Pure spectrum CBD has been fighting from time to time to offer its products uniquely compared to other companies to help it face the market challenge (which has become competitive). Unlike other CBD companies, the brand uses various ingredients to formulate unique, effective products. The brand uses the ethanol extraction method to obtain ingredients from the hemp plant, which are thereafter blended with organic natural ingredients to design different products. The brand offers the following line of products; topicals, tinctures, pet products, isolate powder, gummies, and bath soak. Each product isbeing provided in different potencies, quantity and flavours to adhere to the unique demands of their customers. Compared to other CBD trademarks, their products are offered at affordable prices with time to time discounts. In our insight, we will capture crucial information that would increase your knowledge about the Pure Spectrum CBD trademark; keep reading.

About the company

Due to the desire to craft products derived from hemp plant, Pure Spectrum CBD cameinto existence. The brand originated from the evergreen mountains of Colorado, where organic hemp farming was highly practised. In Colorado, there are no shortcuts applied during growing hemp plants; this means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides would enhance the hemp plant’s rapid growth. Pure Spectrum brand was established in 2018 by Brady Bell, who was brought up in Kansas and understood that no quality hemp product would be rendered to the market if a hemp farmer interfered with the plants’ purity. Besides committing itself to offer quality products, it also oversees customer satisfaction.

Looking at the brands’ website, one can quickly note its commitment to playing the ambassadorial role of CBD. It offers educative programs about general CBD knowledge and its trademark. Apart from the educational programs, it dedicated some blogs which address challenges and new CBD trends that keep developing. Such responsibilities that the brand has initiated help customers understand more about CBD, its ingredients, how it is manufactured, and its role in the human body’s well-being.

Consequently, the brand uses their family farm to grow hemp, making it easier for them to monitor farming practices; using it to their advantage by guaranteeing its customers quality. Furthermore, the brand leaves the chance of anyone telling their story open depending on their encounter or experience. As we went through its website review page, we could note honesty among its customers who decided to leave reviews. Despite recording a few negative reviews, they were overwhelmed by positive ones, approximately 90%, leaving out only 10 % negative reviews.

To extend its trademarks name to a broader market, the brand has partnered with various national organizations as a way of reaching out to as many athletes as possible. Due to the support rendered to most athletes, most of them have become their brand ambassadors after experiencing a positive impact from the brands’ products.

The brand offers an exclusive buying experience for its customers. Navigating within the website is easy, and the website is well-designed. In our own experience, we quickly added and removed products to our shopping cart before confirming our order. It was exciting when the brand allowed us to counter-check the products we had added to our cart before getting to the last step; the brand provided a list of selected products. Under each product, they offer a product description including ingredients used, the purpose of the product, dosage, as well as the lab results obtained from an independent third-party lab.

Apart from the brand having blogs and news posts about their operations and CBD, they also have an extensive frequently asked questions page that addresses common concerns raised by customers. Their FAQ page is located under “Learn” in the main menu. If your concerns are neither addressed in the mentioned pages, you will be forced to reach their support team using the contact page. Under their conduct page, you will find multiple contact details depending on your concerns. They offer various emails for general customer support, veterans/military/first responders, distributors, and partnership inquiry emails. Also, you could reach them out using their phone number; 303-674-5759. Lastly, the brand also hasa message box that will need you to provide the following details respectively; name, email, phone number and the suggestion/question or comment (send it after confirming that you are not a robot).

Before we get to their manufacturing process, they also have active Facebook and Instagram pages that help their customers share personal experiences with the products and the company.

Manufacturing process

As mentioned earlier, the brand relies mainly on the hemp grown from their family farm certified to be practising organic farming. Besides using organic hemp from their farm, they improve the effectiveness of their products by blending in other effective naturally occurring ingredients. Before any element is incorporated into their products, it has to pass various quality and effectiveness tests conducted by their research team as well as their independent third-party lab.

Although most CBD companies prefer using the CO2 extraction method, the brand uses ethanol to obtain beneficial ingredients from their raw materials. After obtaining only valuable raw materials from various naturally occurring plants, the brand manufactures them carefully, avoiding the use f harmful chemicals, which might interfere with the purity of the product.

After the products are ready to be released to the market, they undergo third-party tests to ensure they are safe for usage or consumption. The brand has hired an independent third-party lab to assess the purity of their products and ensure they have no contaminants such as heavy metals or chemicals. Besides, it also ensures products THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%, and the amount of CBD in the product matches the one on the labels and their website. The question of quality and accuracy of the products manufactured by the brand is ascertained by the independent lab.

Range of products

Although the trademark doesn’t have an extensive line of products compared to other companies performing well within the CBD market, it has addressed common demands. All the products manufactured by the brand are well-crafted to meet various needs and effectiveness. They include;

Pure Spectrum CBD Tinctures

For faster bioavailability, the brand uses ethanol to extract beneficial hemp ingredients, crafted in a broad spectrum with MCT oil’s aid. According to their website, the product is vegan friendly and could be added to food or beverage. In addition, they recommend their customers to either administer the product orally or for sublingual use. Lastly, its prices range from $19 to $249, depending on potency and quantity levels.

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

Like most of its products, the company obtains the products using ethanol extracts and recommends its customers to administer them orally. Consequently, the product could be incorporated in either foods or drinks to avoid the natural test. According to the company, people who wish to get fast effectiveness, isolate products are the best. In addition, the brand is aimed at addressing the quick calmness of the nerves and goes at a price range of $18.88 to $493.88, depending on strength and quantity.

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

Unlike most of its products recommended for oral use, the topicals are applied on the skin only. According to the company, this product is designed to ease pain and aches after a heavy workout. Besides, the hemp extracts are blended with valuable ingredients such as Shea butter and vitamin E for effective enhancement. Lastly, they are sold at a price range of $29.88 to $68.88, which is considered to be fair compared to the price of its competitors.

Pure Spectrum CBD Gummies

According to the company, gummies are manufactured in broad-spectrum and are designed in a testy, discreet and convenient use. Like the topicals, the gummies ingredients are obtained using ethanol and only for oral use. The company offers them five suitable flavours to enhance tests (fruit flavours). Lastly, they go at a price range of $8.88 to $44.88.

Pure Spectrum CBD Bath Soak

The brand offers CBD bath soak for those who wish to enhance a comfortable bath experience. The product is designed to be easily absorbed into the skin, allowing effectiveness. The product is designed in various blends, including eucalyptus, lavender, and jasmine oils. Lastly, it goes at a price range of $8 to $10 and is purposed for topical use only.

What we like about the company

One fascinating thing that got us impressed about the company is that all the products we tested contained CBD variance below 10%; topicals, gummies and tinctures. In addition, the brand uses a centralized lab to help it conduct purity verification and ensure the about of THC are below 0.3%. Consequently, the company pulls together all efforts to ensure that they manufacture organic products which are also non-GMO. Lastly, its website is detailed and helpful to its customers and any other CBD user who would wish to get more information about CBD; they have blogs and news feeds about their brand and CBD as a whole.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand has put in a lot of effort to ensure they offer not only quality products but also quality customer service, a few issues ought to be addressed. First, we don’t dispute their efforts to offer free shipping, but we think $100.00 is a bit high compared to what their competitors offer. Consequently, they should reconsider posting purity levels of their products to reduce the hustle of reaching out to their support team; this will also reduce the task of the support team since such information covers a wide range of customer populations. Adjusting the two weaknesses might make their trademark climb the ladder of the CBD competitive market.


All said than done; we highly recommend the products of the trademark to both CBD users and those who are joining. The brand has given both customer safety and satisfaction priority which is not common among other trademarks. Although the brand has shown weakness in some areas, the strengths have outdone them. Therefore, it is the company’s responsibility to find more areas of flaws they have and address them to make customers continue enjoying the convenience. Lastly, we call upon the brand to extend its product line to serve a wider market and give more options to its customers, making them better.

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