Puroil Product Review 2022

Puroil Product Review 2022


Puroil is a UK CBD brand that stands out in the saturated market. Designed to suit people with an active lifestyle, Puroil is committed to the highest standards to deliver products that promote wellbeing. 

The company kindly sent us a few products to test and review. Upon researching the company, I discovered that the brand specializes in CBD oil so I was very excited to try something from a niche-focused brand. Also, I learned about the commitment of the company to provide pure and only broad-spectrum CBD oils, which made me even more curious. 

In addition, find my honest opinion. But that’s not it — you’ll also learn more about the brand’s practices, policies, prices, and more. 

About Puroil

Overseeing the entire process from farming to formulation, Puroil is a brand committed to the highest quality standards. It uses state-of-the-art extraction methods and premium, organic, US-grown hemp extract to ensure a high level of purity and potency. 

Each product is tested at a third-party facility to prove the efficiency and purity, thus adding another level of assurance for the customers.  

The entire product range at Puroul contains only broad-spectrum CBD, which means you’d be leveraging the benefits of all terpenes and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant but none THC. Even though in the UK the legal THC level is less than 0.2%, Puroil products go through an extra purification stage, ensuring they are entirely free of THC. 

Puroil Discounts

The Puroil products are competitively priced. However, you can occasionally grab excellent deals adn discounts. Upon researching the discounts the company runs, I learned that the most common deal is 20% off select products. Occasionally, the company might offer 20% off sitewide. Make sure to follow the brand on social media as that is the easiest way to learn about any active promotions. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Puroil newsletter and leverage the 10% welcome discount.

Puroil Shipping & Refund Policy 

Puroil has a straightforward shipping policy. Currently, it ships only to the UK and offers free standard delivery on all orders. Additionally, you can opt for next-day delivery for an additional fee of  £5.99. 

Moreover, Puroil has a great refund policy. You can do so within 14 days of receiving the order. To start the return process, you should contact customer support and provide your reference number. The products you intend to return should be unopened. The company will refund you for the purchase price, but not the postage costs for returning the items. The refunds are issued within 14 days. 

Puroil Product Review

Puroil specialzies in CBD oils. So, you won’t find a broad range of products; instead, Puroil should be your destination when you’re looking exclusively for CBD oil. Personally, I love niche brands! 

The Puroil CBD oils come in multiple strength options. For example, you can find a low-dosage tincture of 500mg, as well as a 2,000mg CBD oil. What is more, the oils are designed to target a specific health issue, so you can get a targeted relief where you need it. Below, I’m detailing my experience with Puroil CBD oils. 

The branding and packaging are very high-quality and look great. The glass dropper makes it very simple to take CBD. 

CBD Puroil 2,000mg

The brand’s highest-strength product is the 2,000mg CBD oil. Designed to help you achieve pain relief, this broad-spectrum CBD oil combines cannabinoids and terpenes to provide efficient relief. With a 20% CBD concentration, you’ll hardly find any more potent oil. The recommended dose is 1-2 drops up to three times a day. 

I was taking one drop three times a day and noticed amazing energizing effects. I was able to keep going even on days when I had back-to-back meetings. Also, it significantly helped manage my social anxiety, which is an excellent sign for me. 

CBD Puroil 2,000mg

What I love most about the product is its fantastic flavor. I got the opportunity to try the mint flavor, and it’s one of the best oils I’ve tried so far, flavor-wise. If you’re not a fan of mint, you can try the citrus version or even the unflavored option. The price of the oil is £109, which is entirely reasonable. 

Finally, Puroil has 500mg and 1,000mg bottles of this oil available which is excellent for those just starting. 

Puroil Night Relief

The night formula from Puroil contains 1,000mg CBD, passionflower, and camomile. The passionflower is abundant in gamma-aminobutyric acid, which acts on the brain to reduce activity and provide a sense of calmness and relaxation. Additionally, camomile is also known to reduce anxiety and improve sleeping activity. So, this is a potent combination for those that suffer from sleep deprivation, like me. 

Puroil Night Relief

I was taking four drops before going to bed. The effects were gentle yet very powerful at the same time. I felt like I was switching off gradually and transitioning into a sound sleep without interruptions. In the morning, I felt well-rested and not drowsy at all. 

The oil comes in a natural flavor. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the natural CBD flavor, I must say, the Puroil’s Night Relief oil has a clean taste that isn’t overwhelming. 

Currently, you can find this oil in a 1,000mg potency only. However, it comes with a £69.99 price tag.

Puroil Rescue Relief

The Resue Relief formula combines 1,000mg of CBD with black pepper and turmeric. This oil aims to provide fast pain relief and balance your body and mind. 

Turmeric is well-known for its antioxidant and anti0inflammatory properties. However, considering that this ingredient isn’t easily absorbed into the bloodstream, Puroil included black pepper to help its bioavailability. 

Puroil Rescue Relief

During the testing period, I was taking one drop three times a day. I noticed the most significant results after my workout routine. This oil did wonders for my sore muscles. And, it was also very efficient for my chronic backache — it provided me with the relief I need after long office hours. Most importantly, the CBD oil didn’t cause adverse effects like sleepiness or drowsiness since it’s broad-spectrum. 

Puroil CBD 1,000mg

The 1,000mg version of Puroil’s staple CBD oil is perfect for those who are still testing the waters. This mid-range CBD provides relief and an energy boost. In my case, mood boost was also one of its effects. 

Due to my busy routine, I found myself a little sleepy and without energy in the mornings. But, this oil came to the rescue. I felt an almost immediate change in mood and energy level. Hence, i’s recommend this to people who feel lethargic and look for a mild boost. 

I tried the natural flavored option, and as I’ve already mentioned, I don’t love the hemp-flavored CBD oils. Even though the taste of this product is subtle and not harsh at all, I must say that my personal favorite is the mint-flavored option.

Puroil Review: The Verdict

I’m very pleased with the Puroil CBD products. The brand has a wide variety of strengths and several flavoring options. That said, I’d urge Puroil to bring more flavored variations to suit more customers. 

For me, the flavor is a determining factor when choosing CBD products, as I’m not fond of the natural hemp flavor. On that note, I should highlight that the naturally flavored oils weren’t as harsh as some others I’ve tried. 

I like the packing and the fact that the brand provides all the essential information there. Also, the dropper is very easy to use and makes the entire experience even more pleasant. 

Price-wise, the brand falls within the industry standards. The oils are competitively priced, and you can often grab some fantastic discounts. For example, you get 10% off your first order just by signing up for the newsletter! As an added perk, you’ll stay in the loop for all deals and get early sales access.  

All in all, I had a fantastic experience with Puroil and would definitely recommend trying them, especially if you want pure, THC-free CBD oil. 

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