaylin is soon to become a household name and most certainly one to be remembered. 

Advice to Other Business Owners

His advice to others is just to get started and put one foot in front of the other. 

Take a leap of faith and let nothing deter you. Please understand a dream with no actions is just a dream. Being stabbed seven times and shot once opened Psway’s eyes to how short life can be. Having friends not making it to live over the age of twenty, made Psway know that he had to do something and fast. 

Where it All Started

As said previously, growing up in East St. Louis was not easy, but it did have its good moments. Being the seventh child of nine, six boys and three girls, Psway had a normal life. They did not always have what they wanted, but had what they needed. Their household was the place where family loved to meet up at, especially during holidays. Having a big family with plenty of cousins to play with, Psway was one of the entertainers of the family.

 The family loved to see Nardy do the Michael Jackson. Though a somewhat shy kid, all that went away when the eyes were on the young grooming talent. P and his little sister used to mock their mom and dad with dances. They called it Alice and Guy, their parents’ names. Psway was born to be an entertainer. He was always involved in music, and some of his favorite artists growing up were Frankie Beverly and Maze, Bob Marley, the Delfonics, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Jay Z. Growing up unable to afford some of the nice things that caught the young artist’s attention, Psway vowed to someday be able to have nice things and also be able to give his family some of the things he believed they deserved. Clothing lines such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and CoCo Chanel spark the young artist’s interest. He used to love watching documentaries about various clothing lines and how they got started. One of his favorite movies is the house of Gucci. He would always say, I could do that. Remembering his grandmother repeating, she could see him as a tall, dark, and handsome man that dresses nicely in gentlemanly ways. Watching some of my friends wearing and talking about the latest fashions. Sparked curiosity about how it would feel to hear people talking about something he created. Not knowing at an early age that clothing would play a vital part in his life, music then was the focus.

Like most kids growing up in the hood, music, sports, or the streets captured the inner-city minds. But, for Psway, who participated in all three, he knew that this world had so much more to offer. As he started to travel at a very young age, Psway lived in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and various areas in St. Louis, before the age of twenty. Many experiences not only helped Psway brooding his imagination but also gave him the confidence needed to enter the entertainment world with no problem. After living in and indulging in different states and situations, Psway knew he could be whatever he wanted. Every place moved, and he was acknowledged as the music guy. With over five singles and an album out already, Psway is currently working on a new album. In his upcoming videos, Psway can be seen wearing the new Paris Swaylin gear. Not only did it feel good to be recognized, but it also brought hatred and dislike from those in the same field or wanted to be, says Psway. As always, Psway would find himself alone once again. It went from being a weird feeling to becoming a safe place to think and create. Solo is where most of my creativity comes from, states the artist. It seems like the ideas flow from everywhere. Psway loves recording in the studio alone. I Need only the engineer and myself, no distractions or unnecessary feedback. Let the artist be the artist. Some artists need people around for motivation, but a real artist only needs God, thinking space, and amazing tracks. People only see the outcome of a product, but in reality, it is some of the most tedious work ever done. Ideas are awesome, but being able to bring forth imagination, write it on paper, bring it to reality, and make others understand it, is a job that only a few can execute.

 You have to have some tough skin to do what entertainers do, and this is why they make the big bucks. Feeling out of place, Psway would learn to gravitate to great speakers/ teachers like Kaba Kamene, Earl Nightingale, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Billy Carson, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Steve Jobs, Dr. Naim Akbar, Dr. Ray Hagens, and many others. When I listen to these great speakers/teachers, they speak to my soul. These people motivate my creative spirit and make me feel beyond this world, expressing the artist. Entertainment, rather its music, movies, fashion, etc. Being a creator is a passion that Psway claims to love. Trying 9 to 5s and understanding that sometimes being necessary to maneuver through this great world of ours. Not being able to create or express would be detrimental, says the artist. My brain is full of many great ideas I would love to bring forth. I wouldn’t know what I would do without having ways to release the thoughts that flow through me. Not being able to express through music, clothing, and hopefully someday movies, my life would be useless, Psway ads. The inspiring artist is definitely in a great head space. With the new album SWAYLIN out in summer 2022 and a thriving clothing line, there is no stopping Psway. Believing in yourself, trusting the process, and having faith, are just a few statements that Psway practices. I don’t compete, I create, states the artist/designer. I believe that everyone is put here to create something, besides that’s what makes the world go around, creations. Anything you can imagine; you can make a reality. Hard work and dedication are the keys to the lock of your dreams and goals.  Visit today, and check out what is new, hot, and trending in the world of Paris (Psway) Swaylin.

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