Since exact potency establishment has become a problem to find within the CBD market, Purelix Wellness took it to their advantage. They have been using this strength, among others, to ensure they gain more customers within the CBD market, which continues to become competitive. The brand has hired a centralized independent third-party laboratory to conduct tests on its products to meet safety and quality measures. As we were conducting our assessment on its products, indeed, they have scored excellently when it comes to accuracy. Out of the six products we scanned, the availed batch numbers provided on their labels, none of them turned out to have a variance of over the acceptable 10%. Besides, Purelix Wellness has been following USDA manufacturing protocols right from farming levels till all its products are ready to be released to the market. To keep learning about the brand, kindly keep reading our analysis since it has captured vital information that would be helpful to all its customers and other interested parties.

About the company

Even before the brand was established in 2019, its founders wanted to change the world by addressing natural products’ health and wellness conditions. Since it opened its doors for operation up to date, the company has always been committed to offering the highest manufacturing standards set by USDA, which has been of help in rendering quality products. Before anything else is prioritized, customers safety and wellness has been given preference by the company. Besides, the company works closely with the public using their social media platforms with regular informational articles and blogs provided on their website.

Purelix Wellness has been using blogs and articles to help its customers understand more about its operations and the role of CBD in upholding a healthy lifestyle. From time to time, they keep on updating information about its operations and new trends that keep evolving within CBD. Besides, it also has a FAQ page that is comprehensive and has addressed various concerns about CBD, leaving alone Purelix Wellness trademark. However, we could find relevant information such as its terms and conditions, shipping policy, return policy, among others.

To keep track of its reputation, it uses its social media platforms alongside its product review page, which is under each product. The company has allowed its customers to share genuine feedback on their interaction with its products. As we went through the reviews, we noted that the positive ones were dominant compared to the negative ones, indicating good performance. Additionally, it responds to some of the negative reviews positively, trying to clarify things and help customers understand where there was a misunderstanding.

To enhance the buying experience, the brand has a product description under each product. It has the ingredients, mode of extraction, dosage, the purpose of the product and its price clearly outlined to ease customers buying experience. However, to start shopping under their online shop, select “Shop All”, and you can add goods to your shopping cart. Our buying experience was swift since we could easily add and remove products on our cart. After we were contented with what we had, the brand allowed us to confirm our products by outlining out the list plus the total amount we were to pay for. After order confirmation, we received an email that our order had been approved and we would receive our goods in a maximum of three working days. Notably, the brand offers free shipping on goods over $50. On the second day, we received our products which were somehow not discreet since they were packed in an envelope protected by an inner box.

To customers who have concerns and can’t find their solutions addressed under FAQ or blogs offered by the brand, they can conduct the company’s support team. Besides the message centre,in which customers are needed to provide their full name, email address, the question, message and proving if they are non-robotic, you could also reach them using their phone numbers and email. They have provided two phone numbers under their “help” page; order concerns as (844) 787-3549 and 844-Purelix. Additionally, you can reach them using their official email address, which is [email protected]. Their support team is accommodating and professional in their responses. We ascertained this by sending an email consulting about organic and GMO designation. Within 24 hours, our email was responded to, bearing confirmation that they are non-GMO and are organically certified by USDA.

Manufacturing process

Purelix Wellness has legal documentation as authorized premium hemp growers within the USA. Although some products are blended with some ingredients, the dominating raw material isthe hemp plant. They practice organic regenerative hemp farming, which avoids using harmful artificial chemicals or pesticides to boost plants’ growth. After their hemp has fully matured, it is harvested and taken to their manufacturing facility within 24 hours. Notably, their facility is located at 6622 Gordon Road, Wilmington, NC 28411 US. However, their manufacturing facility and standards adhere to USDA, which supports organic products to consumers.

Upon reaching the manufacturing facility, beneficial ingredients are extracted from the hemp plant using the CO2 extraction method,proven to be effective and eco-friendly. Consequently, the products are well-crafted with other ingredients such as MCT oil for easy digestion and as a carrier for absolute bioavailability. After formulations, the products are taken to the third-party lab before being released to the market. However, most companies have failed at this point where Purelix Wellness draws its strength. It ensures that this centralized independent third-party lab has achieved safety and quality control. Among the responsibilities given to the lab, one is to ensure the amount of CBD and THC matches the one on their labels accurately. Besides, they ensure all its products are free from any contaminant that might affect the quality and effectiveness of its products. Lastly, batch numbers are provided to affirm the results given.

Range of products

Although the brand doesn’t have an extensive line of products, a few it offers are uniquely crafted to meet the different effects they are purposed to. To meet the various needs of customers, the products are designed to meet high-quality premium standards and have been blended with other valuable ingredients for multiple reasons. We were impressed by the compays website to differentiate goods categories under its catalogue; they have an ingestible catalogue different from topicals, which is also separate from their pet products. They manufacture the following range of products;

Purelix Wellness CBD Ingestible


All the dibbles from the company have been manufactured with the aid of MCT oil to enhance digestibility. The brand carries research on multiple valuable ingredients that have been naturally occurring and effective for so many years. We also noted that the company uses fruit flavours, among others, but they are 100% natural. Lastly, it recommends that they be used orally only at sales at $39.95.


Unlike the edibles, the soft gels are offered in three formulations in broad-spectrum; Melatonin, Daily Formula, and Curcumin. Consequently, they are non-vegan and non-GMO, and their cannabinoids are obtained using the supercritical CO2 extraction method. To obtain consistency, the brand has settled on manufacturing traditional soft gels and recommend its users to administer them orally only. Lastly, they are sold at a price range of $19.47 to $89.99.


Like the above two, the tinctures extracts are also obtained using CO2 extraction method, which is then designed in the broad-spectrum form. In each serving, the brand provides a dropper that helps customers administer the recommended dosage, of which 1ml is equivalent to one dropper; on the dropper, the company has ensured the marks are visible. However, you could add the tinctures in either your food or beverage if you don’t wish to take it directly. Lastly, apart from including MCT oil to enhance digestibility, they are sold from $14.97 to $49.97.

Purelix Wellness CBD Topicals

Although the topicals are for skin purposes only, they are also manufactured in broad-spectrum using CO2 CBD extracts, among other valuable ingredients such as Vitamin E, menthols eucalyptus, among others. For faster absorption, the brand uses MCT oil, among other relevant oils, that allows smooth application of the products. Lastly, they are sold from $16.97 to $32.95 depending on potency levels, quantity and other significant factors.

Purelix Wellness CBD Pets

Since most CBD companies decided to help pet owners raise healthy pets, Purelix Wellness also took advantage of growing its brand name by providing pet products. Like human products we have discussed above, pet products are also manufactured with similar standards; in broad-spectrum by using CO2 extracts. Consequently, pet products are designed uniquely depending on the pet’s weight and are recommended either for oral or topical use.

What we like about the company

One fascinating thing we were impressed with the company was its ability to offer accurate lab results, which has been lost hope to many CBD consumers. In nearly all the brands we have discussed, 90% of them have failed to offer its customer accurate results, which risks the likelihood of overdose. Purelix Wellness has restored this hope to CBD customers and proved to other companies that indeed, it could be done. Consequently, the brand ensures quality and safety guidelines are protected by following regulations set by USDA. Lastly, apart from its considerable line of products, it ensures they are organically certified by USDA and are non-GMO.

What we don’t like about the company

From time to time in the analysis we have conducted, we have evidenced most companies settling on totally free shipping despite the amount used to purchase the products. In addition, the brand failed to diversify in potency choices among its products which its competitors seem to have fully utilized.


Purelix Wellness is an established brand that understands the importance of quality despite being a recently established brand. In most cases, we have witnessed most recently established brands showing numerous weaknesses, which is not the case for the Purelix Wellness trademark. We would recommend its products to any CBD customer and appreciate it for restoring the lost hope of accuracy in lab results variance. The issue of lab variance has been giving CBD users a hard time since even well-established brands that have been in the play for over ten years have failed to achieve it. Lastly, we would recommend the company to extend its line of products and maintain premium quality if it intends to beat the most competitive trademarks.

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