Pure Kena manufactures quality products using organic hemp plant extracts grown within the USA. The company ensures it monitors its hemp plant growth from the seed level until it is ready for harvesting to ensure they are safe for consumption. In addition, as soon as the hemp plant arrives at its manufacturing facility, a team of experts ascertains its purity before being processed. Since it is determined to offer products manufactured based on transparency, all manufacturing information is updated on its website. Before the products are released to the market, they are tested on THC, CBD, and purity levels, later posted on the website. Its website is robust and entails significant information such as FAQ pages about the company, its team, and the founder. Since we are interested in the company’s reputation, we decided to check if they received any warning from FDA, which we didn’t find; its name is clear. The company has had BBB and FDA certification for over three years. To learn more about Pure Kana, kindly keep reading our review; it unveils significant information about the company, its manufacturing process, the product catalog, and prices.

About the company

The company was founded by two doctors (Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck) who have over 20 years of experience. Besides, they have served in various food and medicine industries as medical experts to oversee the health and safety of the products manufactured. Since they noted multiple uncertainties about the purity and potency of the products, they decided to develop their brand that could offer organic products that exceed customers’ expectations. Currently, apart from serving as CEOs of the company, they serve as medical experts of the company. When they established the brand, they decided to use hemp, which had become famous and had been recognized as helpful in addressing humans and pets’ health and wellness concerns. During establishment, they had a mission, which helped them run the company up to date; to offer exclusive quality CBD products at affordable prices.

To address common concerns that keep emerging from customers and reduce traffic on its customer support team, they have a FAQ addressing  most concerns about CBD, the company, products, and policies. Some of the concerns addressed include the benefits of CBD, the company’s shipping and return policy, whether its products can get someone high, how long it takes before receiving the products, among others. Although the responses are precise, they are to the point and satisfactory. However, most of the information has been posted on the home page, including their team members, contributions to the company, and bios.

If the information you are looking for has not been addressed under the homepage or FAQ page, you can reach its support team using the contact details offered on the “Contact Us” link. You can reach them either by email ([email protected]), phone number (+ 855 553-7441, +1 866 236-8293), or physical address ( PureLana, LLC 6910 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 240 Scottsdale, AZ 85253). Notably, customers returning products should not address to this location. Its support team is accommodating and kind; they responded to us within two hours when we reached out via email to confirm its sustainable farming practices.

Pure Kana has one of the best online systems, making it easier for customers to locate products and make purchases; it’s straightforward. No suspicious activities are encountered when adding and removing products from the shopping cart. They offer products in a wide range of flavors, sizes, and potency levels to address various unique demands of their customers. Under each product, they offer simple product descriptions such as the ingredients, lab results, how to administer, their purpose, and the prices. Besides, their products are delivered within 5 days, which in our case, they received on the third day. Notably, they are discreetly packed in a brown box and wrapped properly.

Consequently, it closely monitors its reputation, product performance, and customer service offered through the review page. The company has over 7,100 reviews from various concerning their products and systems. Although they don’t find we noted a few negative reviews, they were overwhelmed by positive ones by far. According to the company, the negative reviews they receive are of importance as well as the positive, and that is why they respond to them kindly. The reviews are taken note of and help the company know where to give more emphasis and where not to. Besides the review page, they also have social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook pages to allow customer interaction. Besides using it as a common platform for customer interaction, they also post significant updates and educative tutorials about CBD and their company. Lastly, anyone can seek guidance or clarification by messaging their support team using either of them.

Manufacturing Process

Pure Kana is a certified company permitted to grow organic hemp and manufacture hemp-based products. The company uses its farm to grow hemp used for processing products in Kentucky, the third best hemp producer after Colorado and Oregon. Before settling on the land, they ensured it had a good history ad conducted soil sampling to ensure it had no history of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The company invests many resources and funds in ensuring they have quality hemp, void of artificial pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Their team of agricultural experts oversees the farming practices to the harvesting time.

Pure Kana uses CO2 extraction to obtain useful cannabinoids and terpenes from organic hemp plant, which is later blended in other naturally occurring elements such as MCT oil to maximize effectiveness, quality, and, most importantly, safety. CO2 is common among most CBD companies since it is regarded of premium standards due to its effectiveness. In addition, unlike other methods, CO2 is eco-friendly, making it suitable. Most importantly, although the company uses multiple ingredients in their formulations before any ingredient is settled on, it has to be tested and affirmed to be effective by Cody Alt and Jeff Yauck, who are also medical experts.

For quality and safety affirmation, all their products are tested by an independent third-party lab to ensure no contaminant has penetrated the final products. According to the company, all their products are void of heavy metals, traces or fertilizers, and pesticides residues or solvents. Besides contaminant tests, the lab ensures all products have restrained THC levels (0.3%) as set by the FDA. The levels of CBD in the products match the ones listed on the labels. Thereafter, results are posted on their website per every batch, and QR codes are given on the labels for customer affirmation.

Range of Products

Although the company has a limited line of products, they are manufactured in wide potency choices and flavors to address the customers’ unique demands. Currently, the company offers tinctures, topicals, vape products, gummies, capsules, and pet products. The company has taken advantage of pet and vape products since they are offered by a few companies, which gives them an added advantage, especially to pet owners and most people who find vaping fascinating.

Pure Kana CBD Tinctures

Pure Kana CBD Tinctures

Unlike most CBD companies with limited potency levels for their tinctures, you can choose from 600 mg to 5000 mg of CBD from Pure Kana. The company manufactures its naturally occurring tinctures from CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other useful natural ingredients. All tincture products are availed in a bottle of 30 ml with different potency levels and flavors; mint, citrus, vanilla, and natural. According to the company, one should take only 1ml per day. To facilitate accurate dosage, the company offers accurate market droppers in each serving. Lastly, their tinctures must be administered orally or sublingually if not added to your favorite beverage or foods.

Pure Kana CBD Capsules

Pure Kana CBD Capsules

To customers who would prefer taking their CBD dosage at one goes, then capsules are the most effective way. Besides, they are vegan and easy to move around with, minus anyone noting you have CBD products. Pure Kana uses CO2 hemp plant extracts to manufacture them in the full-spectrum formulation. Other significant ingredients used include L-theanine, AM, GABA, and melatonin. Before they are released to the market, they are tested for potency and purity to ensure they meet their intended purpose: to enhance sleep and relieve the body. The company offers the capsules in a potency range of 300 mg to 1200 mg, each capsule having different potency levels and prices. According to the company, one should take one capsule per day, administered orally only.

Pure Kana Edibles

Pure Kana Edibles

Edibles have become famous within CBD due to their convenience, especially the gummies. Some of the edibles manufactured by the company include gummies, beverage enhancers, and honey sticks, all offered in a different potency range. Their gummies are designed to enhance sleep and are 100% organic despite using various fruit flavors and colors to enhance consumption. Although the company offers 30 gummies in every bottle, it recommends only one per day, and its to be administered orally only.

Pure Kana  CBD Vape products

Pure Kana  CBD Vape products

Vaping has become common, especially among the youth. To most people who enjoy vaping experience, they can consume their daily CBD dosage as they continue enjoying this unique experience that is continuing to gain fame. The company manufactures its vape products using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil in the full-spectrum formulation. In addition, artificial and natural flavors are offered in 200mg of CBD.

What we like about the company

The company offers accurate potency results, unlike most companies that misinform their consumers by giving inaccurate potency levels. Besides, all batches have been tested for contaminants, and the results are posted for consumer verification. Each product contains a QR code, making it easier for consumers to affirm the results being given by the company. Besides, the company has been certified by USDA and FDA, making their products most suitable since most companies are certified by either. Lastly, all the products are non-GMO and organic.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company has numerous fascinating things about it, a few weaknesses ought to be addressed to make it better. First, some prices are higher than the average prices offered in the market. In addition, although it has been certified by FDA, BBB and USDA, it has an F score from BBB, which calls for improvement.

Overall Verdict

If you need to get quality CBD products of the potency of your choice, you can choose to buy from Pure Kana. Its products are of high quality and have been tested for potency ad purity before being taken to the market. However, the company should consider addressing the weaknesses we have outlined to ensure they stay relevant in the competitive market. Due to rising competition from existing and newly established brands, they need to develop better ways and innovations to handle the trends.

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